@Sunday Taneja Mansion.

At dinning table everyone sitting for breakfast while twinkle in kitchen today she making breakfast no work so.
Ammar playing with spoons making noise fuzail and Rt laughing at him.

Ammar:MAA come fast na I’m so hungry.

Twinkle:from kitchen yup I’m coming baby.

Twinkle come out of the kitchen with breakfast she placed on table.

Fuzail:yum smell toh. Twinkle served them breakfast she sit beside ammar.

Ammar: I’ll not give my pan cakes to anyone get it. He take the plate.

Twinkle:haa ammar first you have Than even give them too you’ll not have this all hardly you have anything but doing drama.

Ammar:offo mamma I’ll not give because I’ll take for my dost that’s why he always give me gifts and all’s even I too wanted I’ll make him have world best pancakes made by my mamma..

Twinkle: okay mere baap she cupped his face. First have your breakfast than I’ll pack for your dost.

Fuzail: see di after his new dost rockstar forget me also😂😂.

Ammar:nope maamu you are my favorite woh toh you busy in studies so I’ll play with him.

Leela:he come always??

Ammar:not daily but he come to meet with me after my school and when we have holiday than we meet in park.

Rt:your dost don’t have any work he is so free.

Ammar:hoo😛😛no nanu my dost going office like mamma.Now let me complete my breakfast. Twinkle feeding him while he making faces she just filled in his mouth.

Twinkle:ammar if you don’t have your meal properly I’ll not let you go anywhere.

Ammar:mamma if I eat more I’ll become fat.

Twinkle:aaye bada fat hone wala.After breakfast twinkle went in her room she get busy in her work ammar to come her.

Ammar: mamma I’m going okay don’t worried about me I’ll come.

Twinkle:bas bas go and come soon.She kissed on his cheeks. Ammar take his bagpack and he left.

At park kunj and Yuvi or Romir waiting for ammar.Soon ammar come kunj see him. He coming from far while coming he looking kunj see himself in him.Sometimes this make him confused and surprised too how can someone same to same him.

Ammar:hi guys and dost.

Kunj:hi finally you come.

Yuvi:you make us wait lot today.

Kunj: it’s okay. Now come if we get late than we can’t go.

Ammar:yes yes let’s go.They sit in car Romir and ammar in backseats Kunj on driving seat.Soon they reached water park there numbers of rides and gaming some other things as well.They take their tickets and went inside.Aditi was there only.

Kunj: you here how??

Aditi: you both didnot in formed me so I come Itself hi pidhi..

Ammar:hi pink panther 😛😛. Yuvi and Kunj giggles.

Aditi: shut up she sit on her knees and pulled ammar cheeks whose devil blood you are I wanted to meet your parents.

Ammar:haa whatever.Dost let’s go.He hold kunj hand don’t come to my dost get it Fevi kwik.

Aditi:wait I’ll not leave you.Ammar run.

Kunj:ammar wait you will lost here kunj went and hold his hand tightly. In which ride we’ll go.

Romir:in tea cup.They went and sit enjoy the ride ammar and Romir laughing and enjoying.Yuvi and Aditi sharing eye locks.
After this they went sit in other rides too.

Ammar:dost I wanted to go in bump it boats.

Kunj:okay boss.Kunj and ammar sit in one boat while Yuvi and Romir Yuvi gesturing Aditi come and sit with them she immediately go and sit. In water boat riding Yuvi and Aditi romancing Yuvi hold Aditi hand tightly and kissed on her cheek she look at him and yuvi make puppy face.

Ammar:dost maza aarah hai na..

Kunj:haa.kunj and ammar laughing to see others kids they making scary faces. Kunj and ammar drive and leave Romir boat behind. This ride too End.

Yuvi:kunj let’s sit in roller coaster.

Kunj:Yuvi we come here for kids not for us. They will not allow in this.

Yuvi:so what I wanted to go.

Kunj: you go I’ll sit with them here.

