Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi invites King’s family for Diwali Celebration

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya arguing. Abhi says you would have gone to ganga and take bath. Pragya says your mind goes in one direction. King comes and asks which way? Abhi says Pragya’s way. He tells that Pragya is troubling him. I am joking and she is taking seriously. King says strange, she takes your joke seriously and takes my serious talks in humour. He asks did you do puja with Tanu? Tanu takes out her anger in the room and throws the things. She keeps hand on the candle and thinks of Pragya’s words that she will have kumkum of his name always. Aaliya comes and sees her hand on the candle. She takes her hand off the candle and asks if she has gone mad? Tanu tells that Abhi gave her pain and says everything is finished, I will finish too. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says

Pragya kept fast for Abhi and not for King. She says Abhi has broken her fast with his hand. She says I am his wife and it is my right, but Pragya snatched my rights from me. Aaliya asks her to calm down and says I am with you. Tanu says you can just give me sympathy and says you said that you will handle, but what did you handle? She says this was the last chance to get Abhi, but Pragya snatched it from me. She says I will snatch her everything. She says Pragya came to get Abhi. She says Abhi is my everything, and not money, Nikhil etc. She says I will do everything to save him from Pragya and says he is just mine. Aaliya says Bhai is just yours and pacifies her with a hug. Tanu cries.

King thanks everyone for inviting them and says they will leave now. He thanks Abhi and says they will throw Diwali Party this year. Taya ji asks them to come over to their place as they celebrate Diwali nicely. Tarun says we shall come. Abhi says we shall celebrate together. Dadi and Dasi ask them to come. King says we will reach. Abhi looks at Pragya as she is leaving. Pragya also looks at him. He thinks Pragya is still wearing my ring and thinks she told everything with her silence.

Sunny calls Kiara and tells that our parents are friends, and we shall celebrate Diwali with them. Kiara says yes. Sunny says we will wear similar color dress and says it will be best diwali. Disha and Purab hear her. She thinks to tell Abhi about Kiara being his daughter. Sunny ends the call. Aaliya asks Tanu to calm down and sleep. Tanu says I will not leave her, will kill her. She says my Abhi is just mine, sleeps. Aaliya thinks Tanu is very angry and the evening will not end without she do something. She thinks to keep eye on her.

Pragya wakes up after seeing Abhi’s dream. She wakes up calling him maskhaara. Kiara says good morning and asks what did she say? Pragya tells that maskhaara is naughty like you. Kiara says she will call her superman maskhaara.

Pragya thinks if that day will come when she comes to know that our superman is same.

Abhi is dreaming about Pragya when Disha comes to room and says good morning. Abhi takes coffee and drinks. Disha says you didn’t refuse today. Abhi says there is no use. He says I have to go to Kiara’s house with Sunny. Disha says very good and says Kiara is coming to our house in the evening for Diwali. Abhi asks her to invite her parents. Disha says she has already invited them. Abhi says I always thought to meet her mum. Disha says you will meet her for forever. She thinks vanvas is finished. Purab, Disha and Neha are doing Diwali arrangements. Dadi scolds the decorator and asks him to decorate more flowers as Pragya likes it. She asks Mitali to decorate the house. Dasi asks Servant if Pragya’s favorite food is ready. Bahadur says yes. Tanu hears her.

Aaliya comes and asks her how are you feeling now. Tanu goes angrily. Aaliya thinks I shall not leave her alone. Disha tells Neha that they shall finish the rangoli later. Neha asks if Pragya di likes it. Disha asks Tarun will like it. Aaliya asks her to come to room. They hear Dasi and Dadi talking about Pragya’s liking. Tanu scolds the Servant angrily. Disha says today is auspicious day and asks her to behave nicely with everyone. Tanu says everyone is of Pragya’s choice and says nothing is auspicious here. She says she will not celebrate and asks her not to talk to her. Aaliya asks Disha not to feel bad and says Tanu is unwell.

Kiara calls Abhi. Abhi says hello my fake daughter. Kiara asks if he didn’t miss her. She says she came to meet him with Sunny, but he was not at home. She asks about Mitali and Neha. Abhi says he went to bring Neha. Kiara says you don’t love me. Abhi says I love you the most. Kiara asks what about the girl who shares space with me. Abhi says more than her and says I called you, but your phone was not connecting. Kiara says my phone was not working then. She says Sunny told that he has invited her parents and says we all will be together. Pragya hears them and thinks they don’t know that they are related. Kiara says she likes bomb (cracker) and tells that her mum is afraid of it. She tells about the incident. Pragya smiles. Abhi also smiles. Pragya thinks last time in school, I have hidden Kiara’s truth from him, how to stop now. She thinks I can’t tell her that I can’t take there.

Tanu gets her earring stuck with abhi’s clothes. King asks Abhi to talk to friends. Abhi falls on Pragya and sees sindoor on her maang.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Marie Raphael

    This time around i’m rooting for Taun, I hope she succeed in everything she plans to do, for Pragya dishonestly, not wanting Abi to find out Kiara is his daughter, fooling around keeping fast for ABI, despite claiming she is nothing like Tanu. AND WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO FAST FOR A MAN LONG LIFE AFTER HE EMBARRASS YOU IN PUBLIC, INFRONT HIS FAMILY MEMBER AND MARRIED THE WOMAN DESPITE KNOWING WHAT SHE DID OR WHATEVER.
    I hope tanu succeed. If Pragya is so concern about her daughter what is she still mingling around ABI. Gosh,In the name of love from heart she want to risk her daughter life, her own life, kings life geez. when will it stop, King is a nice man he shouldn’t be caught in the middle of pragya hidden truth, and abi, they should fkn man up and tell him the truth and reason they separate. simple as that, end of story.

