Mere Sai 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Enlightens Ranoji’s Mind

Mere Sai 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav tries liquor and thinks due to jalebis, liquor is tasting weird, he needs something spicy. He walks to his mother Rukmini and asks to give something spicy. Jiva asks him to have kheer. He says he needs spicy food and is very hungry. Rukmini asks Narmada to give him fritters/bhajia. Narmada fills plate with bhajia. He asks to sprinkle some spices. She does and gives it to him. He eats bhajia, drinks liquor, gets heavily inebriated and falls asleep. Kulkarni returns home and calls Rukmini. Ruknini goes to call Keshav, but his room is locked. Kulkarni gets worried that Keshav must be ill and asks Anta to break door. Anta breaks door lock. They all enter in and laugh seeing him asleep. Rukmnini pampers him and tries to wake him up. Kulkarni says let him sleep, Rukmini wanted to celebrate Keshav’s birthday old way, Keshav used to fall asleep till he used to return home, even now Keshav is asleep. He sees bhajias and laughs that Rukmni overfed him bhajias, so he is asleep. Jiva asks what about all the dishes prepared. Kulkarni says let us go and finish it.

Next morning, Sai is busy in meditation when Ranoji walks to him happily. Sai asks if he did not go to work. Ranoji says he sold his blankets before afternoon itself, he stood aside smiling and people questioned him, he replied truth, people got impressed and bought all his blankets, it is all because of Sai’s taweez. Sai asks if he can return taweez. Ranoji gets tensed and says his business flourished because of this taweez, how can he return it. Sai says his business flourished because of his self-confidence and good behavior, whatever happened is because of him and not taweez. Ranoji says he is not literate, but he how can he ignore what happened today. Sai asks him to return taweez, he will show what he hid in it. Keshav gives him taweez.

Keshav wakes up in the afternoon and feels hangover. He walks out to living room. Rukmini says he slept so long. Keshav asks not speak loudly as he is having severe headache. Kulkarni checks his pulse. Keshav gets tensed thinking if Kulkarni will find that he was inebriated. Kulkarni asks why his pulse is fast, if he is tensed thinking how his father will pay for his further studies, he need not worry as his father is very rich and if needed he will collect tax from whole village to make him barrister. Keshav says ok, he is feeling severe headache. Kulkarni asks Anta to bring kadha/herbal concoction. Anta brings kadha. Keshav drinks it and says it is very bitter, runs out and vomits. Kulkarni checks his eyes. Keshav gets tensed pitaji will find out he was inebriated. Kulkarni says he got excess heat and should be on controlled diet, asks Rukmnini to give him lemon juice with honey and not let him go out whole day.

Sai opens taweez and shows cotton in it, says there is no magic in it, Ranoji’s wife gave it, whatever Ranoji earned is with his self confidence. Ranojisays he did not understand. Sai asks him to hold water mug till he says. Ranji says it is very light, he will hold it till Sai says. Sai gets busy with household chores. Ranoji feels pain holding mug for long. Sai smiles..

Keshav feels he should drink liquor for his hangover and picks liquor bottle, but does not find liquor in it. Keshav walks out of house. Govinda stops him and asks where is he going, mama/Kulkarni ordered not to go out. Keshaav pampers him and says he loves him a lot than anyone else in this house. Govinda asks him to get modak/sweets for him. Keshav agrees and walks out. Rukmnini comes out to get fire wood and sees Keshavi goingn out. She calls him, but he does not listen to her. Govinda says brother went out for fresh air.

Sai gives moral gyaan to Ranoji that he prepared best blanket, but because of his arrogant attitude, he lost his customers and thought educated businessmen are more competent, but his good behavior got him customers, he should do his duty selflessly and with pure mind and leave rest on god..

Precap: Sai asks if ssomeone takes Ranoji’s place, if Raanoji will keep quiet. Ranoji says, he will serve Sai well and not let him complain. Sai says what if someone is more needy than Ranoji. A muslim man is shown flexing his muscles.

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