Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini angrily coming to Neil’s house and asking Pam about him. She says he is in his room. She goes to his room and asks still how low he will stoop and asks how dare he is to try to bribe Shilpa’s mom to change statement. Neil says he did not send anyone. Ragini says Pam came to hospital and offered money. Neil calls Pam and asks her about it. She says yes and says she went to save her son’s life. Ragini asks how can she try to bribe Shilpa. Pam says she went to pay Shilpa’s bills and wants Shilpa’s mom not to come in Ragini’s sugar-coated talks. She says she is not like a mother who estranges her children. Neil asks her to go out. He then tells Ragini that Pam was not right and asks her to stop boasting about her upbringing as Arav insulted her in front of him. She says he came back to her and apologized later. He challenges her that if Ranveer his proved guilty, he will leave Agam with her and if he is proved innocent, he will take Aarav with him to America and asks if she accepts it. She shakes hands and accepts deal. Nivedita comes there with her clothes to keep it in Neil’s cupboard and acts as gett embarrassed seeing them together and says she will come back after they finish their private talks. Neil stops her and tries to explain Ragini. Ragini says she does not care whom he stays with and will knock his room and enter next time. He sees her getting into auto and thinks she has gone way ahead, else he would not have thought like that. She also thinks same.

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Jignesh’s parents and grandma come with their guests to Ragini’s house for a pooja. Aman greets them in. Daadi asks if he stays her. He says he came early to help in arrangements. She asks about Ragini. Ragini comes out and greets them in. Grandma asks about Neil. Ragini says he is busy in an emergency surgery. Grandma asks how can he miss his daughter’s important rituals. Jignesh’s mother takes her in.

Sahir of Humsafars brings Arzoo to get her treated at Neil’s hospital. Neil greets them in and converses with them that he is heart specialist. They both start conversation about their broken heart and wish each other all the best for their future and meeting each other when they get their partner’s love back, hug each other and part ways.

Neil gets ready in a sherwani. Pam greets him good morning and asks if he is going to meet Ranveer. He says he got a call from Jignesh’s parents who invited him for a pooja, so he is going there. She asks how can he think of attending Nishi’s premarriage rituals. He says he wants to make Ragini feels that he is right at his side. Nivedita comes getting ready. Pam asks where is she going. Neil says he is taking her to Ragini’s house as he wants to show that he is marrying Nivedita. Pam says she knows he wants to make Ragini jealous and wishes him all the best.

Pooja starts at Ragini’s house. Pandiji calls bride. Nishi comes and sits next to Jignesh and performs pooja. Daadi starts singing folk song and asks her bahu to sing. They both start singing. Neil comes there, Ragini gets happy, but gets tensed seeing Nivedita coming from behind. Baa who has Alzheimer’s identifies Neil and says whenever he comes, something good will happen. He takes Baa’s blessings. Jignesh’s papa says he was waiting for him, but Ragini says he is busy in surgery. Neil says his daughter’s marriage is important to him than surgery.

Precap: Jignesh’s grandma says she cannot let her grandson married in a house where bride’s mother is always with her boss, she cannot answer society’s insulting questions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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