Recap- diary and confessions


“I love you too… I love you with all my being” He spoke in a soft tone closing his eyes and resting his chin on her crown hiding her in his chest.

She felt peace. Her heart beats became stable. Her raging breathes started to turn normal. She closed her eyes savouring their moment when yuvi’s painful words from the diary started ranging in her ear.

She immediately pulled away and shook her head negatively. Kunj looked at her boggled.”Twinkle..whats wrong..?” He asked concerned holding her hands to pull her closer but instead she pulled away in jerk.

“No.. This is wrong.. NO” She yelled hypering and stood up moving backwards.

Hot tears welled up again in her – now-red eyes. She hold her head moving back.

Kunj stood up boggled and moved towards her when she pointed her fingers at him,”Dont… Dont come near me.. No.. This is wrong” She panicked weeping more. He stopped in her away moving his hands in air.

“Shh.. Calk down twinkle.. Calm down… Please.. Shh..” He said standing from distance. She closed her eyes breathing heavily and he stood there quiet looking at her.

After a couple of minutes, twinkle opened her eyes when kunj spoke,”Whats wrong.?” He asked in a low tone with a calm voice.

She shook her head in no with sone expression which could be defined as Innocence.”No kunj.. This is….. Wrong.. So wrong!”

“Whats wrong twinkle.?” He asked slowly moving towards her. She stood there like a statue.

“This…” She signed her fingers between them,”Us… Its wrong kunj.. Its wrong” She mumbled. Almost like convincing herself more than stating him.


“Kunj.. No..” She stated acting abnormally,”I am married.. I have a kid.. This is wrong!”

“but yuvi died…”He replied,” He died.. ” he repeated as she closed her eyes.

After months or can say almost a year after his death, it still hurted. It still hurted realising her friend… (atleast if not husband) was no more..

It pricked her heart.

She looked vulnerable. He hold her arms delicately and pulled her to himself,” Its not wrong. Loving someone isnt wrong,twinkle. Its really not”

She looked directly in his eyes,”I have a daughter. I had a husband”

“Yea.. The daughter who is understanding and anyway cute. And husband whom you NEVER LOVED.” He replied bitterly. Rrality sank in her, but still though her heart implied, her brain rejected.


“Twinkle…i love you.. And—” She cut him off.

“Look.. I.. I.. I love you too.. Unfortunately, i do. I fell for you.. I fell for your charms ans nature and kindness but this is wrong. This is really wrong. I have daughter to look on and Though i know i never had good relation with my husband but I AM NOT SOMEONE WHO WOULD CHEAT. Not over any dead person also. I.. Really cant. “She paused breathing deeply,” I am not a cheater and i find it wrong. I agree i didn’t had control over my emotions but–“

She looked down to her feet and continued,” We have to stay away from eachother. I have a daughter to look on and you are engaged as well. We’ll just be back to india in couple of days and then…… No more twinkle in your life” She stated adamantly.

“But twin—”

“kunj please… Dont make it hard for me..” She trailed off. Her voice was shaking.

“Its not just you wjo could take this decision, twinkle. Its not only about you.. Its about US” He pulled her closer through her waist,”You cant decide On behalf of me. LOVE ISNT ONLY WOMEN RIGHT. ITS HUMAN RIGHT!”

She closed her eyes, her walls seemed to break but she inhaked deeply. She couldn’t reply thus shaking her head in denial was the best option to convey that she wasnt convinced yet.

” You cant stop me to love you.. ” He whispered. His tone was helpless and he looked tired.

“But i cant continue loving you……. Its wrong”

“It isnt.. Your husband has died” He interjected.

“Repeating myself…. THIS ISNT ABOUT DEAD OR ALIVE. IT ABOUT ME. AND I KNOW MYSELF AND I DONT ‘CHEAT’ AND THIS IS CHEATING WHETHER ON DEAD OR ALIVE. I AM NOT LIKE THIS.. FOR GOD SAKE. Mr. Kunj sarna…i know its your house but you need to give me my privacy so please… “She pointed towards the door and he sighed in defeat.

Maybe talking to her now was useless.

He strided towards the door but stopped in his ways,” Repeating myself again as well. It isnt wrong in my dictionary and it is not NATURALLY too. I will make you realise that now or later and you would agree and come with me”

“That day is not going to come..” She mumbled not sure of her words either . Whether it was or would be true.

“It will…”He stated and was about to walk out when he stopped and walk to her again.

Beforr she could realise he pulled her closer to himself and pressed his lips on her crown.”Good night,princess” He whispered with a smile. Her emheart skipped a beat. No-one had ever did that to her.

No endearments!

She bite her lip to stop the smile that was taking over. Why he had to be so sweet after she had been nothing but rude and mean to him.?

Yuvi loved her but he never did something so heartwarming. Was it because he was scared of her or his and kunj’s love was different.?

She punched herself mentally to compare him with yuvi.

“I love you!” He whispered with a smile.

Only 3 words but it held so kuch emotions that she could see in his eyes directly. He moved closer to her ear,”I will win you..” He said making her shiver.

“Night, Love.” His voice echoed in her room before he took the air from it.

“Love you too..” She replied in a low tone to no-one in particular but her heart knew for whom was that for.

Just him!


A lone tear left her eye as she sat there registering what all happened.

But atlast the only thing which came to her mind and kept ranging in her ear was.


And she knew at the corner of her heart that he will!


All you need to do is keep calm?..

This story is really not likr other stories so please… I request you all to stay calm.

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