Yuvi:superb aaja Aditi we’ll go.They both went while ammar and Romir in some other ride kunj sitting In side keep eyes on them he clicking their pictures. Aditi and yuvi sit in roller coaster.

Yuvi:don’t be scared.

Aditi:Yuvi you think about you not me.. 😛. Fuss like your son.

Yuvi:whatever. Ride start Yuvi hold Aditi hand and she was laughing at him like anything.

Aditi:don’t be I’m here only.She hold his hand tightly and kissed on his cheeks both enjoy the ride with cute moments..
After sometimes later.

Ammar:uff I’m tired.

Kunj:so soon mr ammar.

Ammar:no fully.

Yuvi: I’m hungry.

Romir: me too.

Aditi:let’s go and have something. They went while ammar hold kunj hand take him in side. He make him sit and he too.

Kunj: what happened??

Ammar:sit I have something for you.

Kunj:what?? Ammar take out box from his bag and show kunj. Box for what.

Ammar: you closed your eyes.

Kunj: why??

Ammar:close na dost. He closed his eyes ammar take the piece of pancake open your mouth Kunj open ammar put In his mouth now eat. Kunj munching and he open his eyes.

Kunj:pan cakes..


Kunj: aww it’s my one of the favorite favorite. Kunj take another bite he stop and think something it’s so tasty but exactly like twinkle. Who make this??

Ammar:my mamma she is best in pancakes and it’s my favorite so I’ll bring for you. Ache nahi hai kya dost.

Kunj:nahi nahi really yummy after years I eat pancakes exactly like I wanted. Bas keshi ki yaad aagi after have this

pancakes thanks for this he kissed on his cheeks.Don’t tell about this to Yuvi he’ll have whole.

Ammar: okay.

Kunj:I don’t like to share my pancakes with anyone.

Ammar:same pinch😛😛.hide this in your bag I’ll take afterwards okay.Ammar put the box in bag and they went to them. They were sitting.They both too take seats beside them.

Yuvi: what you will have pidhi.

Ammar: whatever pink panther will have😝.

Aditi:acha Okay.Aditi give oder.Soon their food come.She oder noodles.Ammar having itself but making his clothes dirty can’t eat properly half of noddles falling on his clothes.

Kunj:ammar wait. You don’t know how to have food.

Ammar:nope I never eat Itself.

Romir:I know 😎.. Mahi call come Yuvi didn’t talk to her he just give to Romir he talk to her. Kunj feed ammar noddles.

Ammar: uff it’s so spicy mamma pani pani. His mouth burning.

Kunj:haa where is water.He went bring water tears coming from ammar eyes.

Ammar:paniiiii.. Kunj make him drink water he choke Kunj patting on his back.

Kunj:bas bas Kunj wiped his tears and see his face become red. I’ll bring something sweet for you. He bring ice dream for him after ice cream ammar become normal.

It’s really this much spicy. Kunj try and look at Aditi.Aditi its really spicy..

Aditi:kunj you eat very light and he too. And I didn’t make this..

Kunj:still.Now you are okay na ammar he nodded his head in yes.. after food Romir and ammar run to rain dancing there everyone dancing water showering on them.

Yuvi: aditi lets go and dance in water what’s say.

Aditi:Yuvi don’t dare to forget kunj is here only.Romir and ammar dancing in rain dancing.Kunj making their videos.They see other couples and even they too dancing like them.While they three of them laughing at them.Romir pulled them too. They too dancing and cherish all these moments.They sit in water roller coaster. They hooting and when water splash on their face it’s making more enjoyable.

At other side twinkle thinking about kunj.

She busy in her thoughts there mehar come and sit beside twinkle.

Mehar:what’s going on.

Twinkle:haa nothing. Twinkle holding baby clothes mehar see and remember something it’s same baby clothes which years back kunj gifted small ammar.

Mehar: still you have this baby clothes.

Twinkle:hmm just keeping inside the wardrobe.

