Mere Sai 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Returns To Shirdi

Mere Sai 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai returns to Shirdi. People of Shirdi sing bhajan and fold their hand showing gratitude. Jhipri and other kids also sing. Ratnakar is angry and asks Kulkarni to keep his anger in control. Kulkarni asks what is remaining and says I have bear humiliation from dilawar. Banta and Anta tell that they went with villagers and saw everything. Banta says Dilawar changed completely and became Sai’s bhakt and sings song praising Sai. Ratnakar says it is really shocking, how can Dilawar change. Kulkarni says I should have understood before that your Dilawar can’t do anything. He shows watch to Ratnakar and says you need it most than me. Sai comes to Dwarka Maai. Jhipri says look at Dwarka Maai, we tried to make it look good, but it don’t want to be called as Dwarka Maai without you. Sai says let everyone of us go inside and make it Dwarka Maai. All the place gets cleaned to some extent just as Sai keeps his foot inside. Sai and all villagers clean the place. He thanks all villagers and says you all were worried and worked hard to bring me back. He asks everyone to go home and take rest. Jhipri is still standing. Sai asks them to go home. Jhipri says they will play today. Bayaza asks him to come home and rest. Sai says I will come to get bhiksha from you. Bayaza asks him to take rest. Jhipri and champa play outside Dwarka Maai. Sai smiles.

Sulbha informs Rukmini about Sai’s return. Rukmini gets happy. Sulbha says yes. Rukmini is very happy and asks her to tell everything. Sulbha tells everything. Kulkarni scolds Anta and Banta and asks why didn’t you stop Sai there itself. He sits to have water, but it is not there. He shouts calling Rukmini and asks her why she didn’t keep water for him. Rukmini brings water and gives to him. He drinks water and throws glass. Sulbha comes out to dries ice. Anta and Banta think to tell Sulbha’s name to divert Kulkarni’s attention. Banta tells Kulkarni that Sulbha is the one who helped villagers. Kulkarni shouts and calls Rukmini. He asks if Sulbha came yesterday. Rukmini says no. He asks where did you go yesterday. Sulbha says she went to rahata to bring Sai back. Kulkarni tells that if she don’t think of their work as important. Sulbha says Sai helped me. Banta tells that she went against her husband and was shouting at him. Kulkarni fires him for leaving her husband and says such women shall be kicked out of village. Sulbha cries. Anta asks her to leave. Sulbha leaves.

Saleem and Rehana come to Sultan’s house and think where did they go? Sai comes there. Rehana says we were worried about sultan. Saleem says hari bhav must have known. Sai says lets go to him. Sulbha thinks she can’t be dependent on her brother and sister inlaw. She shares her concern. Saleem comes to Hari. Hari tells that Sultan went to see girl for Ismail.

Nand lal announces 1000 Rs to farmer. Ratnakar tells Kulkarni that he will break Sai’s shraddha and saburi paath.

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