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Maharana Pratap 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde takes a piece from the laddoo. Maan reaches there just when she puts it in her mouth. Maan looks at her in shock. She requests Ajabde to spit it out asap. Pratap tells Maan to calm down but Maan is concerned for Ajabde. Ajabde starts coughing. Maan tells the daasi’s to call Vaid ji. VB and Pratap tell her to calm down. Maan blames VB. Don’t know what you have mixed in the laddoo. Pratap tells Ajabde to take deep breaths. Nothing has happened to you. AJabde feels somewhat better in a while. She assures Maan that she is alright. Hansa remarks that what can happen to someone who has Pratap by her side to protect her. VB agrees with Hansa. CK asks Maan to apologize to Choti Ma. She has come here all the way from Chittor to feed that special laddoo to bhabhi ji. AJabde admits that the laddoo was very tasty. I couldn’t control myself and took a really big bite. It was bound to get stuck in my throat. Pratap tells Maan that Ma is Ma after all, whether Choti or Badi. VB supports him. Mothers take all the ill effects of the evil eyes which befall on their children on themselves. I might have done something similar while making the laddoo. It is for Prasad so it can only do good. May God bless you both a very happy married life. Ajabde and Pratap smile. Pratap is sure Maan would have understood everything as she is very intelligent. Maan leaves from there quietly. Hansa suggests doing Adi Shakti Puja now. VB excuses herself for a minute. Pratap tells Ajabde not to get too tempted upon seeing the laddoo from Chittor next time. Ajabde smiles.

Maan comes back to the same room and finds the empty bottle. She thinks about the dead rat that she had seen a while back. VB asks her that she is amazed thinking that the rat died but the laddoo dint kill Ajabde. Maan affirms. I had seen you mixing poison in the laddoo with my own eyes. VB accepts that she had mixed poison in laddoo but the laddoo eaten by Ajabde wasn’t poisonous. She opens her cupboard and shows the poisonous laddoo to Maan. Maan is confused. Why did you send all the daasi’s outside and mixed poison in the laddoo when you dint intend to give it to Ajabde Bhabhi? VB replies that for some time I couldn’t help but think of only your Rani Ma’s words. But like people say, evil loses in front of good in the end after all. The devil inside me had to accept defeat too or else I would have committed the unpardonable crime. Maan recalls her Dada bhai’s words about his firm belief in his CHoti Ma. She feels bad. Please forgive me Choti Ma. Everyone trusted you except me. I don’t know why I doubted you. VB tells her that she is not wrong. You were bound to think that way after seeing and hearing all those things. I had lost faith but then I thought that my act of killing Ajabde will affect Pratap badly. This thought helped me overcome all my fears, my difficulties. I want Pratap and Ajabde to spend a happy life together. Maan hugs her Choti Ma.

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Priest asks Ajabde to keep her right hand over Pratap’s right hand. They promise each other to help each other at all points of life. Patta comes and stands beside Rawat ji. He has brought a message for him from US. I have been ordered to hand it over to you only. Rawat ji reads the letter. He gets to know about the Afghan fighters who are in Mewar right now. They have been sent by the Mughals to fight with Pratap. Be alert and make sure Pratap doesn’t get to know about it. Patta senses that it is something really important and worrisome looking at Rawat ji’s angry face. Rawat ji gives him the letter to read. Patta reacts after reading the letter. Everyone turns to look at him hearing him voice filled with anger. Rawat ji assures them that everything is fine. Please continue with the rituals. rawat ji tells Patta to make sure that Pratap should not get to know about it. Patta decides to tighten Bijolia’s security right away. those fighters wont be able to even touch Pratap’s shadow. I will kill them all. Rawat ji tells him to increase the security of the palace too. Be careful. Patta leaves.

Afghan fighters kill a few people from Bijolia and don their attire.

Pratap and Ajabde seek blessings from Adi Shakti and then from Hansa Bai. Pratap wonders where Choti Ma is.

