Bigg Boss 12 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Romil becomes hero on diwali

Bigg Boss 12 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
Inmates wake up to song happy diwali. All hug each other.

Deepak gives a gift to Sree, Sree thanks him.

Jasleen says to Shiv that dont put egg in dish. Shiv says we won this egg. Jasleen says I dont like it, Shiv says its diwali. Jasleen says thats why I am even talking to you.

KV reads about diwali gifts, they all will get video message from their families. You will come to activity area and hear message. They all take a selfie from phone that Bigg Boss sent.

Dipika is straightening KV’s hear when inmates hear a message that ‘when I ask him to read a book, he becomes sleepy’. KV asks whose family is that? KV says its Shoaib for sure. Another message says that once you had light up all firecrackers.

Its from Shiv’s family member, all hug him. Shiv says I love you Neha didi. Surbhi says value of hearing family’s voice. Surbhi’s mother says that we miss you and you are very pretty. Surbhi cries. Rohit hugs her.

Bigg Boss asks KV, Shiv and Surbhi to come to activity area.
They come in activity area and sit. Bigg Boss says you heard a part of message from your families, only one will get a chance to hear complete message from their family member, you three have to mutually decide who that person will be from you three. All get emotional. Surbhi cries and says Shiv can hear it, you need it. Shiv says my parents didnt send message, its my sister, I am okay. KV says I am also okay with Shiv, Shiv says I am fine, look at Surbhi, she has always been protected by her brothers. Shiv says my choice is Surbhi, KV says my choice is her too. Surbhi says I have to listen to my mom. Bigg Boss thanks them and ask them to leave. Surbhi cries and thank them. KV is in tears and leave from there.
In house, Shiv says we cant tell. KV says we had to make a choice, only one can see the message. All inmates are tensed.
Surbhi’s mother message plays, her mother says we love you Shubu, we are missing you, we dont like to see you cry, wish you diwali, remain happy, we miss you but play well, keep it up, you are lioness. Video message from her mother, sister-in-law and nephew. Surbhi weeps and says I love you and miss you so much.

Surbhi goes to house. She hugs Shivashish and KV, while Karanvir sees his family photos and sheds a tear too.
Surbhi says to Shiv that I saw my mom, she said to not cry, she hugs him and says thank you. KV says its okay.
Romil says this is bad.
Shiv hugs Surbhi and have fist fight with her.

Jasleen hears her father’s singing. Jasleen cries and says we made it in my childhood. They hear Somi’s mother’s message that daughters are precious beings. Somi cries. Surbhi consoles her. Megha hears her daughter’s message that she is the best mother. Megha cries. Sristy hugs her and consoles her.

Bigg Boss summons Jasleen, Somi and Megha to the activity area. They have to decide one person. Somi says I want to take Jasleen’s name because she needs to see her father’s parents. Jasleen thanks her. Somi cries and says Bigg Boss I have to see my mom once, for one time only please. Megha says Somi is nominated so she might get to meet her parents but Jasleen needs it. They decide that Jasleen gets to see the video message. Jasleen cries and keep thanking them. Somi and Megha wipes her tears, Megha asks her to smile while seeing the message. They leave from there. Jasleen sees a video message from her father and other family members and breaks down. Her father says wish you happy diwali, we are missing you a lot, we watch you daily on TV, all relatives call after watching show, take care, bye. Jasleen cries and says I love you mom dad, I am so happy.

Surbhi says to Somi that you are strongest that you gave up for other. Jasleen comes home and thanks Megha, she says I love you. Megha says I love you too Jas. Jasleen hugs Somi and says I am so sorry. Somi says its okay, we knew your condition, we are a family here.

Deepak hears his father singing. Deepak smiles and gets emotional. All gather around him. They hear Sree’s wife telling him to keep up his spark. Then Rohit’s father message plays that he will make him proud.

Bigg Boss asks to choose one. In the activity area, Deepak, Sreesanth and Rohit sit down. Deepak asks Rohit to choose Sree, Sree says choose Deepak. Rohit and Sree choose Deepak, Deepak hugs them. It is decided that Deepak will get to see the video message. Deepak sees a video message from his parents and sisters and cries. His father says you are doing great, we dont have much but keep making us proud. His mother says when we saw your hand broke, we started crying. His sisters say that you always dreamed of this, we are proud to see you on this stage, video ends. Deepak cries and thanks Bigg Boss.

