Muskaan 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum finds Muskaan’s event picture

Muskaan 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak sleeping and talking. Hanumanth sings lullaby and makes him sleep. Muskaan thinks of Ronak and smiles. Its morning, Ronak scolds a guy. He sees Muskaan and leaves the guy. Muskaan gives him tiffin. Ronak refuses to take tiffin and says if not friends, lets become enemies. Muskaan says I don’t want enmity. Ronak says either black or white, if not friendship, then enmity. He goes. Tabassum asks how did Muskaan go college today, I had to take her for shopping. Suzaine asks her to calm down.

Tabassum calls Muskaan and asks her to come back in 15 mins. Muskaan makes an excuse. Sir ji asks Ghosh to manage all the arrangements and guests. Suzaine says calling Aarti on Muskaan’s birthday isn’t a gift, but a punishment, something is wrong. Neha says but Muskaan will get

her mother. Suzaine says Aarti is coming here, she will manage, Aarti is very brave, she has faced many storms.

Hanumath says you didn’t attend any class since long. A girl comes to Ronak and says my breakup happened. Ronak says okay, I will break that guy. She flirts with Ronak. She says I feel suffocated, I want a bike ride with you. Ronak refuses to her. Ronak sees Muskaan leaving. He follows her to see. He stops her to ask. Muskaan says Nani called me home. Ronak asks how can she do this at any time, what’s the matter. Muskaan says don’t stop me. He asks what’s the urgent work. He takes her phone. She takes phone back and says its my birthday, so she called me for shopping. She goes. Hanumath laughs. Ronak says its her birthday, I have to do something big, lets go to market and take gift for new enemy. Tabassum and Muskaan shop for clothes. Tabassum thinks its a big day, your world will change. Ronak says I will buy a gift for her. He sees Muskaan with Tabassum. He goes to meet. Muskaan worries seeing him.

Ronak takes Tabassum’s blessings. He says your mad dogs, the goons have beaten me, but I m fine, won’t you bless me, I think you send blessings via goons, they told me to stay away from Muskaan, I didn’t listen to my dad, what will I listen to them, Muskaan is innocent and simple, she doesn’t do friendship. Tabassum says she is sent to college for studies, not to make friends. She warns Ronak. Hanumanth takes Ronak. Tabassum warns Muskaan. Muskaan takes some money to give to beggars. Tabassum sends goons after Ronak and Hanumath. She goes to have panipuri with Muskaan. She sees Muskaan’s pic in newspaper.

She gets shocked. She scolds Muskaan. Muskaan worries. Tabassum drags her home. Rakhi says Tabassum got late. Sapna says maybe she went for shopping. VIP comes home. Sir ji taunts him. VIP says I have come here to meet Muskaan. Sir ji says she has gone to college now, its matter of one day, come on her birthday and take her by paying money. VIP leaves. Tabassum drags Muskaan to Sir ji. Sir ji and everyone look on shocked

Hanumanth jokes on Ronak. Muskaan cuts the cake. Ronak also cuts a cake for her. Suzaine worries and thinks how will I protect Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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