Mere Sai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Munnu Decides To Leave Dilawar

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Mere Sai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dilawar’s sleep gets disturbed hearing lamb voice. His shishyas try to make it go. Dilawar asks them to catch the lamb and tells that he will eat meat today and will add masala. Lamb escapes. They run to catch it. Sai comes to Bayaza’s house and asks for charity. Bayaza is upset with him. Sai says you will not give and says he will make food with potato and rice and will have it with the people coming there. Bayaza stops him and makes him have food with her hand. Om Sai plays.

Munnu catches the lamp. Other Shishya Jabulani asks him to come and says Dilawar must be waiting for them. Munnu sees Bayaza feeding Sai with her hand and imagines himself with his mother. Lamb goes from his hand. Jabulani asks Munnu where is lamb? He says I will tell Ustaad that you let the lamb go. On reaching Dwarka Maai. Dilawar beats Munnu and tries to put his hand in hot boiling water. Jabulani asks him to leave him and says I will bear his punishment. Dilawar beats him.

Munnu cries. Dilawar goes to the jungle to meet Ratnakar with his Shishya Bru. He asks why do you want to meet me? Ratnakar says when my work will be done? Dilawar asks him to wait and leave everything on him. He asks him to do as he says, and then everything will happen as planned. He says there is no work which I couldn’t do. Ratnakar says that’s why I brought you here, and says if you could manage the work, then I will make you Qazi with Nizam. He gives him money. Munni thinks of Dilawar tortures, misses his mother, recalls Sai’s teaching and cries. Sai sees him crying and is about to go to him when a man comes to Sai, and says everyone says that you have solution of all problems. Sai asks how can I help? Man says I am a labor and is not afraid of work, my employer is cruel, makes me do work all day and don’t let me sleep even in night and scolds me also. If I take rest then he cuts payment for next day. He asks Sai to treat him so that he can work more.

Sai says you had already worked much than before, and if this continues then your body will not support you. Man says I can’t leave this work, my employer don’t care for me, if I live or die. Sai says when you don’t care about yourself then why will others care. He says this is not work, but injustice with you. He says this is happening as you are letting exploitation happen with you, people behaves the way you lets them go, if you respect yourself then only people will respect you. He says it is better to go, if you have no respect anywhere. He says truth is that you don’t want to leave job, you are scared that if you leave the job, then you will get another job or not. He says if you had self confidence then you wouldn’t have said this. He asks him to go home, take rest and then search a job with an employer who cares for him and appreciates him and his work. Man says if I will get such employer. Sai says yes you will get and says I can’t give you courage, but you have to search in you. Munnu hears him fully. Man smiles and cries. He touches his feet. Om Sai plays…..Munnu looks on.

Later after some hours, when Dilawar and Sai sleeps, Munna thinks of Sai’s words. He thinks this is happening with me as I am letting this happen. He says my parents couldn’t brought me up and that’s why gave to Ustad. He thinks he can’t understand even Quran e shareef when Ustad reads, and says it is better for me to go from here. He gets up, looks at Sai and thanks Sai. Sai opens his eyes and smiles. Dilawar also wakes up hearing his voice, but couldn’t see him. Sai asks Munnu to go carefree and says your golden future is waiting for you.

Jabulani searches for sugar cane stick, but couldn’t get it. Sai asks him what is he searching. Jabulani says Dilawar is angry because of you and thinks where he can find sugarcane stick.

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