Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV asks the caterers to get ready. Manas say they were thinking about postponing the wedding, for his health. He asks why they will post pone the wedding, RV hasn’t died yet. Ishaani stops him, saying please. He leaves her side. He goes to Manas and says he is 93% fit, isn’t it a reason to celebrate. Ishaani forbids him to speak much, but he ignores her. He asks if they all think he can’t dance in the party, he torns his bandage. Ishaani gets into his way, he jerks her. Amba stops him, Baba also resists but RV says a bullet couldn’t ruin anything of him what a pain can do. He tells Manas to make the best things. Bigger than RV is RV’s name. Manas says they will wait for marriage, RV says he can’t wait. Take Disha from here, it will be better for him. There will be one less person on him to take expense of. Baa says it is good, RV’s sense of humor hasn’t changed. He used to do the same jokes years ago. RV goes to her curtly,

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He leaves saying the party must be worth RV’s standard. They all ask what has happened to him. Ishaani says party will take place, but first she must talk to him and tell him the truth. She goes behind him, RV goes into the study and bolts the door. He stops by the desk, she keeps on knocking. She say she knows he is angry, she swear she didn’t do anything wrong. He takes the transfer of property papers from drawer. She keeps on knocking, he plays music in high volume. She stops, and says she knows he is angry at her, she will tell him the truth. She will wait as he has waited for her, till today. RV takes the file of property.
Lakshmi says to Amba that RV didn’t listen to anyone from Ishaani’s family. Amba was quiet and takes a seat. Lakshmi notices Amba so silent, Amba asks what to say. Whatever happens good to Parekh family, she has seen pain in RV’s eyes. She won’t leave the people, who gave him pain. Chaitali hears this, and thinks she must clear her position. She goes inside, and says RV behaved so rude, she feels so bad that she is from a family, where Ishaani lives. She has heard that Ishaani went to celebrate her first Karwa Chot with Chiraag. Amba stops her, and shouts at her to go away, before RV comes to her.
In the party, Chaitali complains to Ritesh that RV has been so rude. She says she must make a plan. She says it is their last party here and must find a rich husband for Sharman. Manas and his family arrive. All greet them.

RV too comes down. Ishaani smiles seeing him walking towards her. But he ignores her and goes to Ritika. He hugs her and welcomes her. Ishaani is left surprised. Ritika says to RV that she was going to hospital, but found out he already got discharged. She asks him why party so soon after returning. RV says life is to enjoy.

RV then brings Ritika inside for drinks. Ritika tells him he can’t drink right now as his medicine and all going on. But RV still insists. He asks why this party is so dull. Where are waiters.. where are drinks. A waiter comes. RV says that waiter is for guests..he wants someone special to serve his special friend. Ishaani comes and RV says she will bring drinks for him and Ritika. Ritika tries to stop RV, but he doesn’t let her speak. Ishaani tells a waiter, but RV tells her he wants from her. Ishaani looks on. He asks her why she’s looking like that. She’s his wife, not owner of the house that she has problem working. He taunts her more. All are shocked and confused with RV’s behavior. Ishaani goes and makes drinks. She then serves it to RV and Ritika. Ritika says she will get if she wants. RV tells Ritika that Ishaani brought it with so much love, her heart will break. Ritika still says no. RV picks up a glass and gives it to her. He cheers everyone. He then calls Manas and asks Ishaani to serve him as well. Ishaani goes to him. Manas feels awkward. RV asks him whether he won’t drink with him. He picks up a glass from Ishaani. Ishaani then starts walking away. RV stops and asks whether he will have to give special invitation for others. Ishaani starts serving other guests. RV asks her to serve Manas parents first, with a smile. Lakshmi whispers to Amba that her son has been like her, today.

Ishaani goes serving all the guests. A glass fell as she passes. RV comes to it, and says on Sangeet’s night she has broken the glass, this is a bad omen. Anyways, it is a servant’s job to clear it like he used to do years ago. A maid brings the mop; RV takes it from her hand. Ishaani says he won’t do it, and takes the mop. RV laughs, that who told her he was doing this. He was going to give it to her, she will do it.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks RV to trust her, he asks trust? Whom he must trust, she? Trust can take a place of lies, but a lie can never take the place of trust. He has lost trust from the word trust even.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. no matter hw much pain rv causes ishanni it shows in his face he loves her, but rv needs to teach Charig a good lesson

  2. it about time the truth comes out

  3. Wht the hell iz this ..howw ..can arvi do this wid ishani ?..ishanii ..where iz her trust and love going ..?arvi should nt behave like can love chng to hatred in one mint …???????

  4. Rv is doing 2 much stop it rv ishaani

  5. Hi frends inga iruka elarume tamil tha pola and thankyou sona

  6. Ranveer should not behave like this.
    How can love change to hatred in a single second
    Ivloo nal ishani a trust panna rv ala ipo oru second kooda trust panna mudiyala
    Can see pain in both their eyes

  7. today episode so sad. rv treats ishaani as rude…… Ishaani have lot of pain so sad. Then ennala rv’ya Intha mari paaka mudila. no rv you can’t behave like this bcoz all of your fans are feel so sad. As soon as you will know the truth

  8. Really it’s very difficult to see RV eyes filled with hatredness

  9. Can’t see my dear RV with some much rudeness

  10. reema neenga tami ah??

  11. I hate RV becoz of his rude behavior. Boring yaar.

  12. As I said.see now I will dance with Ritika.Ha Ha Ha.
    The dialogue about Trust was great……..

    1. Hahaha check atleast official fb of shakti. Don’t use ranveer name and don’t send a wrong info.

  13. Shakti scored a lot on new year by his acting. But mere ashiqui spoils the mood of enjoying new year celebration. Take care of TRP.

  14. Husband for Sherman???? Haha lol
    Suga and Thamu Neenga Tamil aa? Enge irundhu?

    1. I think here Most are tamil (written episode, due to understanding problem watching in tv ), namba oru serial Romba bore,..

  15. Very Boring serial , all expected scenes only nothing new compare to other serial, if story not found please stop thz serial and go with new serial.. Story and the title are different…

  16. Everest is best show 4 k technology, goto camera and ar Rahman background. Plus love story between. Aakash and anjali never seeen before. Meri ashiqui is crap.

  17. Irritating chiraag, RV ku unmai theriyanum

  18. innaiku episode was shown as expected… OMG.. Can’t see Ranvir & Ishaani in pain.. please make both of them realise the truth soon. Atlast Ishaani Changed her Saree..
    precap is irritating as Chiraag is shown.. hope everything will be solved soon.

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