Mehar: why?? She take in her hands you know twinkle this kunj bring for ammar because mistakenly coffee fall on ammar clothes so he bring new one..


Mehar:surprise and happy still you have this.Twinkle Kunj is not that much bad see na you misunderstood him.

Twinkle:right but only this time what he have done with me in past that I’ll not forget.You know mehar now ammar started asking about his father.He feel bad when he see others kids with their father because he don’t have father that craving for Papa I can see on his face.. because of kunj he too suffering.

Mehar:Twinkle very kids wanted Papa.

Now you make any excuses what about afterwards you can’t.

Twinkle:what can I do in this I try to give him both mamma and Papa love but he wanted Papa too.

Mehar:I can understand you twinkle.It’s quite natural.You don’t worry.

Twinkle:I never thought this will happened mehar.When we get married we don’t have very good relationship but we have friendships understand each other’s without telling anything Bebe whenever talk about babies me and kunj always think about us.He love kids. Twinkle laughing to remember.One day toh he think babies names.


Twinkle:yes nothing we have between us.
Still. But never thought when babaji give this us like this he grew up.without papa

Mehar:hmm everything happened for good. You don’t be sad where is your son our little devil😂😛😛. Abeer come and joint them.

Abeer:where is little Sarna 😛.

Twinkle:abeer😡😡. Don’t.!

Mehar: But twinkle it’s true na little Sarna. No differences they have carbon copy of each other.

Abeer: absolutely twinkle you should work on ammar what if he become like kunj😛.than Teri toh O my maata😛😂.

Twinkle: hehe what I’ll do he’ll went on him anyhow 90% like him 10% is remained soon woh bhi.

Mehar:100%😛😛. Where he is ammar.

Twinkle: where he’ll go apart from his dost. Don’t know where he went with them take his extra clothes and all’s.

Abeer:Twinkle you should meet with this dost I mean.

Twinkle:what I’ll do. Just relax today.

Abeer:True I’m still in shocked about Purushottam I mean he look so innocent.

Twinkle:buster now I understand why always getting close with girls.

Mehar:finally he went in jail all thanks to kunj.After whole day enjoying they all tired.they change their clothes before cold catch them.They see maschera dance. After they walking here and there.

Ammar: I can’t walk now.mamma..

Kunj:here is no mamma Kunj lift him.He rest his head on kunj shoulder same Romir on Yuvi they roaming around here and there… Yuvi holding Aditi hand and walking this kunj see.

Kunj:Yuvi control he immediately left her hand. And you come here enjoy lot with him today and what about that night I told you don’t go anywhere than why???

Aditi:woh he told me..

Kunj:try to understand Aditi.Because he don’t have mind at least you.They went from there and sit in car. Kunj open the sunroof

Ammar:wow dost.. they went for long drive ammar hand around kunj neck from back he kissing on his cheeks tickling on him. Dosttt.


Yuvi: ammar why not you learn driving. Kunj give him death glare.

Ammar: don’t worry soon I’ll you learn Romir how to drive plane because he loved plane😂😂.. kunj and Aditi laugh out.

Kunj: Yuvi you cant win with him..apni hi bezati karwata hai bache se..

Aditi:that’s true.she cuddles ammar so chubby and soft.babies beside they enjoy lot.Ammar driver waiting for him at park only Kunj drop him there and tell driver take him safety. After sometimes later at Taneja house they all having dinner twinkle waiting for ammar.

Abeer:Twinkle your son become big. Roaming alone. Just than ammar come.

Twinkle:finally my baby come..

Ammar:mamma he went towards her.

Twinkle:you spend whole day out.

Ammar:hmm I enjoy lot.. I’m tired let’s sleep na.

Twinkle: what my baby done so he become tired.

Ammar:I’ll tell you afterwards.. naniii..

Twinkle:you sit I’ll come okay.They

complete their dinner and twinkle sit beside him and she look at him ammar who eyes fully drenched in sleep he blinking his eyes.Twinkle make him lay down on her lap. Keep patting on his back.