Deepak comes out and hugs Sree, he says I should be giving you gift but you gave me one. Suddenly they hear Shoaib’s message, he says darling I get happy seeing you happy. Dipika break downs and cries. Jasleen says his voice is romantic. Dipika says I love you Shoaib. Romil hears his wife’s voice to take care. Sristy hears her mother’s voice that you are looking pretty Guddo.

Dipika, Sristy and Romil comes to activity area. Dipika, Romil and Srishty are summoned to the activity area. Srishty, Dipika take Romil’s name. Romil says I think Dipika. Dipika says he left his kid, its important for him to get strength back. Sristy says we cant take his chance to see his kid. Dipika and Sristy leaves. Romil requests Bigg Boss to show Somi her message instead of showing him his message, he says my family is with me but she needs it a lot, I cant see her like that, she is broken. Bigg Boss agrees.
In house, Dipika cries, Romil comes out and says Somi is called inside. He says I dont know what happened.

Bigg Boss says to Somi that Romil sacrificed for you and asked to show you message, we cared for his emotions and agreed. Somi sees the message from her mother, brothers and sisters. Her parents say that she is looking good on show, we wish you happy diwali. Video ends. Somi cries.

Romil goes to washroom to cry. Somi goes and hugs Romil. He says what happened? Romil says its okay. Jasleen asks what happened? Somi says he sacrificed for me.
Romil goes and apologising Dipika, Srishty for not paying heed to their decision. Dipika says its okay.
Jasleen says to Surbhi that Dipika and Sristy might feel bad. Surbhi says they are mature and wont feel bad.
Romil says to Sristy that I am sorry, I saw Somi sad and I thought she needed motivation. Shiv says you should have discussed with them. Sristy says we just wanted you to see your kid. Romil thanks her.
Romil comes to Somi and says cry as much as you want now. He gets emotional too.

Somi says to Romil that you didnt do something easy. Romil says dont do this. Surbhi kisses his forehead. Somi says nobody did that special thing for me, thank you. Deepak looks on.

KV says to Sristy that Romil did right, its not easier to sacrifice, he thought about it, hatts off to him, this was the best moment of show, I give him tag of being great.

Romil goes to luggage room and cries holdind his baby’s toy. He says lions dont cry.

Deepak says to Romil that I needed that idea, you are getting attention which I needed, I dont need papa’s message. Rohit and Romil laughs. Deepak says my mind didnt work. Romil says I wish I thought about you and gave that idea to you. Deepak says I dont have a problem about parents, I could sacrifice for you, she was looking at Romil as a God, I needed it. Romil calls Somi and says Deepak gave me that idea. Somi says dont lie, if it was his idea then he would have done it. Romil says he wanted to hear about his grandfather passing but he gave me that idea. Somi says dont lie. Deepak says I wouldnt mind not seeing parents video, why didnt I get that idea? Somi laughs.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that we hope to make diwali special. We have called a numerologist. Numerologist Sanjay Jumaani enters the house. Sree touches his feet.

Sanjay advises Jasleen to give people ‘zor ka jhatka dheere se’, he says you are blunt but be careful, she thanks him and leaves. Jumaani tells Megha that your marriage would have fallen apart if you married earlier. Megha says I didnt marry but I was in a relationship in my teens and had a baby. He says that her 37th year, she may foray from Marathi to Hindi cinema.
Sristy says to Rohit that I will not talk to you anymore if you react bad way, you think I am in this show because of you? Rohit says I never said it, are you mad? I have been in show for 3 weeks. Sristy says if I get to know that you said it then it will not be very good. Rohit says I didnt say it, might be a joke. Sristy says did someone else say that I am in show because of being linked with you.
Sanjay says to Somi that you will see fame but there is a chance to lose that.
Rohit says to Sristy that someone said that I saved you. Sristy says I will tell a name and you tell if that person said it. She says Sree said it? he says hmm. Sristy says cant trust anybody here.
Jumaani tells Surbhi to stay away from his place of birth and the men whom she should stay away from.
Sanjay says to Sristy that friends can take advantage of your nice heart.
Sanjay tells Dipika that she achieve higher heights this year.
Sanjay says to Romil that you will go ahead in show.
He tells Karanvir he is playing a good game, you are calm and collected.
He tells Shivashish that he will be able to take the biggest jhatkas in life with ease. Sanjay says to Sree that I have a lot of people, you are humble, he tells Sreesanth that the year will be good for him and will be able to rebuild himself. Sree says what about cricket? Sanjay says be practical and focus on movies.

