Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaushalya stops the weddings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking are you fine Kaushalya. Kaushalya says you had murder blame on you, you were in jail, we believed you, now I understand, we are told that you and Raman stayed in hotel, sorry, Rohan and Karan’s marriages won’t happen. Ishita says you are mistaken, police released me when the real murderer was caught. A lady asks about Aaliya’s saree. Mani says she has worn Ishu’s bridal saree. The lady says Mani is mad, he can’t see how they got Ruhi wear a designer lahenga and Aaliya got the old saree, I feel bad for Mani. Mani says I pity your thinking, Aaliya regards Ishita as her mum, Ishu is a woman of substance, I respect her and I m proud of her. Raman says I m sorry. The man says we didn’t come for getting insulted. Mani asks them to leave. Ishita says

we couldn’t tell anyone as we didn’t wish to take risk. Kaushalya says you should have told us, this is a big issue for us.

Shagun says listen, you are over reacting. Kaushalya says I was quiet on mehendi day, I have seen Raman’s friends, I didn’t say anything, I can’t ruin the lives of my sons in haste, they don’t do these marriages, sorry, this relation can’t happen. Pandit asks grooms and brides to stand for the rounds. Raman, Mani, Rohan look for Ishita, Shagun and Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I m here, there will not be any rasam now, you both come with me, there will be no wedding. Raman says we are going forth with it. He asks what happened, I apologize if anyone told you something. She says we will not stay here anymore, everything is ruined. She says Ishita was in jail last night. They get shocked. Karan says Ishimaa can’t be wrong. Listen to her once. Mani says I m sure.

Ishita says Vijendra and Sudha trapped us, I m saying the truth. Rohan says yes, Sudha has been trying to create a misunderstanding between the two families, so that this wedding is called off, I trust Raman and Ishimaa. Kaushalya argues. Aaliya and Ruhi look on. Kaushalya asks do these girls matter more than me, fine I will leave. Mani asks her to think about their daughters. He begs her. Aaliya stops Mani and says no need to beg her, I was happy before and I m happy even now, I don’t want to marry a guy whose mum doesn’t respect my mum, please come. Ruhi says yes, we won’t be there where our parents aren’t respected. Ishita says yes, we are giving our daughters, it doesn’t mean we will bend down, they deserve more respect than this. Raman cries. Sudha asks is the action on. The man says yes. She says this will be Raman’s doom, just do as I say. Aaliya says we will not tolerate our parents’ insult.

Ruhi says Ishimaa has told the reason to us already, they didn’t let us know that they are dealing with big stress, they love us a lot, they can’t be wrong. Aaliya says if you couldn’t understand this, it shows you are insensitive. Kaushalya asks what, Rohan did you see how rudely she is behaving with me, do you want to marry her even now. Rohan says yes, I want to marry Aaliya, I didn’t find anything wrong. Karan says sorry mom, I agree with them, they just took stand for their parents, they didn’t insult you, I m proud of them.

Kaushalya asks will you both insult me for them. Rohan says Aaliya didn’t disrespect you. He says Aaliya, I m sure everything will be fine when mom’s anger calms down, we should complete the rituals. Ruhi says no, we should wait for her approval. Ishita says your sons are wise, they love you a lot, you can either build their lives or ruin, decision is yours, trust your children if you can. Rohan says I love mum a lot, I love Aaliya equally, so these weddings will take place. He asks Aaliya to come with him. Karan takes Ruhi. The man sends an envelope for Kaushalya. Waiter passes it. The man smiles. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Rohan says so sorry pandit ji, start the marriage rituals. Kaushalya says wait a min. She asks what’s all this, what do you want to say about it Raman. Rohan asks what’s in these papers. Kaushalya says every Bhalla member has shares of Bhalla company, except Aaliya, she has nothing on her name. The man says I have done the work. Sudha says great, it means the stage is set for my entry. Kaushalya says the truth is out, I thought you regard Aaliya your daughter. Shagun says Raman loves Aaliya a lot. Mani says yes. Kaushalya says I can see, that’s why Aaliya has worn an old saree and Ruhi has worn an expensive lahenge. Mani says its Aaliya’s choice. Kaushalya says I can clearly see the partiality. Rohan says Aaliya and I don’t have interest in Bhalla company shares, I m capable myself. Kaushalya says I have to expose this fake family.

Ishita says you are right, Ruhi and Aaliya should have equal shares, Raman will name shares to Aaliya. Sudha asks what will Raman say, he is not in a position to say anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The beggar Kaushalya turned empress?

  2. What a b*t*h Kashulya!!

  3. Rhythm Agarwal

    I, am 21 and I don’t have a boyfriend how come Ruhi can marry in Yong age.

    1. I’m 22. I have a one year daughter. Tomorrow is my second anniversary.

  4. LMAO is this the same woman who was supposedly sick???? She has regain her composure in a jiffy though. She is not interested in Aliya’s happiness she is interested in her bank balance she is a blo*dy gold digger this wedding should not take place. One can clearly see trouble is brewing Raman and Ishita should cut and run the hell outta there.

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