Mehar:such me tired hogaya..


Leela: acha hain yeha toh koi bacha nahi hai to play with him he went to his friends. Ammar blabbering in sleep dost dost.. which make everyone laugh out.

Abeer:Twinkle Tere beta haath se gaya yeh toh pura Romeo bangaya apne dost ke piche..

Twinkle:very funny.After Mehar and abeer went twinkle take ammar in their room and place him on bed and lay down beside him. Kunj and yuvi too went in their rooms.

Mahi: finally you come back Yuvi. At least take me sometime you just care about your son.

Yuvi: why now you care today you don’t have time for me now I don’t have too. When I’ll ask you mahi Itself you not at home. Talking about Romir so he is my son. I’ll not take your permission to take him.

Mahi:he is my son too don’t dare to forget this.What you doing haa just behind kunj and that Aditi don’t know from where this new kunj friend come.

Yuvi:it’s not your concern. Now don’t irritate me let me sleep she went near to him.

Mahi:with soft voice Yuvi why you doing this always keeping distance with me what happened to you.She interlock her hands around Yuvi neck. I’m missing you. You know na I love you so much. I’m thinking something Yuvi she winked at him.

Yuvi:mahi please I’m tired let me sleep.

And look we are not alone Romir is here pyaar ki baath to hum kare hi na toh acha hoga. He said and lay down beside Romir and closed his yes and Mahi look at Yuvi.

Mahi: mom telling right this Yuvi changed lot old Yuvi didn’t stay away from me one day now he never and try to come to me. She too lay down.

Kunj who laying down on  bed and thinking about ammar he take his phone seeing his photos.Remember pancakes he take the box and have it.Yummmyyy.Ammar mom is really good in pancakes I think now much better than twinkle too.after kunj sleep.

Next day in morning as usual that daily day routine ammar and Romir went to school while office ones went for their work place..

Twinkle and Kunj discussing about work.

Twinkle looking at Kunj while working.
Yuvi see this..

Yuvi:hmm.. twinkle shut her eyes down..

Kunj:I have completed this twinkle now you see this than finalized.

Twinkle:yeah I’ll see. Just than Kunj got call from lawyer.

Kunj:yes mr Mehra..

Mehta:sir I try for Deewan bail but.

Kunj:that I don’t know I wanted him out that’s it you are number one lawyer of Amritsar still.I’ll talk to you later.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Yuvi:I’m so hungry today for a change let’s have lunch together what’s say voice come from back mehar and abeer yes. They see mehar and abeer standing.

Mehar:see I bring food..

Yuvi:waha mehar you are too good..

Mehar: come kunj and twinkle. Kunj went in washroom to washroom his hands while mehar and twinkle arrange the food on table.

Yuvi:seemed yummy. This mirchi put in kunj plate..


Twinkle: aww you both are so mean you know he can’t eat spicy food still. Yuvi look at twinkle.

Yuvi: you remember twinkle.She look at him and don’t know what to say.. Kunj come back and look at them.

Kunj:what happened Yuvi you are so big bukhad.till now you didn’t jumped on food.

😂😂. Kunj see Wazwan dish before Yuvi Kunj take the wazwan.

Yuvi: kunj it’s cheating you can’t take whole.

Kunj:first come first served didn’t you heard this.. they both started fighting they tiro look at this two hold their heads.

Twinkle:shut up you both give me kunj. He give to twinkle while served them.

Yuvi:Twinkle you give him more than me.

Kunj: acha bukhad tu hi khaa le yeh bhi.

Mehar:Yuvi I didn’t knew you are crazy and fight for food like kids.

Yuvi:While having..mere toh beta bhi same hai what thing is my favorite that I can’t share even same with kunj. You didn’t see kunj.

Twinkle:murmured you are right Yuvi. I see daily another one.

Yuvi: this all you make mehar.

Mehar: yes any doubt 😛😛..

