Siddhi Vinayak 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi and Prachi decide to expose Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri laughs at Urvashi’s idea. You have gone crazy. Vin will never marry you. You should see the dreams you can fulfil. He might hate Siddhi today but he is still hurt over losing his love. He will never fall in your trap. Urvashi confidently says you don’t know how I have melted thousands of such hearts. She slips her saree a little and acts it was unintentional.
Gauri thinks she is aiming for the sky. God only will help her now.

There are knocks on the door. Siddhi wakes up startled and keeps the beads of mangalsutra in the cupboard before opening the door. It is Vin. He asks the servants to pack his stuff from this room. Nothing should be left here. When I wont stay here then, anything that belongs to me should also not be in this room! Servant starts packing his belongings.

Vin picks up his portraits. Siddhi quietly looks on. Servant goes. Vin tells Siddhi she can stay in this room and this house as much as she wants to. You will stay here as an unwanted guest which no member of this house wants to see! Look at the divorce papers as many times as you want to but these are the last papers where Siddhi and Vinayak’s name is written together. Siddhi and Vinayak’s name wont be taken together ever after this! She smiles. She cuts her finger using scissors and writes Siddhi Vinayak on the wall using her blood. Till the time the world is there, Siddhi and Vinayak will be taken, spoken and written together! I will prove it at any cost. Vin leaves.

Urvashi has written Urvashi Vinayak Kundra on the mirror using her lipstick. Now the day isn’t far when Siddhi will be out of Vinayak’s life and I will become a part of his life. Siddhi will go and Urvashi will enter. The world will then know me as Urvashi Vinayak Kundra.

Prachi comes to Siddhi’s room. Thank God Vin Bhaiya dint see me coming here. I have risked my life by coming here. Rajvir and I wont get anything if Chachi ji or Vin Bhaiya would have seen me coming here. She notices her wound and the writing on the wall. She tries to nurse Siddhi’s wound but Siddhi tells her to let it be. Prachi makes her face her. Hurting yourself wont help you. Use your brain. You are known for your smartness. Do something to fix everything. Siddhi says Urvashi came here for money but her greed just kept on increasing. Everyone has a weakness. Once I find out what her weakness is, I will expose her in front of everyone!

Urvashi wears jewellery. I will have to use a magic wand to make Vin fall right in my arms. I will become Vinayak’s wife instead of Rudra’s widow. What should I do to send Siddhi out of his life for forever?

Prachi says we don’t know much about Urvashi. How will we find out what her weakness is? She wont tell us. She is instead gaining everyone’s sympathy right now. Siddhi wants to take Urvashi out of her room so she can look for proof against her. Prachi asks her how they will do it. Siddhi covers her eyes due to the shine coming from Prachi’s jewellery. Prachi happily talks about it. Siddhi realises that Urvashi’s biggest weakness is jewellery. She can go to any extent to gain them. Urvashi too will gain some this time. Prachi points out that this year Chachi ji has told us that they wont buy any jewellery. Siddhi says we know it but Urvashi doesn’t. We need to trap her and I need your help in fooling her. Prachi readily agrees.

Prachi wakes up Rajvir. We have to help Tai. We have to unite Siddhi Vinayak. Rajvir mumbles that nothing can happen now. Vin has signed the divorce papers. Let me sleep. Prachi makes him sit down and insists that there is still scope for that. Tai has made a plan. He asks her about it.

Rajvir loudly tells Prachi that Shankar has called jeweller again. Every DIL will now get jewellery of her choice like every year. Ladies of this house are so lucky. You will get gold jewellery this time. Urvashi gets excited. Rajvir and Prachi talk about the amount of the jewellery. Urvashi removes her jewellery. I will get new jewellery worth 20 lacs. Prachi and Rajvir decide to hurry downstairs or Siddhi will choose everything. Urvashi asks Prachi if some jeweller is coming to Kundra Mansion. They apologize to her for speaking about jewellery forgetting that she wont need it after Rudra’s death. Urvashi hurries downstairs saying that she wont hurt Shankar and Manjari. Prachi and Rajvir follow her.

Siddhi gets Prachi’s text. It is time to look for some kind of clue in Urvashi’s room. She isn’t there right now. I hope I find something in order to prove my innocence.

Precap: Siddhi is checking Urvashi’s room. Urvashi pretends to be dizzy. Vin holds her and takes her upstairs. Rajvir and Prachi stand there tensed. Siddhi is still searching the room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode..🙂 loved SidVi scene alot..😍 In today episode there is no Manjari’s scene..😁 but every time they r showing Urvashi’s nautangi😑😬

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode..🙂 hope that Siddhi will get some clue about Urvashi to prove her innocence..😌


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