    1. Just some thoughts Marie. First, Tuna fish is a proven thief, liar and murderer. Multiple times. She should be dead or in jail. Pragya suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. That means it is possible that she has adopted some of her abusers behaviours. Pragya’s lies are a defence although rather misbegotten, against the murderers Tuna fish, Aliyah and Nikhil.
      Secondly, there is another awards ceremony coming. Tuna fish actress has been nominated. Tuna fish appears to be favoured by the producer and writers. Tuna fish is being given a more sympathetic image. On purpose. Not for the story. There is no real story here. Not for her acting abilities, which remain highly questionable. There is a lot of celebrity politics here. Please don’t be fooled by the politics. The character of Tuna fish is ugly and already fully dehumanised. Like a little toy doll well past it’s prime and very much broken. You pull it’s string so it will talk and that mechanism is broken. Now it just makes funny noises and belongs in the garbage. But… maybe this actress will get her sought after prize because the producer and her crew are working hard to find sympathizers for this actress.

    2. Marie, that’s what I’ve been saying long time now. Pragya is just like Tuna aka Tanu.. She says that she doesn’t want Abhi but she’s cavorting all over the damn place with him… I’ve tried to be careful in my criticism of her but I know what more I can say about her but not here.. She’s like a villian now and I endorse your entire comment… After all the effing times of emotional abuse from Abhi and made to look like a piece of garbage, she soon forgets and falls in his arms again?? That’s battered women’s syndrome I tell you!! Like there’s no other man in this world, she got a good man like King but she can’t see him for his worth…. She effing fasting for him my foot!! Some people really don’t know what is right under their nose you know… So what if she has a child for Abhi? That doesn’t mean that you go back to him… King treats her like a queen but she can’t see it… What a sad state Pragya is in!! She’s a bad role model for any young woman… Kick me, beat me, cheat on me, do whatever you want with me and I’ll still love you and come back to you!! That’s Pragya in essence… Today once again I agree 100% with all comments on the forum… Go to hell Pragya, you deserve no man… You have no self respect for yourself so no one can give it to you…

  2. Why did I even come back? Crap. Everything is crap. Does pragya even know the spelling of self respect? No. I am sure. She doesn’t even know what it is let alone having some. That man actually forced himself on her and yet she is shedding happy tears. Can’t she stand for herself for once? Just once? Urgh… I’m fed up with her ever forgiving nature… Well it’s stupidity actually. And abhi, that pathetic pig, how dare he takes rights on pragya? Where did all that possessiveness go while throwing her out of his life? Did he juz stop there? No. He married the bithc tanu. Did he stop there? No. He condemned everyone in the house from even taking pragya’s name. Did he stop at least there? No. Shifted to Delhi to not be reminded of pragya. I can tell more but I m not gng to bother myself with the shit he already did… Coz there’s more coming. Who knows? He might either misunderstand kiara’s identity or file a custody case if he understands. Either way it’s win win for him. And poor pragya is losing again. I wouldn’t be surprised if kiara’s truth didn’t come out in this diwali party. These ppl love to drag it. They just want to frustrate us. Fine. Do whatever u want to. But pls let king out of this mess. I thought he is not as dumb as pragya or abhi… But no, seems that he also needs straight answers and hints r not enough. He can’t figure out abt pragya nd abhi guys. Means, he is sweet, caring, loving, and nonsuspicious. Prabably all characteristics to be the next victim. And there r already enough victims in the show. So It’s better to tell him straight and get done. Save him that heartbreak of discovering the truth himself in an ugly way. Pls, that man isn’t a bit responsible for all this. LET HIM ALONE. HE f**kING LOVES PRAGYA AND KIARA SO MUCH. DON’T BETRAY HIM WOMAN. IF YOU CAN’T LOVE HIM BACK IT’S OK PRAGYA,BUT PLS DON’T PLAN TO HAND KIARA TO ABHI BEHIND HIS BACK. THAT BECHARA WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT.

    1. Yes, Pragya is practically spending time with Abhi and king can’t understand what is going on. Has he become so dumb too?? Things really need to be spelt out for him… If you woman spending so much time with another man, isn’t that enough reason to question her doing? Anyways.. This is the demagogue Ekta’s world, messy characters are allowed…psychos and murderers are allowed too… This serial should just end, once upon a time there used to be endless comments here now it’s so desolate except for the few of us who come here to chat bit… I agree with your comment..

  3. You guys are right… Pragya should dump abhi and move on with king.. He is a thorough gentleman… But before that she should tell abhi where exactly he belongs after the way he had dumped here.. Tanu and aliya should pay for all the evil that they have done, only can we say that justice has been done. At the same time why is tanu being so dramatic she is getting the same what she did to pragya years ago, so why the Melodrama. Please end this serial once and for all…

  4. Wait who forced himself on pragya

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