Sanjay leaves house.

Inmates eat sweets and start dancing to song. They all dance. Shiv strikes with Sristy and says sorry. They all dance to nacho jee pharke.

Surbhi says to Romil that you and me are in trouble because Deepak and Somi have a link. She says to Somi that people like to see these angles. Somi says please dont do it, I wont get married. Deepak says then get love married. Surbhi says love marriage is not one sided. Somi says we will fine a bride for him.

PRECAP- Deepak says to Romil that lets take KV out, he is strong.
Sristy says to KV that first take Megha’s help to take Romil and Somi out.
In captaincy task, Romil, Somi, Megha and KV are walking in a circle with bowls in their hands, they have to protect liquid in bowls from spilling.
Deepak says to Sree that lets take KV out.
KV throws Somi’s water, he throws Megha’s water. Megha throws his bowl too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. All housemates’ audio messages were played except KV’s.. this is utterly disgusting move by BB Editors team… Always unfair with KV WHY???

    1. Cos they are the slaves of Sreesanth.

    2. U know what..
      Ye log na edit bada karte h..

      When hina came in bb house for an episode she bashed and questioned deepak for his pooh comment when hina cried for sacrificing pooh in a particular task.. But bb makers didn’t even show that clip..

      Jasleen pe question karna and dpka pe question karna hina ka and un logo k response ye sabdikhaya qki abhi un logo ko negative dikhana h.. But deepak k sath hina ka jo bhi hua wo nhi dikhaya..

      1. I wanted to see what message KV got from his family but they didn’t show it.. it was quite upsetting… And by the way KV also has two little daughters so he could have got chance to watch video but neither Surbhi nor Shiv considered him.

      2. @vikas…
        Agreed… But kv got a chance to see a message from his dauhters and wife in a wkw task..

        So its justified to consider surbhi as she is a girl and that time she was feeling weak.. So

        The decision taken by them was good.. According to me..

    3. You people are always trying to make kv the victim?his message was the first one about not liking to read books lol he didn’t recognise his wife voice

      1. That’s it!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Not true…first audio was for kv…but he couldn’t figure it out….he said it must b sree’s wife not Teejay…ha ha ha..
      but m still KV fan..

      1. @Ezra..

        He was not faking his dumbness.. He is actually like this.. 🀣 πŸ˜‚

  2. Don’t worry Deepak, we know what you care about so you will be kicked out soon. Shameless thankless creature just like Shreeshanth
    How many times Sreesanth inaukts you and still u go behind him like a dog wagging tail.

    1. Bhai sab game h…
      Na deepak km h na sree kam h..

      Haan but difference is deepak kuch na hote hue bhi starting se har ek ko bully kar raha h..
      Matlab k liye sree k pass jata h..
      Sree toh shayad bohot km hi uske pass jata hoga khud se..

  3. Wow… What a tagline..
    ‘Romil becomes hero on diwali’
    By taking someone else opportunity and give it to some one..?
    Hero… My foot..
    Bhai apko dpka and sristy ne sirf aur sirf emotional ho k opportunity di thi bcz small kids n father ka relation baaki relations se zyada sensitive hota h..
    These two girls sacrificed their opporunity only for u..
    But unse opportunity le k somi ko dena konsa mahanta ka kaam ho gaya?
    Agar aap interested nhi they tph dpka and sristy se discuss karna tha na pehle..
    Somi jaisi bndi jo itna lad sakti h abhi usko family k msg delhne ki need h but what about dpka n sristy..
    Seriously such a double standard ppl..

    Yahin kaam agar kv or dpka ne kiya hota toh yahin log unhe fake bolte..

    Romil did it intentionally… Somi k lite sacrifice kar k.. Sry romil ne nhi dpka and sristy ki opportunity cheen k khud mahan ban gaya.. So that janta can give u lots of vote..

    Wow romil dil ka kitna accha h.. Dusron k liye kitna sochta h.

    1. same pinch. me b yhi bolna chahti thi. Romil is disgusting. i really hate this person.

    2. Agree with u.. just acting to be hero bcz he is nominated and he may get more votes by trying to act as ZERO…Sorry Hero..

