Pavitra Bhagya 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vardhan meets Pranati with a prospective investor

Pavitra Bhagya 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati tells Jugnu she is going out for some work. Jugnu nods. Reyansh asks her where she is off to. She replies that she is going out for some urgent work. I will be back in an hour. She leaves.

Pranati reaches the said location and heads to the conference room. She opens the door and is shocked to see Vardhan. What are you doing here? He asks her to come inside. She complies. Another guy is in the room. Vardhan says he is the guy who wants to invest in your project. Pranati greets the guy. She speaks to Vardhan in a corner. She keeps calling him Vardhan Bhaiya. Archit dint tell me that you are also coming here. he says it might have slipped from his mind. I couldn’t have let you come here alone. This is such a big deal. Someone should be here to support you. We are one family after all. She thanks him. I want this investment to be completely legal. It should be only white money. I don’t want money from Khurana’s at all. He assures her he wont invest money from their alcohol business in the school. I do some other work too which is legal. You can call your lawyer and ask him to cross-check if you don’t trust me. Someone from our family must do some good deeds. Start your presentation. He holds her hand as she tries to plug in the wire. I will do it. She asks him to have a seat and does that herself. Some eye exchange keeps happening between Vardhan and the other guy.

Reyansh wonders why Pranati lied to her about meeting Archit. Mallika comes there fixing her dress and stumbles on Reyansh. This is a sign. I could have collided with anyone but it was you! He asks her what she means. He says it was to make you look at me, to praise me. Dint you realise that I am wearing your favourite colour today? How do I look? He tells her it isn’t his favourite colour. She is taken aback. You said so. He tells her he lied. You couldn’t understand me even after so long. She asks him about his favourite colour. He smiles a little and thinks of Pranati. Ishq hai plays. He says red. Mallika begins to wonder when Reyansh adds white, yellow and green to the list. Mallika is boggled. Riya asks Mallika to have lunch first. Reyansh tells himself to focus.

Everyone is seated on the floor. Mallika is feeling uncomfortable. Jugnu serves food to Mallika. Can I serve you or will you scold me? Mallika notices Dadi and Riya looking in her direction and nods. Kids are an emblem of God. We are here for puja only so go ahead. Jugnu gives her kheer. Maybe your words will become sweet after eating it. Mallika tells her to give some to her mother as well. Where is she?

Reyansh tells Riya he does not know where Pranati is. She insists that his face tells otherwise. You also look upset. Tell me honestly. He refuses. She finds it cute. You love her so much. He looks at her pointedly. She says this is normal in love. He asks her what nonsense is this. I don’t know where she is and I have no interest in knowing it. I don’t love her. Riya asks him if he means that. Armaan calls it wrong question. Ask him why he cannot accept how much he loves Pranati. It is against Khurana family’s tradition. I love you very much baby. Riya asks him to help her serve the guests. She teases Reyansh before leaving. Decide if you want to eat with guests or you will wait for Pranati. Reyansh stops Armaan. Riya goes downstairs. Reyansh asks him if he wants to lecture about love. Armaan gives him credit for that. Reyansh tells him to understand that it becomes difficult when the tides of time turn around. Armaan says you have fallen for Pranati. Reyansh says I am talking about Navya. Armaan thinks of all the past moments with Navya. Reyansh asks him if he realises the consequences of his actions. Armaan tells him not to drag Navya between this. Reyansh tells him that his life is getting complicated because of Armaan’s mess. You had good fun. What’s her mistake in this? He holds Armaan’s collar angrily but Armaan puts his hand down. I don’t want to talk to about this. I have been trying to move on with Riya but you and Pranati keep bringing Navya in between. You two don’t know how to move on. You both are dragging me down and are creating problems for me. Spare me! Riya calls out to him. Armaan tells Reyansh to take care of Pranati. I will handle myself.

Pranati starts the presentation but she is very conscious throughout. Vardhan tells her to calm down. Don’t be nervous. He is my friend. Don’t worry. He gives her a glass of water. Don’t worry about anything. She resumes her presentation. Vardhan smiles at his friend.

Reyansh wonders why he cannot stop thinking about Pranati. She went to meet Archit. Armaan’s words echo in his head. I cannot think of Pranati as she is with Archit. He notices Maan sitting tensed in his room. What are you doing here? Maan asks him the same question. Reyansh asks him why he is repeating his words at him. are we in school? Maan says life is teaching us things every day. We can only accept it. Reyansh says you too are speaking about colours here. Maan says I know that it is easy to forget the shine of a colour in these days, just like you forgot your favourite colour. Reyansh asks him how he knows this. Maan tells him that Pranati is a nice girl. She is genuine. What’s the problem between you two? Reyansh says we have small problems. We cannot be good. We cannot pretend to be good for too long. When did you grow up? Maan says why you are trying to be bad when you are not. Reyansh says we have been taught that this world is evil since we are a kid. Maan smiles. You have always failed in this subject. You might have won in Dadi’s eyes but I know you. You are not a bad guy. Reyansh asks him what’s going on between him and Navya. Maan walks away a little. It is nothing. Reyansh says you have started talking sensibly these days. He makes him look at him. It is love when one starts talking sensibly. Maan says love is a big word but yes, I do like Navya. Reyansh smiles. That’s good. You know that this is very complicated, right? Maan says complications are of no significance when you fall in love. He goes. Reyansh thinks Maan said a deep thing. Real life does bring a lot of complications.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Aww…So sweet..Sure that Pranati would indeed be saved by Rey..Gud going…
    Thanks Pooja for the updates:)

    1. Pooja

      You’re very welcome Riya 🙂

  2. Nice episode. rey will come and rescue pranati at the right time

  3. I love the sweet cute moments with Jugnu, Rey and Pranati – they look like a family. I hope Rey starts realizing that even if he and Pranati are not together she is also part of his family… Where is Anisha; she needs to collect her disgusting husband and offload him in a landfil somewhere. This Pranati is alone with these 2 sleazeballs cause of the mini sleazeball Archit, he was the idiot who said don’t tell anyone and Pranati like another idiot listened, when is this girl going to get a backbone and stop her rhona dhona cause that won’t save her from Vardaan and his friend. The new Jugnu is really fire, the previous one wasn’t very effective this one adds depth and dimension to the series. I hope Pranati saves herself – and Rey feels guilty about it, would hopefully be the catalyst that makes him rebel against his Dadi.

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