Kunj: because mehar mahi toh can’t make whenever she make anything Yuvi alway asked her that itself she make it or else oder from outside😂😂😂. Ab sab Teri biwi jeshi toh nahi hoti hai😛😛..

Yuvi: don’t speak too much.

Abeer:aeshe toh you both whole day together and never know that you fight like this much.

Kunj:first he starts and I end..Yuvi passing jokes they all laughing while laughing kunj choked.twinkle give him water and patting on his back kunj look at her.Sajna ve play in bg.. after lunch.Thanks mehar really delicious food.

Mehar:thanks kunjj..

Abeer:my wife is best..

Mehar:what about Aditi In cooking.
Kunj and yuvi ko logo ko banana aata hai khana nahi😂😂..

Yuvi:Uska bas chale to mujhe se and Kunj se shara kaam karale..


Kunj:ek number ki lazy hai expect than parties.You tell her in sleep party

immediately wake up.Chalo Guys back to the work.

Mehar: okay I’m too going abeer come soon please today you knows your daughters.

Abeer:haa you do one thing leave them with Leela aunty.

Mehar:you know na your daughter and twinkle son fighting lot.. top of when little chick cry he didn’t like it.. closed his ears calling my daughter noise pollution 😛. Kunj giggles in side. Kunj you giggling?

Kunj:aeshe hi name was correct noise pollution. I called Yuvi son same 😂. When he do pe pe😂😂. Yuvi hit on his feet.

Yuvi:kamina one day when your kids born than I’ll see you.

Kunj:that day never come baby.They both went in their cabin.

Twinkle:what you thinking abeer.

Abeer:nothing twinkle just he had his own son still.They are so far still their connection is so strong.You leave them there only I’ll see this junior sadu noise pollution baap bete honge twinkle hit on abeer shoulder slightly.Mehar went twinkle checking files.

Yuvi:kunj I’m going mom call me so you come.

Kunj:yup.Already it’s too late.Yuvi left and other employees too.Only Kunj and twinkle is there. Kunj see twinkle still in office he went to give her file.. he went in her cabin he went to her while too coming she didn’t see they both collide with each other kunj and twinkle fall down on side couch.And file fly in air.. Kunj top of twinkle.Both looking at each other’s eyes and lost. Twinkle looking into kunj eyes deeply Kunj blinking his eyes.He caress her cheeks with his fingers. Side her front hairs.
Khwaaishon Pe Likhi/ background song
Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan
Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan
Daastaan Ek Nayi
Khwaabon Pe Saji
Bekaid Manmarziyaan
Kunj look at twinkle juicy lips.He bending down while twinkle look at Kunj their lips just inch apart.

Twinkle lips is apart.She closed her eyes little bit while kunj grab her upper lip.. and slowly slowly Kunj gnawing twinkle upper lip while twinkle his lower lip.Than both fully grabbed each other lips and started kissing in first kiss going slow than they grewing up the kiss speed both kissing each other’s passionately forget everything what around them what they were thinking about each other even about Their current relationship.Twinkle hands went on kunj hairs ruffling his hairs her finger giving him more pleasure.That sofa is not small much enough for them. Kunj bite twinkle lip while she too back. Kunj pressing twinkle body with his body weight.

Twinkle:ahah between in kiss little moan escape from her mouth.Kunj bite her lip corners little bleeding he sooth that area.

Due to lack of oxygen Twinkle turned her face both breathing heavily. Kunj didn’t stop he nuzzled his face in her neck.And giving her wet kisses. He slide the clothes from her shoulder to get more access.Bite on her neck and shoulder twinkle closing her eyes and her lips shivering due to his touch.Kunj one hand moving on twinkle body.He leave her one side neck.look at twinkle who looking her side but her eyes were closed.Kunj held her chin make her look at him straightly.She open her eyes and look at Kunj. Kunj breath directly hitting on twinkle lips. Her one hand on his shoulder.Kunj caress twinkle lips.

Kunj:Kyu kiya yeh sab know what twinkle I loved you like anything.