US is scolding VB. You cannot have any other explanation to send my wife out of this palace. Have you forgotten that I married you when it came to saving your dignity? I dint think of anyone. I went against everyone’s wish, including my beloved wife JB too so that I could protect your dignity. You actually planned a scheme in turn and sent her (JB) out of the palace only? DB tells VB that when no one had wanted to talk to her then it was only Jija who had made an effort for you. US adds that VB has cheated Chittor’s trust. I cannot wait to carry out procedures of any kind for you. you will be punished at this very moment only. He takes out his sword and starts walking towards her while she asks for his apology. He attacks on her. VB realises that she had been dreaming. She looks around and now hears DB’s voice. What you saw just now was not a dream. The same will happen with you as soon as you will enter Chittor. I will do everything to make your dream come true. You know I stick to my words. Don’t be under any illusion. Eat this poisonous laddoo. VB picks up a piece from the laddoo.

Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati congratulate Pratap. Pratap gives credit to him. the Gauna was bound to happen as my kundli was made by a highly talented priest named Chakrapani. They all smile. Saubhagyawati asks about Ajabde. Where is she?

Ajabde holds VB’s hand just when she was about to eat the poisonous laddoo. VB is shocked to see her there.

Maan tells everyone that Bhabhi ji has gone to bring Choti Ma. There will be no point asking this question to Dada bhai in future as well as he will never know the answer of it. CK agrees with her. Maan adds that they both are never alone. You are always surrounded by loads of people. You don’t take out time for each other. Pratap calls them his vanar sena (army of monkies).

Ajabde asks VB why she hid this tasty laddoo from her. I too should eat it. she is about to eat it when VB pushes her hand and the laddoo falls on floor. Are you mad that you want to eat it? this is poisonous. Ajabde is taken aback. You knew that it was poisonous and you were eating it? VB replies that she couldn’t snatch Pratap’s life (Ajabde) from him. Ajabde questions her as to why was she ready to kill herself then. VB says I have no other option. I can either kill you or should kill myself. How can I kill you? you are everything for Pratap. His happiness, his life! I cannot snatch it all from him. it is better that I kill myself then. Ajabde knows that she can never think of killing her. when I had come as your DIL then you had taken very good care of me, had showered so much love on me. a mother only knows how to give, she doesn’t know how to take things. You are my mother, right? VB nods. Ajabde wants to know who is forcing her to do all this. I know there is someone who is pushing you to take these extreme steps. Tell me who it is. Trust me I wont tell anyone. VB refuses to disclose the name. Ajabde wonders if that person will stop planning to kill me if you don’t disclose their name to me. that person will continue to plot against me. My murderer might not have the same kind of love that you have for me and Pratap in his / her heart. VB says I wont let that happen ever. I wont let DB succeed in her evil plans. Ajabde is stunned to hear DB’s name.

VB accepts that DB had forced her to do all this. I agree I have made some very big mistakes in the past. DB knows them all and is using that against me but not anymore. I wont bear it anymore. Ajabde doesn’t mind it too. Whatever happened with you in the past, it doesn’t matter anymore. It was all in the past. You should not worry about it. VB is sure DB wont give up so easily. She will definitely make more plans to kill you in the future. What will happen to Pratap, Mewar if anything happens to you? Everything will be ruined. Ajabde assures her that nothing will go wrong now that she has come back. I will do something that will safeguard me and you as well. I wont let anything happen to Pratap at all. Rani Ma will be punished for what all she has done against Pratap till date. She has compelled us for a lot of things till now but now she will be all helpless. Epi ends on Ajabde’s determined face.

Precap: Afghan fighters notice the heightened security around the palace of Bijolia. Looks like they have got information about us! Find out what’s going on there. Pratap and Ajabde leave from the palace wearing ordinary clothes. Maan and CK discuss about their location (bijolia’s Haat Mela). The informer of the fighters overhears it and tells the same to his group. They decide to kill Pratap in the Haat Mela itself. Pratap fights with / kills some people in the Haat Mela who were trying to attack him.

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