Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi locking her home and crying, as they leave the home. She asks her parents to go ahead, she will come. Arjun looks on and says my prayers will always be with you, you will be always happy and be safe from my family. Poorvi says this house has taught me many things, I have felt love here. Arjun says forget me forever and be happy. Tanu says I m very happy today, I could not kill you, but made you leave the city. Poorvi says I m going today, but I will come back, the story started from this house and will end it here, I will take revenge from Arjun. Arjun says he wishes it happens as she wishes. Tanu says it happens as I wish, Arjun you are just mine now. Your and Poorvi’s love has ruined by my power.

Poorvi says your power will be nothing infront of me, I will become more powerful than your family. Arjun blesses her that she succeeds and clears her name. She says the name which got ruined, she will clear it. She swears on her love which she did by her heart and honesty. She leaves. Arjun looks at her and gets sad. They are on the way. Dayal says Poorvi you might be missing home a lot. Poorvi says forgive me, you had to leave everything because of me. Neelima says its fine and hugs her. We will be more happy that this place. Dayal says lets go to my friend’s home and then thinkw aht to do.

Arjun kicks the punching bag in anger. He recalls how Poorvi got defamed. His mum comes and cries. She asks him to be fine to protect Poorvi, and she knows Poorvi is strong and will not lose courage. Her family will get help by some friends, you don’t lose strength. Arjun says I have seen tears in Poorvi’s eyes and it was because of me.

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His mum says its game of fate, don’t blame yourself. As you did this for save Poorvi’s life, I trust Lord, her life will get happiness one day. Tanu looks on and smiles. Dayal comes to his friend, and he asks him to look for some other place. Dayal says its fine and leaves. They hear his wife telling bad about them. Neelima says where to go now. Lakshya says it will be better if we go to some relative. No one gives them shelter and don’t let them stay with them. Lakshya says everyone showed their real face on time of need, they have forgotten all our favors. Poorvi says yes. Neelima says our relatives also did not help us, as they don’t trust us.

They get sad and she says truth does not have any value, but good people exist in world. She coughs and they care for her. They don’t even get water. Poorvi cries and tries getting water. She gets a tap and takes water for Neelima. Dayal pacifies Poorvi and says everything will be fine. They sleep on the footpath. Poorvi cries, and her family supports her. Bachcha Singh, Bhanu, Tanu and Arjun are on the way from party and talk about it. Tanu sees Poorvi and her family sleeping on the road and asks Arjun to stop the car. They all see them and are shocked. They smile. Tanu throws money to them, treating them as beggars. Poorvi and everyone wake up and stand.

Arjun tears the papers and shocks Bhanu. He throws it on his face. Bachcha Singh shouts Arjun.

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