Mere Sai 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Babu Write His Exam

Mere Sai 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babu prays Sai to show him a way. Peon walks in with Shridi’s prasad and asks examiner to distribute it among students as per Principal Purendra ji’s order. He sees Sai’s face in prasad and thinks he is confident now to complete his exam. He writes all the answers and thanks Sai for his help. After exam, he meets his father Tendulkar and says by Sai’s grace he finished exam well and answered all questions. He offers Sai’s prasad. Tendulkar emotionally feeds Babu and thanks Sai baba. Sai smiles hearing that. He asks Ramba to prepare sweets as he feels like having sweets today.

Damayanti confronts Amba for speaking rudely to Anandi and warns to not repeat the mistake again, else if Chintamani and Trimbak would have heard her rude words, they would have felt bad. She walks away warning her to be careful while speaking. Amba reminisces Tejasvi’s words that her family itself doesn’t like her and thinks what wrong did she say.

Babu meets Sai and thanks him for his help. He says without Sai’s help, he wouldn’t have written exam without fear. Sai smiles and gives him moral gyaan to be confident. Babu says even if he passes, his mind is still unrest. Sai shows him a tree and says it is an old tree and was growing well, but don’t know what happened to it since sometime. Babu says this tree is infested by insects, so it has to be treated daily to get rid off insects and then given water again regularly, only then it will prosper again. Sai says similarly, his mind is infested by wrong thoughts and should be cleaned with determination and hard work, only then he will be free of any ill thoughts.

At Kulkarni’s house, he scolds Santa and Panta for doing some mistake. Amba walks in to meet Tejasvi. Kulkarni angrily asks who is she. Tejasvi says she is her friend Amba, Joshi ji’s daughter, and walks in with Amba smirking at Kulkarni. Amba informs her what happened today. Tejasvi says she already told her that her family doesn’t want her to be with them, her parents love their bahus more than her, they will make her work hard like a servant, etc. Tejasvi says she is right. Tejasvi says she will give her a plan which will make her more important in her parent’s eyes than anyone else. Amba hears whole plan. She returns home and apologizes Anandi for rude words. Anandi says she forgot it long ago. Amba says she works so hard and strains herself while Damayanti enjoys life and family’s attention. Anandi says Damayanti also takes care of kids and serves in-laws. Amba says Damayanti is gaining punya by serving in-laws and kids and cleverly left all the hard work of cooking and household chores to Anandi. Anandi sits thinking while Amba smirks.

Sai digs around tree and makes a line for insects to leave tree. Babu with his parents watches carefully and says he wrote interim exam here and will return to Mumbai and write final exam. Sai says he just wrote exam and still results are not yet out, so he should wait here with his parents till results are out. Babu agrees.

Precap: Sai’s disciple prays Sai’s idol that he hasn’t seen him personally, but he believes him a lot. He takes oath not to have food or water until he meets Sai. Sai tells Tatya that he will not have food or water.

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