    3. everybody did the same thing. they all wanted to look good so they were taking others names. Romil just went a step ahead and thought of his team. Agar Dipika aur sreity ko problem nahi he to tumhe kya

      1. @AM..

        I think u didn’t see episode?
        Romil didn’t discuss with sristy n dpka..
        Agar pehle bola hota tab wo hero hota..

        And baad m dpka and sristy ne kuch isoite nhi bola.. Cz they r matire enough to understand situation.. Baad m bol k khud hi bure bante and benefit toh tha nhi kuch..

      2. @AM..

        As u said.. Everyone did the samething..
        But i guess it all about situation..
        When kv rohit consider surbhi.. That was different situation.. She was feeling low, v got the chance alrwady in a wkw episode to see a msg, rohit entered late

        So to consider surbhi was justified

        To consider shiv was justified bcz he was feeling low too..

        To consider somi would be also justofied if romil discussed this thing to sristy and dpka.. And this is my only point..

        Bdw, u cant change my th8nking.. And i cant change ur think8ng too

      3. @AM…

        One more thing.. As u said.. If Dpka and sristy have no problem toh tumko kya..

        So i just want to say.. What they are doing with each other in bb house.. Usse humko kya?

        Y u r reading n writing comment here…?
        Y i am and all are commenting here..?
        R we getting anything?
        Still we are doing the same thing na..

        Jb apko comment read n write karne m even dusre log ek dusre k sath bb house m kya ksr rahe h usse problem nhi.. Then y u have problem with someone’s opinion?

    4. XYZ
      I know what a joke…kaha ka hero romil…inko bas free ke footage aur mhanta ka tag chaheye…he is nominated so he is just trying to do some extraordinary things to get as much limelight and sympathy as possible…its a trick to garner more votes…if somi was smart she would have thanked romil for his greatness and told bb to let romil watch his video…romil needed to think that two ppl sacrificed their chance so he could see his wife and kid…stupid idea..and what bullshit is this Deepak barking..momdad are not important..wo kal ke aye chokri jyada imp ho gye…ajj kal gadhon ko bhi hero banne ka bukhar chra hai..pehla romil aur dusra yeh deepak

      1. @sandeep..


    5. I wonder if it wasn’t any happy club member, what will BB say to tht contestant who sacrificed their chance??
      BB – ” ap aisa nhi kar sakte hai, uska ( other Contestant) mouka pehle hi khatam ho chuka hai…”
      We don’t know kya sochkar Romil did so..may b he really felt bad for Somi… But tht doesn’t make him a Hero on Diwali… For the first time I liked Surbi in an episode.
      And one more correction in telly update – Deepak didn’t give any gift to sree ,he gave back the stolen jail keys to sree only, for which sree thanked!

      1. @Ezra
        Ur BB part was too good.. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘

        And the best thing romil was thinking aboyt somi who had support of her real sister and the whole gang.. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

        But uska chota dimaag sristy k bare m nhi soch paya..

    6. @xyz. Absolutely right. Romil bht cheap hai. Ye sare hi aise h. Somi ko weak bhi dikha diya usne at the same time ki bhai ise nikalo bahar. Behan ko gye do hafte hue hain aur halat kharab.
      Koi mahaan kaam nhi kiya. Deepak ne khud bola later on ki ye idea use kyon nhi aaya. Use bhi somi ki nhi. Game ki padi hai. Ki zarurat k time romil ki jagah use bhagwan banna chaiye tha.
      Dramebaaz sare.
      Itna ghar ki yaad aa rhi h toh ghar pe raho. Happy club ne bakiyon ka jeena haram kr rkha h aur bade innocent dikha rahe h khud ko.
      Surbhi pehle kam gand macha rahi h jo family use lioness banne ki aur salaah de rahi h.

    7. Sandeep Virk

      I just thought that captaincy contendership is among romil somi megha kv…so it might be romils move to favour somi in today family video thing so she doesnt ask him to make a sacrifice for her tomorrow (in case a situation like that arises)…yeh banda sach mein khel gya somi ke sath mhanta ke nautanki karke…if anyone has to make a sacrifice tomorrow then it will be somis turn to return the favour…if not then romil to ese bhi mhanta ka tag le gya

      1. Exactly

      2. @sandeep…

        U got the point.. πŸ‘

  4. @ XYZ : get a life lady just coz u hate romil it doesn’t mean u taunt him , by doing this u are just showing your ill hatred towards romil

    1. @Airplane..
      U get a life…
      I have rights to like or dislike someone.. If u have problem then ignore my all comments..

