Satrangi Sasural 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is shocked to find priyanka leaving, and mini narrates in short what happened, but leaves out the business deal falling flat. But harpreet blurts it out, in her forgetfulness. vihaan is unaffected, and tells priyanka that she wont go anywhere, while she insists that her descision is final. Granny comes to her and asks her not to make a mountain out of molehill, and stay back. But priyanka begins to leave. Vihaan makes her swear on his life, and she has no option but to stay back. He says that he wont let her go anywhere. All watch emotionally, while granny is tensed. Priyanka finally agrees. Vihaan warns all of them, that noone should tell priyanka anything else, or else their day shall be cancelled for a month. Priyanka is emotional.

In her room, priyanka tells narmada that she doesnt need to be made to understand, as her descision is final, as she is is to be blamed for everything wrong in the house. she says that she came back for her own home, not for taunts, and that her own mother only told her that all her descisions were wrong. She says that she cant take it anymore, and shall leave then. narmada says that if she has decided, then she can, if she gets peace of mind and soul, as the maximum that can happen, is that relations shall break. Narmada says that she got so angry that granny lashed out at her, by pointing out her mistakes, bitterly. She tries to explain that has she ever thought what they all fel, when she lashes out tauntingly at everyone, every single day. She says that its not because they are scared of her, b ut because they love her. She says that people who have given ideals that women canm live together, she shall prove them wrong, and that she wont go with bags, but with the happiness. she says that she knows that she too wont be able to live without vihaan. she asks her to think once about them, and then take her descision. She leaves. Priyanka is tensed.

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Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad, gattu and girish are having a party, while the ladies are working in the kitchen. Gattu shamelessly asks dadaji too to join them in drinking, while all are shocked and horrified. an enraged dadaji comes, and gattu gives him a glass too. gattu asks arushi to get a glass and some snacks too. As arushi comes out disgusted, she finds dadaji throwing the glass with alcohol on gattu’s face. All are shocked. dadaji tells gattu that this isnt his father’s home, that he come anytime. Prahlad tries to salvage, but dadaji shuts him. Gattu is unfazed, and says that he shall come again, and sit. prahlad and girish are tensed, while arushi is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s and vihaan’s residence
Later, granny discusses the reason of the fight, and vihaan gets up to go and talk tp priyanka, as he thinks that this isnt a big deal. granny tells vihaan that narmada has gone and she shall make her understand. Vihaan wonders what all is happening around him, first this, and then arushi, and he sends a message, saying that he doesnt know why isnt she picking up the phone, but this is for sure, that he is coming to meet her right now. He is about to come out, when he gets a message, pleading him not to come right now, and he gets frustrated. Meanwhile, Arushi says that their friendship wont ever be understood by gattu, nor would she be able to explain her helplessness to him, and that she cant let them face each other. She thinks that maybe their friendship was till here only. vihaan is distraught, while arushi breaks down crying, apologising profusely, for doing this to vihaan. She gets a message from him, asking to let him know atleast, if she is okay. She cries all the more having read it. Her mother watches this from a distance, and is distraught.

The next morning, gattu comes with the wedding card, saying that he fixed the date of marriage, saying that its in one week. She faces him sternly. He stuffs sweet in her month, for this new beginning of life, and says that he wants to go to the movies with her. She says that she has to go to the office. He agrees and starts to point out that she isnt dressed for office. dadaji asks him to stay in his limits. Gattu says that the girl is his now, and he shall decide what she shall wear or no. He asks her to change the dupatta and remove the makeup. She is disgusted, but complies nevertheless.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, at the breakfast table, as all are having food, granny is shocked to find that their designs have been stolen by their rival company. All are boggled as to how this happened. priyanka taunts and says that they are making an issue out of nothing, and they shouldnt worry, till the company completely droops and collapses. He says that nilima didnt do this intentionally. nilima is concerned. Granny asks nilima how did this happen. nilima tries to assure that she has no clue why this happened. Granny says that there’s carelessness somewhere, and then calls vihaan with her, as she leaves. narmada asks nilima how did this happen. Priyanka again taunts her that its good, that this is their own company, as anyplace else she would have been fired. All are shocked as to how she can be so hurtful.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is tensed and requests sarthi to take the car to arushi’s home. Sarthi explains to him, that she must be helpless, and asks him to keep some restraint. vihaan asks what should he do then, and wonders how to find out whats happening to her.

Meanwhile, gattu arrives with arushi in the jeep, and warns her to never again talk to any male friend of hers. He says that he agreed to her wish to go to the office, and she should also comply to his wishes. As she gets down, Arushi gets vihaan’s cal, and is tensed. she is about to receive it, when gattu takes it. gattu gets distracted by a friend, who received him, and she takes this time to delete the number from her phone. She goes inside her office, while he watches her tensedly.

Scene 6:
Location: In the mall
Vihaan is in the mall, talking to narmada on the phone, that he is here to buy priyanka a saree. He sees a girl, and recognises arushi, by her hands, and her flowing hair, as her face lies covered. When he comes ahead, he is excited to find arushi. But she progresses ahead, and as vihaan sees her, he is shocked to find her with gattu. While gattu lashes at arushi in front of everyone, asking her to keep the dupatta around her shoulders properly, and she saying that she shouldnt ever try this again, vihaan sees them together, and grabs gattu by the collar, asking him how dare he touch her and talk to her like this. Arushi tries to separate the both of them together, while they engage in a scuffle. Arushi tells him that Gattu is her fiancee, and shows him the engagement ring, asking him to not even think of hurting her fiancee. vihaan is distraught and shocked. the screen freezes on his hurt face.

Precap: In the auto, vihaan coaxes arushi to atleast try and explain as to whats her helplessness. Meanwhile gattu arrives with his bike, and senses something’s up in the auto. He tries to look inside. Meanwhile, she pleads Vihaan that if he respects their friendship even slightly, then he wouldnt ask her this. Vihaan is distraught. Gattu is on his bike, when he comes around to circle and faces arushi, sitting in the auto.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. arushiki suppose to be an intelligent grown up person why is she tolerating all this abuse from this man whom she claims to be her fiancee’ I find arushki and her grandfather and step mother should nip it in the bud one time before it becomes a bigger problem where he starts beating arushki he has already started dictating who she talks to and what she must wear I cannot see why arushki is taking all this for that caniving brother and father of hers stupid girl

  2. Wth is happening to this seriel…

  3. Jamai raja,sasural satrangi,qubool hai and jodha akbar i dont know what going in these show its like crap.
    Zee tv should bring back shows like yahan mein ghar ghar kheli,choti bahu,ram millaye jodi and punarvivah these u call show not these crap that showing on tv right now

  4. Gattu is a control freak Aarushi you need to stand up to him if you should ever marry that guy, your life is going to be a living hell…also priyanka if Aarushi and Vihaan should have ever get married that woman is going to be the villain in their life look at her attitude already wolf in sheep clothing

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