Twinkle: acha I don’t think so. Kunj resting his head on her. While speaking their lips touching.Jo pyaar karte hai na woh saath nahi chod te hai Kunj.

Kunj:you left me I didn’t.

Twinkle:did you come to take me once..

Kunj:aaya ta me.she look at him in shocking way.But you left with your whole family.

Twinkle:because you are late kunjj.

Kunj:when you can’t become mine how can some other ones.

Twinkle:itself you throw me out of your life.

Kunj: whatever is it tum Meri kismat me toh likhi ti but yeh nahi likha ta puri Meri hi hai.. he caress her cheeks.. YOU ARE THE SUN IN MY DAY TWINKLE THE WIND IN MY SKY THE WAVES IN MY OCEAN AND THE BEAT IN MY HEART.Tears come from kunj eyes it fall on near twinkle eyes. Twinkle rolled and down come on kunj.

And cupped Kunj jawline.

Twinkle: no matter what happens no

Matter kunj where I m or where you are forever and always I’m yours and only yours. But you didn’t understand my value. Her tears drops fall on his lips..

I am lost I wonder why my heart is awake

As I close my eyes, I could feel you near me kunj.I learned to wait, even if it meant a lifetimeI learned the art to be patient, in love I  learned to smile without reason it is you who changed me I know the

catastrophe in our life is only that we are away miles cannot harm our love as you are the reason my heart beats the longing is hard to explain my words could do no justice yet the pain cannot be hidden the eyes showered tears that were never hidden to you Your love is like breathing if I stop, I would be no more…every walk of my life I need you I fall in love with you the millionth time kunj. every day I love you to the fullest even if i think that it’s the most I can every other day, I fall in love you more than yesterday the feel of being yours is impeccable and irresistible.Ek baar mujhe pe trust kar ke dekh te.Without saying anything you left me where that time We needed you most.If you kill me for this all I’ll be more happy kunj but your separation and your silence give me more pain.
Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

Nafraton Mein Mili

Tu Muhje Iss Tarah
Dil Yeh Sambhal Na Sakha

Teri Baaton Mein Hai
Ajab Sa Nasha
Badli Yeh Manmarziyan

Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

Kunj: if I’m wrong what about you. I love you more than myself.

Twinkle: fine if I cheat you what about you.

Kunj: mean??

Twinkle:didn’t you have relation with maya?? And now with Aditi..

Kunj:smile slightly why this matters for you now we are end up. Jealous.

Twinkle:why I’ll be jealous just saying you can do everything but I can’t.Now we are end up than why you always fuming on vikram.

Kunj:that I’ll do Till my last breath.He snatch you from me.If you saw us here like this than it would be awesome.


Kunj:why because if he saw his wife with her ex husband it’ll not make him really happy twinkle break him like he did with me years ago..

Twinkle:you know what kunj you are impossible and second you were saying you can see the truth.You can see whole world truth but can’t you see in my eyes.

You will break him good what about me your each action breaking me.

Kunj:even yours too. You put someone kartut allegation on me haa.

Twinkle: I tell you sorry. At least better than when I knows my mistakes I had that much kindness I come to you and apologize you look at you.

Kunj:I didn’t do anything with you.

Twinkle:really you didn’t do anything to me you become my life hell saying this nonsense.You know what kunj you should get married.

Kunj:take your idea in your pocket. Kunj rolled down twinkle and again come top of her.

Twinkle:kunjj leave me..

Kunj:why I’ll leave you.By hook or by crook you are just mine.Now I’m busy in some other thing I’ll see you and vikram later.

Twinkle:go ahead I too wanted to see you.

She hit on his chest..

Kunj:haath kam Chala..

Twinkle:tum muh kam chalo. He moving his lips all over on her face.Twinkle turning here and there kunj lips near twinkle lip Corner.kunjjj don’t.He didn’t listen again sealed their lips.Twinkle taking her revenge kissing him wildly bite his lips so hardly Kunj winch in pain.Ouchh now Kunj take it more itself he backoff. Just than twinkle phone ringing. Kunj take her phone and put it on speaker. Kunjjjjj..

