Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka takes Siddhant’s pic

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nupur’s dad thanks Sudhanshu for getting a good alliance for his daughter. Someone asks him to take drink, but he refuses saying Gayatri asked him to be hungry for some pooja. KK says you have to follow Bhabhi’s orders. Purva gives thread to Gayatri. Gayatri says it is entangled. Nupur’s brother tries to free it, but it is much entangled. Anushka recalls Siddhant wearing Janaeu and asks him to make it. He says he wears, but he don’t know how to make it. Gayatri calls him and asks him to make Janaeu. Anushka says he said that he doesn’t know how to make it. Gayatri says he used to make Janaeu for his papa and him. Siddhant asks how I will make it here. Gayatri asks him why is she shying? He sits on floor to make Janaeu.

Rao ji comes and asks him if he would like to have anything. Siddhant says you asked at wrong time. Nupur tells that he will learn customs from Gayatri. Anushka takes Siddhant’s pic and says she will upload on social networking site. Nupur’s dad says both families are close. KK says they are childhood friends and studied together. Purva compliments Karthik on his sherwani and asks him to wear such bright clothes. He says he will keep in mind. He comes to Siddhant and asks what is he making? Siddhant says he is making Janaeu for him. He asks Anushka if she is happy now. Riddhi teases Siddhant and asks him if he will wear Janaeu during his wedding night also. Siddhany gets embarrassed.

Karthik and Nupur sit for Pooja. They get engaged and congratulate each other. Nupur’s dad tells that Gayatri bhabhi managed everything. KK says she is our family. Nupur’s dad tells KK that Goel gave statement against you and asks him to do something. KK says Goel is shaken up as he is unsuccessful inbusiness. Riddhi and Anushka welcome Nupur in their family. Nupur says she is very hungry after the fast. Gayatri brings makane ki kheer for Nupur. Nupur says it is good. She says Siddhant is cute. Riddhi says Anushka knows it. Anushka asks Riddhi why did she tease Siddhant and says he was embarrassed. Riddhi says I was taking the matter forward. Nupur tells her mom that she will do the rituals till her marriage and then will live her life just as she wants after marriage.

Nupur’s dad asks Karthik and Srikant to get involved in his bank branches. Karthik agrees. He gets a call from private number and goes out. Nupur’s dad leaves. Siddhant hears Karthik talking to someone on phone and telling that even Appa will be surprised to see my doing which even Prabhakar couldn’t do and asks him to get the papers ready. He turns. Siddhant asks what’s up? He asks him to tell him if he shall do some work. Karthik refuses and go inside. He asks Purva to come with him for shopping. She agrees.

Gayatri tells Siddhant that they will stay in KK’s house for tonight. Siddhant says he will go home and feels comfortable there. Gayatri asks him to send clothes. Anushka goes behind him. Siddhant asks if Riddhi and Srikant’s marital life is fine and tells that he was embarrassed when she asked about wedding night. Anushka says it was little bit vulgar. Siddhant says I was embarrassed. He leaves in car. He comes home and thinks what Karthik was saying? He talks to Prabhakar’s pic and says if you have told me then I would have helped you. He finds a book.

Siddhant sends bell with Gayatri’s stuff. Anushka gets happy seeing it. Siddhant thinks to catch Karthik red handed.

Update Credit to: MA

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