      And by pointing me u are showing ur illmannered behaviour…. Huhhh…

      Romil is donkey..
      Kar lo ab jo karna h..
      I will do whatever i wants to do..


    2. And bdw… Its ur assumption that i hate romil..
      My hateness and liking will change as per the episode.. But i think u r kind of person who cant see ur fav. One’s faults.

    3. Sandeep Virk

      Sounds like a Romil fan here…I know your feeling and respect it..but if many of us differ with your view that doesnt mean you have to personally attack someone like this…there are many tags that romil is forcefully trying to achieve that may not be suitable due to the situation or the nature of the act…and today there was nothing heroic for which he should be given extra credit…it was a poor decision on his part…

      1. @sandeep. Completely agree. It ws shameless on his part. He should have discussed it with the two other girls.
        He is desperately trying to b mastermind n hero. But failed.
        Masterminds r nt necessarily cheap and cunning

  5. romil is hero off the day and one has to accept he has shown a big heart again ,ppl can hate him but can’t ignore him

    1. Hero…??

      Ha ha.. By bullying a lady. Who didn’t say a single bad word to him..
      A hero.. Who didn’t respect someone’s professuon and achievement…?
      Bhai aisa hero apko hi mubarak ho..

      1. *profession

    2. Same thing applies on sree deepak dpka surbhi kv somi… U can hate them but cant ignore them..

      Bhai agar episode m yahin log d8khenge tph ignore kya tv fod k ya serial band kar k karenge.. Ab episode m itna dikhenge tph chah k bhi ignore nhi na ho payega..

      1. Hahahahaha. Nice one xyz

    3. Very True bro….He should be appreciated for what he’s done it need guts man
      I already knew this was coming people will judge him but we have to support the right
      Romil is a true gentleman,he proved it from begining and won hearts

      1. Mmmmm… GUTS!!!!
        IF KV aur Deepika do same , Romil fans will say they r faking greatness…
        And BB himself will send them to jail and nominate for next elimination…
        What a partiality!!!!
        Apart from being cunning and instigating people, Has Romil ever done any masterstrokes to call him mastermind???
        Both teams do planing during tasks , but some celeb contestants like sree and jaz changes plans as per their stupidity… in Last two tasks they messed.. but Karan , Deepika , Megha didn’t change their wish and succeeded…. Where Happy club have same thinking most of the time and Romil is not doing anything special…

      2. @Ezra….

        Same views…

  6. lol on all romil haters

    1. Do u really think is season m koi bhi hate or like karne layak h?? πŸ€”

  7. Boring episode diwali thi instead of making it fun they made it into shoksabha with romil idiot still trying to play game and stole someone else chance to see their family kya banda hai ye mahaan banne ka itna hi shok hai to do it when you’re not doing it on other expense and deepika need to control on her alter ego and stop with her overacting ki dokaan and people have the nerve to compare her to hina like yeah she did xry too but she showed great deal of strong and graceful personality as well and kV WAAH Bhai apni hi biwi ki awaaz nai pehchaana lmao why these people are acting like they’re in tihar jail for 10 years on baseless reason and finally got to meet their family after 10 years emotional hona ek baat hai par itte share ansu aur shrieks?hahahah only megha sree and shiv seem to act appropriately rest of them were melodramatic, one more thing did rohit lied to shristy about sree and deepika?cause as I remember sree deepika and him weren’t friends to say that thing to him at that time

    1. @jagannath…

      Agreed to u.. πŸ‘

    2. @jagganth. Happy to see logical comments. I feel the same. These ppl aee getting paid to b on the show. Isliye sacrifice ki toh baat hi nhi aati. All this crying is full drama. Matlab the soldiers on our borders, woh for months nhi milte families se, while fighting for their country, unka aisa burst aayega samaj. Jabki woh bhi nhi aisa karte.
      So winner should be strong.
      Itne nanhe munhe bacche nhu h ye log to cry.
      Megha and shiv are the ones m liking as of now.

      1. @indian..

        Even i found megha n shiv the genuine one..
        Shiv na hi bhedchaal m chalta h na hi apni baat bolne se darta h..
        Jahan usey lagta h sree was in fault.. Wo clearly sree ko bolta h..
        And megha is a strong contender too..

        She proved herself in last three tasks…
        Without cheating.. And without playing dirty..

