Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gudden Runs away and Akshat reaches Her

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gudden Say now see what I shall do. She ask for lights off. Revti perform on song dilbarr.💃🏻💃🏻 Gudden is enjoying dance. Durga say to laxmi and saraswati now see my last and final attack. Durga ask gudden to hide inside carriage and workers take carriage out.
When dance💃🏻 end, people realise gudden is not here. Lady blames gudden ran away from marriage. Kaushalya denies she can’t do this. Durga blame gudden saying I saw her while she was running from here. Kaushalya say no she can’t. Laxmi and Saraswati joins her and say after all gudden is their step daughter, she must have not told her truth. Durga say you are so shameless people that you came here even knowing that their gudden can’t do anything. Saraswati say whole Indore knows that Gudden

se na Ho paayega (Gudden can’t do anything). Ladies talk Gudden is so shameless. Akshat shout stop it and call off party, he think Gudden can’t run away from me.

Gudden is happily dancing. Truck stop and workers start drinking🍾. Gudden beat door of carraige and ask to open door. Workers open door and smile🙂 seeing gudden. Gudden thank them.

At Jindal house Kaushalya cry😢 (fake) Gudden for being such careless and she say everyone is blaming me after all I am step mom. Dadi ask her to relex and she must be fine. Kaushalaya say see reviti and her papa are so sad. Akshat come down, is about to go, but dadi ask where is he going? Akshat say to find gudden. Then he make Gudden father sit and tell him that relex, I shall find gudden. Gudden father say, I know Gudden is careless but not irresponsible. She knows her limits and she is my pride. Akshat promise him, that he will bring Gudden safe and sound, till than you stay at jindal house. Akshat goes and dadi smiles🙂. Akshat drive car🚘 and look for Gudden.

Laxmi praises Durga for her sucess in plan. Durga say its the difference, you try to hurt family reputation but I hurted gudden. It was our dream to get Mother in law but gudden spoiled it, so how can I leave her easily? And she can’t become our youngest mother in law.

Gudden thank Workers for making her out. I can’t marry. One of worker say that even we don’t believe in marriage, when we can enjoy without it. He try to hold her, but she tell I shall beat you all, but you all drunk🍾, so relex and try to go. They surround her and One of worker throw her duppatta, which fall on akshat and he shout stop. Gudden run towards him and hide behind him. Akashat make her wear duppatta music plays🎼🎼 while both look into each other eyes👀….and ask about her well being. Gudden ask him to lets go, workers are more and powerful.

At jindal house Kaushalya again blame Gudden but dadi and her husband stop her. Dadi say how can you say bad words for your daughter?🤔 One lady say to durga to call police and media and complain about gudden but dadi shut her mouth saying none of us present here can’t do what is gudden about to do. Gudden is just 20 years old and marrying 40 year akshat, she must have got terrified😱 because of all this pressure after all she is about to become youngest Mother in law but I am sure Akshat will find her and bring her safe and sound.

Gudden ask Akshat lets go from here. Workers ask akshat that you can’t go, but gudden request tham and say please let us go, Uncle is of 40 years, don’t go on his looks and he color his hairs. Akshat say Uncle??😨 But workers don’t listen to them and try to attack. Gudden fold hands and say we shall not say anything to anyone, please let us go. She hold akshat (like protecting him), she than see carriage and hold akshat hand run towards it. Both go inside and she lock it. Workers ask don’t let them run, and run behind them, and beat carriage door.

Precap: Akshat and Gudden are come out of carriage. Akshat beat workers. Voice over say will Jindal family will forgive Gudden’s mistake.

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