Mere Sai 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhipri’s Kind Act

Mere Sai 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahdev’s sister asks what happened to him. He says he does not know, he just wants to be alone. She suggests to meet Sai as he will solve his problem. Sahdev says he does not want to meet anyone. Sister gets worried for him and thinks only Sai can help Sahdev.

Sai prepares bhajia/fritters while Udhav and Pari watch him. Pari cracks a joke and laughs. Jhipri comes with decorated lamps and says she decorated them, she sells lamps during every deepavali and earns good money, she learnt preparing lamp to light dwarkamayi and Sai lit lamps with water. Pari says she will decorate dwarkamayi with Rangoli this diwali, Udhav says he will light lamps, Jhipri says she will light chandelier. Pari asks why they celebrate diwali. Sai describes reason behind it, how goodness won over evil, says

evil Ravan is within all of us and it depends on us whether they want to wake him up or depress him by fighting their drawbacks. Pari asks how to depress her inner Ravan. Sai suggests to call Ram then. Paria asks how. Sai says Ram stays in good thinking, they should help others and share their happiness and sorrows, they should fill their heart with so much love that there is no place for evil. Jhipri says she has to go to market to sell lamps and will meet Sai later. Udhav asks if they can accompany Jhipri didi. Sai permits. They leave for market with lamps.

Jhipri with Udhav and Pari reacxhes market and asks them to watch market while she sells her lamp. They shop sweets and enjoy. Jhipri sells lamps and sees a blind woman selling lamp. Customers buy Jhipri’s decorated lamps and ignore blind woman’s lamps. Jhipri sells all her lamps while no one buys blind woman’s lamps. A man insults blind woman that her lamps are really bad, nobody will a single paisa for them. Woman cries that she is blind and needs money. A few women also insult blind woman and walk to Jhipri. Jhipri says she has only few lamps left, so they can buy from that woman. Women say blind woman’s lamps are bad. Jhipri says they should buy lamps from that old woman and spread happiness in festival. Woman yells to buy blind woman’s lamps herself. Jhipri says Sai says whoever tries to work hard, one should help them. She buys all lamps but gets sad seeing them in bad shape.

Jhipri with Udhav and Pari returns to Sai and says she sold all her lamps and bought these misshaped lamps to help blind woman. Sai praises that she is kind hearted and helped blind woman, don’t know what blind woman was going through and came to market top sell lamps, blind woman can have food today.

Old woman reaches temple and eats food from her bag thinking she can have stomach full because of that girl, may god help her. Sai notices her and smiles.

Precap: Blind woman sits under tree. Sai waters plant in dwarkamayi and it reaches woman.

Update Credit to: MA

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