  8. I hate the bias towards KVB .not even an audio from his family .its freaking biased.I’m beginning to like surbhi.she may be loud and aggressive ,but she’s got a gud heart n is childish too.

    1. Smh the very first message about making him read books but he getting all sleepy while reading was kvs message he even said I don’t like to read but didn’t catchthat it was his wife voice

    2. @faty..

      Kv was not able to recognise his wife’s voice.. 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣

      1. @ XYZ what !OMG KV has really screwed up.don’t know to laugh or be sad.She must have really felt bad.I know salman will mock him for sure on weekend kavaar.

    3. The very 1st audio was for kv he didn’t realise that’s he was called to task room with surbi and shiv

  9. people calling a pure emotion as fake # such a ill hatred towards romil unnecessarily when biggboss were focusing on that loser sree all were involved in herd ,now romil did a heroic work then these jokers will name it as selfish act for votes # pea sized brains losers always complaints rather than appreciating #lol on all kv and romil haters # go graze your useless brains you all mofos lol

    1. With due respect .I’m not neither hate nor like romil but credit him when he does anything gud n feels sad when he does otherwise but pls we all are matured,this isn’t required .everyone has a right to like n dislike anybody but at least there shld be sanity in d abuses n language we use.its uncalled advice .do not attack me .we shldnt allow emotions over cloud our sense of reasoning n objectivity.

  10. awesome tag line # let haters repent hahahah

  11. Well for me whatever romil did was a very calculative move…….bcoz the reason he gave was not done…….just bcoz he feels that somi is missing her family doesn’t mean that anybody else is not missing them…… today deepak’s true face was revealed…….all of his tears for his parents were just as fake as him bcoz during romil rohit n his convo he clearly said that he was not willing to meet his parents that much……so deepak u r fake not dipika……he is absolute crap…..
    Dipika n shiv’s voice messages were damn cute……..
    I was shocked that kv couldn’t even realise his wife’s voice……
    I find someone mocking @xyz here so plz its good to counter but in a healthy way…….
    I don’t think that many would fall for romil’s so called kindness n heroism……..

    1. @Nandini..

      Exactly.. It was a calculative move..

      Somi k sath saba thi.. Uski sister.. And support of 4 ppls.. I guess saba ko eliminate hue abhi 2-3 weeks hi hue honge..

      But sristy was all alone.. So she needs to get msg more than somi

      But thanks for the support.. 😘😘😘😘

  12. Bhai Romil tune sachmuch dil jit liya aj
    Shiv u impressed me first with your choice then with your conversation with Rana jii
    All those who were saying that Happy Club won’t get any footage from now may have got their answer, they don’t need it they are naturally good
    It was dipika and shrishti’s call to give it to Romil and his call to give it to his friend Somi as simple as that he said that he may get weakened if he sees the msg which he don’t want to what’s wrong in that??
    He couldn’t argue coz of OJ’s swear didn’t want to waste the chance and gave it to Somi
    Is it a bigg crime??
    The end convo of happy club especially deepak reaction was hilarious

  13. KV baits Kahin pit na jaye ghar jane pe… He couldn’t identify his wife’s voice.. Maybe like Salman once said about husbands who are outside being happy he should have also added inside husbands are also enjoying πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
    On a serious note Teejay’s voice sounded different to me as well maybe coz of the alteration …but again I am not her husband πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    1. When KV didn’t recognize his wife’s voice I got convinced that he does n’t act dumb but is actually dumb. Now I am convinced that purea time acting nai karta ye banda πŸ™‚ KV fans please I told that on lighter note.

