Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam decides to participate in cycle race

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz calling Zain’s dad. Rifat answers the call and hears Majaaz answering to their threatening. She smiles. Mariam tells her friends about the magical camera. She says you guys will understand about it when you grow up. Teacher comes and asks them to read what’s written on the board. Everyone asks Mariam to read. Mariam fails to read out. Fawad reads the prizes for winners. Teacher asks Mariam to win in sports and make her family proud. Mariam makes Fawad fall. Everyone laughs.

Mariam tells Aijaz that she will come second in cycle race and make him proud. He laughs. Meher gets the threatening call again. She answers. Mahira and Meher hear the man’s threatening about Majaaz. Mariam comes to them and says its my cycle race tomorrow. Meher blesses her to win. Mariam and her friends practice cycling. Madiha gets a call. Mariam says even Meher is getting crank calls. Mariam hides from there when Akshay whistles. Aijaz really comes. Mariam gets shocked. Mariam takes care of Aijaz. She asks him to pray for her win in cycle race. He falls asleep. Mariam runs away. She meets her friends. They try to get icecreams for free.

The man refuses to give the icecream. The kids make a plan. They beg to an aunty for money so that they can feed icecream to Akshay. Fawad asks Zain to buy geared cycle for the race. He insists and makes Zain buy a cycle for him. He boasts of himself and drives the cycle around Mariam. He asks her to see her fast cycle, she will come last. Mariam gets angry. She shares her feelings with her pal tortoise. Madiha says I m worried for the daughters’ safety. He asks her to be brave, nothing will happen, just look for Mariam, she is excited for cycle race. Mariam says I will make my family proud. They laugh. Akshay talks to Majaaz. He says I m fixing the gears to the cycle. Mariam says I have to come second in the race. Aijaz asks her to come first. Majaaz asks her to enjoy the competition without cheating. Mariam nods.

Madiha says so Mariam wants to come second to get hoverboard. Mariam rides the cycle. Fawad pushes her down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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