Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti couldn’t do the puja

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling that her 200 gms weight increased. Prarthana says may be this weight machine is not working rightly. Pari says this weight machine is doing injustice with us. Prarthana stands on the weighing machine and is shocked. Panjiri says Didi said that our weight is increased, 5 kgs increased for didi and me each. Pratap asks Kunti to check her weight and says it is 3 kgs weight gain. Kunti says it is due to my jewellery. Pratap asks her to give it to him. Kusum checks her weight and says 2 kgs increased.. Pratap checks his weight and says my 3 kgs weight is lost. Pratibha says your 7 kgs weight is increased. Pratap says I thought my 10 kgs weight increased, and that’s why I said that 3 kgs not gained. Prema says how can all of us gain weight when Kanhaiya lost weight. Pratap says you all had food and made Kanhaiya to diet. Pari checks her weight and says it is increased. Kanhaiya brings diet food from them from his kitchen. Everyone gets tensed. Kunti says this food? Kanhaiya says you have to eat, and asks do you want everyone to be like Bablu. Prema says just 2 kgs gained and not much. Kanhaiya says health is real wealth as you said. He gives them diet list. Prarthana says there is a difference between ordering others or implementing same thing for ours. Kunti says we will do as Kanhaiya says. Fb Ends.

Back to present, Pari’s mum says you did right to make him lean. Kanhaiya and Pratibha say that one shall control their diet. Pari’s mum says she will take part in beauty contest. Pari brings icecream and serves to everyone. Pari’s mum says if I eat icecream then how I will become lean. Kunti says you will get 2-3 births to lose weight. Pari’s mum asks if it is joke. Kunti signs Pari to smile. Pari smiles and takes selfie with them.

Later Kunti waits for Panjiri as they were going to do surya devta’s puja. Panjiri comes and says Prasad is missing from puja thaali. Prarthana checks the plate and is shocked. Kunti asks where did you keep it? Panjiri says in the kitchen itself. Kunti says she has to do puja to make Kanhaiya’s business prosper. Prarthana and panjiri tell that someone is behind them. Kunti says don’t know why is he stealing Prasad only.

In the morning, Pratibha is shocked to know that Prasad was stolen. Panjiri says Didi is shocked. Pratap comes as sky, why this dead body isn’t pushed in the valley. Kunti asks what is this new act? She asks who likes barfi. Pratibha and Pari raise their hand. Pari says Prema likes it. Pratibha says Prema went to her mayka and asks are you doubting on us. Kusum says I haven’t stolen sweets. Pratibha says I just had carrots in night. Kunti asks Pari, if she had barfi and forgot. Pari says she didn’t eat. Pratibha, Panjiri and Prarthana tell that they didn’t have it. Kunti says Surya dev puja is not done since 3 days and says don’t know who isn’t letting me do puja, and determines to catch him. Kanhaiya talks to Prema. Later Pratibha calls Kanhaiya and tells him that Prasad is stolen again. Kanhaiya is shocked. He is busy in shop and ends the call. Khatru tells Kanhaiya that he didn’t tear the saree. Kanhaiya asks them to keep other sarees. Khatru says jija is thief. Kanhaiya says no. Khatru says then who is stealing Prasad?

Pari complains that her chain is stolen. Other bahus also complain that their things are stolen. Pratap says bahus and saas are doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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