Leela: Twinkle beta where are you didn’t come till now. Kunj about to speak before him twinkle covered his mouth with her hands.

Twinkle: I’m coming. Why??

Leela:your son is missing you. See he is here.

Twinkle:tell him mamma coming.Okay baby..she take the phone cut it.

Kunj: Bichara Tere beta twinkle poor.

Twinkle:kya tum Bichare ho kya woh bichara hai. Devil like devil.

Kunj: Kyu vikram Devil hai Uska baap. Twinkle push him and get up.

Twinkle:haa Uska baap devil hi hai. She composed her eyes. And don’t dare to come near to me and control on yourself.

Kunj: acha first you control on yourself whenever I come to closed to you.You lose yourself due to my touch is not It. He come and give her backhugging twinkle making faces.He kissed on her nap.this all two pair of eyes seeing.

Twinkle:kunjjj.. she turned and push him again can’t you understand. 10 fit away from me..

Kunj:didn’t you think this when you kissing me.She looking here and there that time so you enjoying lot.

Twinkle:pagal Huna always comes in your traps..

Kunj: by the way your lipstick fragrance is awesome and winked at her. Kunj got call. He see the caller id and make irritating faces. MAA I’m busy in meeting okay bye didn’t listen her just end the call.

Twinkle:apni MAA se toh such bola karo.

Kunj:pyaar me dokha khane ke baad that satyawadi harishchandra ka role I leave it.

Let’s go.Before you’ll scared.. they both went together down.

She punch her hand on wall..still they are romancing after this all how can I mean how much I try to separate them they come more closer why babaji she said.

Twinkle and Kunj left for their place..

Twinkle went inside in Taneja Mansion she correct her hairs.. she directly went in her take her clothes and went in washroom look at herself in mirror and closed her eyes recalled whatever happened just now. She touch her lips.

Twinkle:why babaji I can’t stop him when he come closer to me I freeze down. One side I hate him and another side I love him. She get freshen up and went to dressing table her eyes went on love bites and get shocked. What is this. She touch him.kunjjj. She take duppta and hide them. And went down ammar watching cartoons she went to him sit beside ammar. Hi baby.

Ammar:huhuuu.Why you come so late


Ammar:whatever. I wanted something?

Twinkle: what??

Ammar: phone. They all other get surprised and cam laugh out.

Twinkle: phone for what and why??

Ammar: bas I wanted to call my friends and click our pictures.

Twinkle: you are very small for phone you can used my phone baby.

Ammar:I wanted personal phone my..

Twinkle:sorry ammar.. this I can’t give you.

Ammar: you always said this only for everything in loud voice you didn’t get my car that also my dost get for me and when I ask you give me papa than also you give same answer you can’t give me this why.. Leela and rt look at ammar.Twinkle get surprised to see ammar.

Ammar:I wants papa too everyone have papa why only not me ha. Everyone have everything Bhai behan I don’t have anything. I told me you I too want sister like hiya you didn’t get for me.. chalo hospital and bring sister for me in this serious situation this make everyone giggles.

Rt: why hospital ammar..

Ammar: because baby hospital me hi toh milte hai.I’ll give my coins to doctors for baby. But chahiye sibling.. mamma didn’t give me anything sab ke pass sab kuch hai only I don’t have. Even my friend too have Nanu nani.

Leela:that you have also baby.

Ammar:he have dadu and dadi too.Most papa.He went to rt and hold his hand. Nanu you get papa for me.I wanted papa bas I’ll not demand for anything.Everyone papa come in school teacher asked me where is my papa what I’ll said to her. All look at Ammar and feel bad for him.he is right at his place. All teasing me that I don’t have father without papa no baby come.

Fuzail:you come with me rockstar I’ll bring phone for you that was also latest one.. twinkle scold him ammar started crying and went in room.

Leela: twinkle tu bhi na what’s the need of this.If you get ready for phone this not happened.

