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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manas’s mother takes him along her, Manas take his hand off hers and comes to RV. He jerks him and asks why he did so, he had problem with his wife, then why revenge Disha. He could have called him, told him. He thought him as a good man, those who loves value others love. Today you have brought your own truth to others, his own marital life isn’t well and he can’t see others marry as well. RV removes Manas’s hand off his shoulder, and says he doesn’t need to be like him to talk to him. Rishi comes to Manas, and says Disha is just like them, her blood is impure, why would he spoil his life for her. Disha comes there and slaps Rishi. She says he is a bastard, she says they are not alike, what he knows about Manas. He isn’t worth standing with Manas, she is glad that he didn’t come and marry her. After now, she won’t ever think about him.
She says her life had been ruined, if she had married someone like him, and she is thankful. Thankyou for coming Rishi, and making her realize that he isn’t the one. She comes to Manas, and says he is a good man. She says she didn’t want to lose him, that is why she hid the truth. She was being selfish, and kept him in dark. She will always regret that they couldn’t marry, but she will always be happy that she will never remember him. She says to Manas that he can go, joins hands and says he must forgive her if possible. Manas was silent. Disha goes to hug Ishaani. He looks at Disha and says he isn’t going anywhere, everyone gets shocked.

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He comes to Disha, and says she is worth him or not, he doesn’t know about it. But he loves her truly, and love is to be fulfilled, not to be left alone. One comits mistake unknowingly, but when one knows everything, if he still leaves her it will be his biggest mistake. He says he will give her and her child his name. Ishaani smiles and watches RV as he closes his eyes. Manas’s mom and Amba disliked it, but everyone else is happy. Disha hugs Manas. Ishaani observes RV’s face who looks content. Manas father comes and says he has lost his mind, Manas says the decisions taken from mind can be wrong but the decisions taken from heart are never wrong. If he has loved his son from heart he must respect his decision and give them both their blessings. He takes Disha’s hand. Baa observes his mother not happy, and Amba staring curtly at Baa.
Falguni and Baa thank God, Baa looks at Amba victoriously and goes forward as Manas and Disha sit on the stage. Baa sings the bhajan, as she binds the pallu of the bride and the groom. Ritika is happy as well. Pandit ji conducts the wedding. Ishaani turns behind to see RV, and smiles. The bride and the groom come to take blessings from elders. Baa is the first one to bless them, and hugs them.
Rishi comes back at night, Chiraag stops his way and asks if he went to Disha’s wedding. Rishi is shocked. Chiraag asks what he went to do there.
At home, RV and Ishaani were in the room. Ishaani opens the closet, RV says it is good she is packingto leave. He heads to help her, and brings the bag. He says he can’t suffer her presence anymore, she has known now he is also her enemy. He says he will always celebrate the day. He says she took a lot of time to recognize his true face, she must leave now.
Ishaani goes to him and says she can recognize him as she has got her papa’s eyes. He isn’t a bad man, he is just posing to do this. He just did a drama today, telling everyone that Rishi is a bastard and Manas is a good man. It was all preplanned. He wants to be a bad man, but isn’t. She has seen, he called words to Rishi in front of Disha to tell her that Rishi is a bad man, he was actually preparing Disha’s mind to marry Manas, as he is a good man.
Rishi says everyone there is happy, leaving Ishaani. He says to Chiraag that he hasn’t left Ishaani worth it. Chiraag says he can still take Ishaani whole heartedly.
Ishaani says she can see his goodwill in his eyes. He steals looks from her. She says she knows he can be RV from Ranveer but can never become Ravan, he called himself as her papa’s hanuman. He made Disha realize that truth is the best thing, Disha will never be afraid that someone will ever ask her child’s DNA test. She holds his hand saying at difficult times, relations aren’t broken but get strengthened. RV jerks her hand away, smiles and says it will break, the relation as well as her hopes and he will enjoy her tears. She calls from behind that he can never hide his love behind this hatred. He now knows how much she loves him. He turns and says Chiraag has left her now, and he is the only option left to her. She knows him, so she must know he never forgets the betrayals given to him. She says he must remain her cheating and she will remember his love and will now say meri aashqui ab tumse hi.

PRECAP: Ishaani was in the bed, RV reminds her that she told him on the first day of wedding that he can get her but not take her. Today he wants to say to her that he doesn’t want to see her face even.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today’s episode was better. At last Disha wedding happened. I like Ishaani’s hopeful moves to realise their Ranveer’s love.Hope they realize their true love for each other.waiting for a good episode.

  2. your updates r very slow…..very low quality service u provide…. worthless….i

  3. today episode was too good. ishaani find out the rv’s drama and finally manas accept disha, on that moment rv feel so happy in hide, when it is touching scene, love u ranveer…. your face expression also lovely and ishaani also watch your expression, activities ect.. Ishaani dnt worry your rv will come back soon… Finally disha your problem will solved. you live your life with manas and understand his love dnt hurt him becoz he will gave life for you

  4. Manas ne apna pyar ka farz nibhaya Disha KO shaadi karke RV ki tarah. Lekin future mein agar Disha ne Rishi ko Milne me liye ya sabak dikhane ke liye or kuch bhi, Manas kabhi maaf nahi karpayega RV ki tarah

  5. RV ur colours are fading… Thats not d real you… soon ishaani ll b in ur heart soon u ll undersrand d nonsense done by chiraag…

    1. They way RV has accepted Isani’s ignorance in past & waited patiently a same way Isnai should also accept RV’s ignorance & wait patiently & try to understand how bad it feel when you ignored & avoid someone’s true love…… Isani should give RV some space instead of poking nose in RV’s work ….. WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP

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