Mere Sai 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav asks Sai to save Ganpath Rao

Mere Sai 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man and his wife coming to Sai and tells that when he sees his name appearing on the sand, his wife brought him there. His wife tells that she has seen that happening infront of her eyes. Sai takes baby in his hands. The wound from Sai’s hand vanishes completely. Bheeva says your burnt hand is healed completely. Everyone folds their hands. Sai smiles. Jhipri thinks Sai’s wounds get healed by this baby’s touch. Sai takes milk in his hand and feeds baby. Baby drinks water. Everyone get teary eyes and happy. Sai smiles. A man is looking at far and recalls Jhipri’s words that everyone will help if Sai says. He recalls Sai treating a young boy and thinks now I understood why all shirdi follow Sai. He thinks he got blessed by meeting Maha purush and folds his hand.


woman tells her husband Ravi das that they shall go to Sai and not to Kulkarni. Ravi das says only Kulkarni has the right to stop Ganpath Rao. Kulkarni sees them coming and closes his eyes, thinks he has seen lower caste people in the morning and asks Anta and Banta to make them go. Anta stops them and asks why did they come? Ravi das tells that they came to complain against Ganpath Rao, says he has troubled us a lot. Anta asks them to go. Kulkarni thinks it seems I will get some concrete against Ganpath and stops them. He acts to scold Anta and Banta and asks the Shirdi couple to come inside. Ravi das says Ganpath Rao came to our house to take our daughter to work in his drama company. His wife says we don’t want our daughter to work. Kulkarni acts to be angry and says how dare he to misbehave with our daughter. He pats on his shoulder and says Ravi das have patience. He says don’t worry, I am with you. Ravi das and his wife get happy and thanks Kulkarni. After they leave, Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to bring Gangajal and says I have become impure. He washes his hand with Gangajal and reads the mantras. He sprinkles it on himself and also on the place where they were standing. Banta asks will you really help them? Kulkarni asks if I am mad to help them, I was waiting for the chance to insult Ganpath Rao, now he will know who am I? Keshav hears them sharing the plan. Kulkarni asks them to take goons. Keshav thinks I will not let this happen with artiste like Ganpath Rao, pita ji is not doing right, I shall go to Sai and take his help.

Jhipri tells Sai that Ganpath rao has troubled Champa’s parents when they refused to allow her to act. Tatya says the same. Jhipri tells Sai that Ganpath Rao is arrogant and gave you money after work. She says he is thinking of him as Raja after playing that role. She says it seems he met poor and helpless family like that of Champa who can’t do anything. Sai says I am happy to see your concern for Champa. He says as you sow, so you reap.

Ganpat Rao is playing music and recalls Kulkarni insulting him. He recalls approaching Champa to do the role, but Ravi das refusing to let Champa act. He tells his men that he will practice alone and asks them to go. They all leave. Anta and Banta are coming there with their goons. The man who saw Sai’s miracles asks the artiste where they are going. They tell that Ganpath Rao sent them. He says ok. Anta and Banta along with Champa parents and the goon reach there and ask Ganpath Rao to come out. Sai looks on and a heavy wind comes. Ganpath Rao is singing and is oblivious to the happenings outside his place. Keshav comes running to Sai and says Ganpath Rao ji is in danger. Sai asks him to take breath first and then say. Keshav tells everything that Kulkarni sent goons to light fire in Ganpath Rao’s tent and they will burn everything. He says this will be injustice with Ganpath Rao, we shall help them. Sai says there is a lot of dust in Dwarka Maai. Keshav says yes, but…..Sai picks the broom and asks Keshav if he will help him to clean the place. Keshav says now, we have to help Ganpath ji now. Sai asks him to start cleaning Dwarka Maai. Keshav is surprised and upset. He begins sweeping the floor in Dwarka Maai. Sai smiles. Om Sai plays…..

Anta holds Ganpath Rao’s supporters while Banta and others are getting inside the tent to burn it, just then Sai throws the dust out and it comes and stops the people getting the tent with bad intentions.

Update Credit to: MA

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