Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Poorvi at someone’s house and thanking to the man. The man saks them to stay in guestroom. Arjun takes Poorvi. Its dark inside and he goes to switch on the lights. He says there is no lights, what to do now, candle has to be here. He lights the candles and asks her to change the clothes, behind the curtain. He fixes it by the bedcover. She looks at him. Aag ka darya hai…….. yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays………..She goes to change. He changes his clothes at the other side, and removes at the other side. She wears a beautiful white saree and stands at the window. He asks her to close the window, its raining. He asks what happened now. She goes and he shuts the window. He asks did anything happen, tell me. She nods no. She says no use to tell you, you can’t understand. He asks what is it.

She says you can’t, I told you before too. He asks what. She says till when will we hide and stay scared, if they don’t accept our marriage and make us apart then, how to trust this when I can see everyone wants us to be away, I feel like our fate…. He says I don’t believe in fate and just love. She says no one understands our love, our marriage which no one saw, and we are running being scared, you said we don’t have to do this after marriage, but still we are hiding, did we do anything wrong, I feel our love does not have peace, love is nonsense and this marriage is meaningless.

He says you feel we are not happy, you are right, I know we are married and will have control over you, think what will a guy and girl do alone in such room, I will never leave this opportunity, iw as thinking you won’t know, but you are smart and knew I will enjoy, you are right, we don’t have everything, I don’t love you, love is famous like tv and news, all love is nonsense. Poorvi says I did not mean it. He says we have promised to live and die together, no one saw us, there was no witness, he says our marriage was drama, nothing else. He makes her realize her mistake.

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She cries and says I m wrong, I believe in this marriage, you are my everything, its because I have accepted you as husband by my heart, I married you to spend my life with you, I don’t need to prove anyone, I m sorry. He says move… and gets angry. She stops him and hugs him, asking him not to go anywhere, she loves him a lot, forgive me. He holds her hand. He kisses her. Ishq wale……………… manmarziyaan………………..plays………………… He gets romantically close to her. He kisses her and they lie on the bed. She thinks this night has changed their life, and she will never forget this.

Its morning, Poorvi wakes up smiling and recalling last night. She looks for Arjun, and gets a letter from him, thanking her to become his life and making him good. She gets another note to make his eyes have her dreams and romantic words. She gets many more chits that he loves her and is nothing without her. She wears the saree and goes out to see him. Arjun comes to her and says good morning. She says you are world’s best husband, I can’t forget this best morning. He says see what happens next. She asks where did he go. He says its surprise for her. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays………He sits on his knees and gives her roses.

She smiles and takes it. She says its very nice, I know you love me a lot, but did not knew you can be so romantic. He says its rose, not diamond. She says shut up, its valuable than any diamond. He says I will always keep you happy, and hugs her. She cries. He asks why this tears and makes her smile. She says its happiness tears and asks him to go and bath. He says what, why are you washing this romantic moment, and she sends him. Arjun takes bath while singing and asks Poorvi to give clothes. She gets the clothes. He asks her to come close and give. She turns and gives him. He holds her hand and gets her inside the bathroom. She asks what is he doing, let me go. He talks filmi and reminds her what hero and heroine romance in rain. They get under the shower.

He gets romantic and kisses her. Manmarziyaan…………….plays……………. Its sensual scene. Later on, Arjun shows the radio to her while she is cooking. She asks will he help her in cooking. He says can’t I, I m not rude husband to order food and command my wife. She smiles seeing him not able to make a roti and praising himself. She says move, I can make four parathas in this time, I know you can make it good, but do any other work. He says fine. They hear Neelima trying to contact Poorvi, as her dad met with accident and he is critical, he needs her, come home soon. Poorvi is shocked.

Arjun tells Bachcha Singh that he won’t marry Tanu. Bachcha Singh asks then why did you come here. Arjun says I came to meet you, and say that I married Poorvi. They are all shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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