Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Umatgaon
Avni and raj apologise to each other, one for her misunderstanding and the other for his cruelty. they both hug each other, professing their love. they agree that nothing would be able to separate them. Avni gets suket’s call. Avni overwhelmingly says that now all is okay, and that her dream is fulfilled. Suket tells her that he has found a wonderful match with her, and that he knows that she wont say no. Buaji too excitedly tells her about the relation, and that Bhawna agrees too. Avni is shocked, as they ask her to say yes, for the sake of the family’s happiness. avni says yes. suket thanks her, and asks her to come home soon. She complies. raj finds her crying and asks whats the matter. Avni says that past not only spoiled their present, but their future too, and that she has been hitched to someone else. raj is shocked, and asks her not to accept the proposal. avni says that she thinks this is right, as its too late now, and she cant say no to suket. He asks how can she do this. she says that she knows now, but not before. she says that she is obligated to do this to him, as he has been a pillar of support, along with her family, in her tough times, and that when they shared her grief, then she would be ready to have this marriage, if this brings happiness to their families. raj says that his promise to bhawna ruined their love once, and her promise to suket would not be allowed to do that the second time around. Raj says that in this one month, they both have borne intolerable pain, and they finally have met, and that they cant let all their torment and turmoil go in vain. She says that their parents past, spoiled their marriage, and that now nothiong can salvage that, and that their love anbd its happiness is impossible, and that there’s someone who doesnt want them to become one. raj asks her not to give up, and that this place ruined bhawna’s love, and does she want one more love to be sacrificed. She says that she wont be able to love anyone else, even if she wants to, as she couldnt forget him too, in her hatred. raj says that they just have one option now, and they shall elevate their love to another level, beyond all trials, difficulties and problems, and that now the time has come to fulfill the promise that they did with each other. She is boggled. Raj extends his hand, and asks her to come along, to give it a name, that it deserves. she is tensed, but finally agrees to support raj.

Meanwhile, virat is shocked when the villagers express their frustration that they should rest. virat gets angry and slaps him, saying that the village’s respect is essential. Virat vents out his frustration at him. the villagers are instigated by virat, and they all agree to continue searching. Suddenly virat gets an idea, saying that they didnt see the place where bhawna had gone, the Dekri. They move towards that place. While raj and avni escape, just then, virat’s men reach and are instructed by virat to search each and every corner of the dekri. They cant find them. finally a villager comes and tells they they were spotted near the temple. virat rushes with his men towards the temple.

Raj and avni arrive at the temple, hand in hand, determined to fulfill their love, avni having faith in raj and his love, and his descision. they both pray to the lord. raj says that this place would help them to reach that level, where their love shall be revered. She asks how. He says that they shall get married, right here, right now, in front of the Lord, in this very temple. She is shocked and rushes out. raj turns to the lord. but then is shocked, when he finds her ringing the temple bells, with much glee, that every pious work should start with ringing of the temple bells. They both ring the bells, till the priest comes. they come to him and express their wish to be married, through avni’s voice this time around. the priest complies and proceeds with the rituals, the jaimala, the gadhbandhan, and then finally the seven pious circles around the fire, and then the priest asks if they vermillion. he goes to get it, but raj doesnt wait till then and opens the bandage, and applies his own blood as the vermillion that marks her marriage to him, while she is overwhelmed with emotions and happiness. He then places the mangalsutra around her neck, while tears stream down her cheeks, overwhelming tears of joy. They are both oblivious of increasing proximity of Virat with the villagers. The priest proclaims them to be a couple now, after finalising all rituals of marriage. the priest blesses both of them. while raj and avni are praying to the lord, they overhear the villagers coming, and are tensed and surprised. He takes avni and ducks inside the temple. Virat reaches with the villagers there, and his men continue their searching. Virat says that there’s noone here and leave in haste. raj tells avni that she is his wife, and he her husband, and nothing can separate them now. she hugs him, and says that she had lots of dreams with their marriage, and wanted it to be most spevial, but just like their love, their marriage also was problematic, and hopes that this marriage is successful, and belated but they get their elders’ blessings. He hugs her. The screen freezes on their face.

Precap: Raj and avni discuss as to how they would break this news, and while avni is shocked when raj proposes that they should settle somewhere far away from their families, and he asks whats does she want that they should let their families override their love with their hatred. she says that first they would try and solve the differnces between the families, and then tell them about their marriage. Finally raj complies. Avni goes inside her house. raj leaves too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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