Mere Sai 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Gets Blind Woman’s Vision

Mere Sai 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai praises Sahdev that he used waste material and made beautiful lamp shades and deserves respect. Sahdev thinks nobody respected him so much till now. Pari and Uddhav give him earned money. Tatya gifts them his earned money. Blind woman passes by complaining god why he is troubling her so much. Jhipri identifies her and reminds that she bought her lamps. Woman says she cannot return her money as she used them. Jhipri says she does not need her money back and asks why she is wandering instead of going home. Woman says does not have home. Jhipri says she came at right place then, it is Sai’s Dwarkamayi where anyone can stay. Sai helps her get in. Woman describes her ordeal how she lost her vision a few days ago and tried to sell lamps, but could not, Jhipri bought lamps, she spent money

on food, villagers shooed her away from temple, etc., she now deserves to die and Sai should help her die peacefully in any corner. Sai says her wish will be fulfilled and asks her to prepare lamp wick. Woman says how can she. Sai teaches her. Woman says it is simple. Champa says she will get her mother’s sari for woman. Woman says she just wants to die.

At night, all disciples gather at Dwarkamayi to celebrate diwali. Champa brings woman after making her wear her mother’s new sari. Tatya says she is looking pretty in new sari. Woman says when she was young, her husband used to bring flowers for her and she used to look very beautiful. Jhipri fixes flowers in her hair. Sai asks woman to keep lighted lamps in whole dwarkamayi. Woman asks how can she and thinks even to die peacefully, she has to work. Sai says he will help her and she just has to keep lamps wherever he asks. She agrees and keeps lamps all around dwarkamayi. Sai guides her to keep final lamp guiding her, then says she lit whole dwarkamayi. Champa says same. Woman gets happy.

Sai asks woman if she has any wish. Woman says when Sai came to Rohata, she wished to see him once, but could not, now she is meeting him when she is blind, she just wants to see him once. Sai asks to bring back last lam p and guides her. She picks lamp. Lamp’s light transfers into her eyes. She drops lamps and shouts her eyes are burning. Sai holds lamp and asks her to open eyes and see him. She asks how can she and opens yes, she is surprised to see Sai. All disciples present are impressed with Sai’s kind act.

Precap: Sai invites woman for lunch. Woman says she will not eat without work and asks for work. Sai says he will eat whole food then. Woman thinks she thought he would give her work, but he is eating food silently.

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