      1. @hope…
        Ha ha…
        Exactly.. 🀣

  14. I don’t understand why Romil giving his chance to Somi is not fair according to many. Man it is not needed that we should make issue out of each and every situation. If other two people decided to sacrifice for Romil and gave him chance…… it is only Romil’s thing. He wanted to give away his chance, he did. If that was emotional- very good, if it was calculated he is playing. Both ways it is justified, sab game kly hi hai udhar. If two people who sacrificed for him even they talk, it is not worth it. Once you have given away something to someone don’t count on it. Thank god those two people had no problem with it.
    Romil is clever, agreed. But he never questioned Surbhi when she chose him for her fish punishment, given he is vegetarian. He has been loyal to his group and has shown his committed nature, many a times.
    Moreover I don’t know why anyone would be so emotional or behave as if they are giving away life by giving up a chance to talk to family. Don’t actors and other professionals too stay away from family for months or may be year. Before anyone would say you can talk over phone, bhai aam janta kly 2000 se pehle call rate barea mahenge thea. Chill it is three months show, life long nai hai.
    Though Deepak is annoying nowadays as he doesn’t know how to make fake love angle look genuine but i love his sarcasm. He has that funny bone.
    I could not comment yesterday but many people were ki KV ko personal nai jana chahiye tha. Question is why Sree brings up same cricket thing again and again to gain sympathy after he thinks he did something wrong. He was talking to megha about Tihar and all. Boss you use something to look like victim, people use same thing against you. Don’t bring up anything about the topic you don’t want to be discussed.

    1. So much in love with your comment. ❀
      I too feel Romil is committed to his group which makes him a father figure. And Deepak’s sarcasm is awesome , trust me. πŸ˜‚
      I really like Surbhi nowadays, she has a softer side hidden beneath the skin of roughness .
      And Romil didn’t give the chance to anyone else, he used it for his friend . :’) who says men don’t cry ?
      KV – He titled Romil mahan, that was anothere greatness from KV.

  15. Sacrifice toh megha ka hai n dat too without any drama!

    1. @indian..


      I was thinking the same… Cz she is a single parent so she really needs to talk to her kid…

  16. BB called only celebs relative to defend their contestants in house. BB just gave chance to come back to two celebs. Yes I too wonder will BB give that chance to happy club.

  17. Wow! Irrespective of what we feel, Romil’s move was a productive one for him…he gained a lot of respect from emotional fools like KV!!! But I found him quite stupid…what kind of a mastermind is he, if he didn’t use this opportunity to come across as a fair and balanced man?!! And yes, he should have discussed it with Shrishti and Deepika first. Shrishti needed the solace of the video more than anyone else.
    KV, I loved you since your first serial. But you have lost a fan in me, hate what you are portraying yourself to be….sad way to behave!

  18. @XYZ : you do whatever u can to hate romil # but he is a golden man in bb house # seeing your comments you are just here to hate a particular house mate and cheering for waterfall dipika lol

    1. @Airplane…

      U dont need to tell for what i am here..
      I think u r here just to spread negativity…
      Aur shayad dikhta bhi apko kam hi h..
      You know what u r making fun of urself…

      I am cheering for deepika….?
      Bhai abhi tak toh kabhi cheer kiya nhi dpka ko..
      Aur ajb kiya bhi hoga toh wo desreve karti hogi..

      Bdw.. I am proud of my choice.. I am proud of my opinion..
      Atleast i am not like u.. Who supports wrong things..

      Aur haan ek aur line le lo..

      Do whatever u want to do men.. But dont trouvle ur mother men… πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    2. Sandeep Virk

      I’m sorry to say it but this Airplane dude seems like a member of happy flappy club…I’m really trying to rationalize his/her comments but this person is not keeping up a healthy convo…dude we are not Romil haters but audience…so we will commend or criticize each player based on their every day decisions…there was a time I used to like and defend sree but now I kinda hate him for his very recent activities etc…I thought dipi was a potential top three in the first few weeks looking at her bold arguments and performance but then I changed my mind as she fell off the scale…so we here are not targeting your happy club or romil bhaiya but just trying to see the flip side of the coin which you as a fan may not wana look at…and today I might call romil myself a hero if he gives up captaincy for somi (if he is asked to make that choice) cuz it was easier to pass on the chance that he got yesterday as a free bonus (to watch family video)…real mhanta is today..
      Make your sister somi the captain cuz that’s what she has been wanting to do since day 1

      1. He did leave captaincy for Surbhi once aur tabhi Romil itna strong tha bhi nai. Leaving captaincy for somi will be wrong as abhi if voting is a real thing she will be out this week. Rest three are stronger than her

  19. Prof. Deendayal sharma

    Vote Dumbo Romil out of the show. Happy club backbone will break. They will run around like headless chickens. Jack asses

    1. At least you admitted that he is backbone of his team. Wolf pack has no one who really holds the team. Today I liked Dipika’s calculated move too where she told I don’t mind if I don’t become captain. I won happy club trust and that will be useful in long run. She also favored KV openly. Good move for the game

  20. Romil is a punk

  21. Romil has a heart of gold. Made me emotional.

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