Twinkle: MAA what he asking me to give him how can I give you all tell me from where I will bring papa for him Even baby too. Unwanted demands.

Rt:twinkle he is innocent he didn’t understand this all things whatever comes in his mind he speak only beta.. fuzail what he wanted get for him twinkle look at rt please twinkle let us handle him.Fuzail went. Leela and rt in room and see ammar laying down on bed his back facing to ceiling and crying slightly they both went to him sit next to ammar Arey Leela our ammar crying see. He toh didn’t like rotlu.

Leela:what he calls noise pollution.. now he too becoming same ammar look at them.

Ammar:I’m not cry baby okay.

Rt: yes we know this now don’t cry baby bacha.

Ammar: I’ll not talk to your daughter okay.

Leela: okay don’t talk to our daughter.. but don’t cry..

Ammar: and I want phone that’s it. Fuzail come there with phone and went to him.

Fuzail: my rockstar wanted something that we can’t give him that impossible see here is your phone ammar open the box and see mini cute phone for him.

Ammar: chAl ta hai na yeh..

Fuzail: hmm.

Ammar: thanks maamu you are awesome. He hugged him. Twinkle see this all.

Twinkle:yeh ammar Bhi na very zidhi bacha.. phone pata nahi kaun shi girlfriend ko phone karega..

Scene [email protected]@
At Aditi house they all having dinner kunj come there..

Aditi: finally you come.

Kunj: yup. Yuvi and Aditi look at Kunj..he take his seat beside daee jaa..

Yuvi:weshe kya kar raha ta tu..

Kunj:nothing just work..

Yuvi:lagta nahi hai.. yeh blood Keshe aarah hai Tere lips see ha. Kunj touch and understand..

Kunj:woh yuvi aeshe hi. He bite his lips..

Yuvi: kaha kala muh karke aaya hai.

Daee jaa: what??

Kunj: daee jaa he is mad you don’t listen him. And what you doing here haa kaam na kanch ka daishar anaz ka hatt. Daee jaa and aditi giggling..

Yuvi: I know what you did.

Kunj:so what at least better than you.jaa Mahi must be waiting for you.

Yuvi: even maya for you..

Aditi: Acha she still there..after dinner Yuvi and Kunj back to Sarna Mansion.

Yuvi: Bata Kunj kya Kiya. Tere lips telling me everything..

Kunj: till now I heard face & mind readers yeh tu lips reader kaha se aagay you mean you staring my lips you cheapo stay away from me..

Yuvi: I’m very straight..

Kunj: haa hum toh jeshe bios*xual hai😂.

Yuvi: f**k.

Kunj: same.both went in their room. Kunj changed his clothes and sit and working in laptop..

Twinkle bring ammar in room he sleep she take him in her lap and keep creasing his hairs and typing in laptop. Kunj did twinkle video call on laptop. Twinkle see ammar his back facing to camera and he covered with twinkle duppta. She pick up the call.


Kunj:did you check mails haa.

Twinkle:yeah I checks.

Kunj:you see this kunj show her designs. Kunj look at twinkle baby who is in her lap.

Twinkle:where you have been lost ha.

Kunj:nowhere.. their video call conversation going on ammar feeling uneasy.

Twinkle: Kunj we’ll do this later okay..

Kunj: yeah sure..

Twinkle:bas Mera baby.. she cut the call. Twinkle shut the laptop and went to bed, and lay down other side kunj too.Twinkle and Kunj thinking about each other. And their moment in office today. Smile appears on their face. And closed Their eyes..
if two hearts are meant to be together no matter how long it takes how far they go hoe tough it seems fate will bring them together to share their love forever..


How was the episode??

Hope you all like.episode.. 

Ignore mistakes no proof reading.

In next: Bebe and Usha meet with Taneja’s and ammar falls down???😛😛😛.. 

let’s see what will happened.. 

bye love you all.bye.Again wish you all very happy Diwali and safe.. 

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