Internet Wala Love 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya and Jai meet again

Internet Wala Love 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some woman taking the video to take revenge on Jai. Aadhya scolds Jai and goes. Diya meets Aadhya. They leave for home. Aadhya says that ill mannered guy… Jai says I will not spare that girl. He comes home and rings the bell. He says why are Rajat, Vihaan not opening the door. Rajat is busy playing games, while Vihaan is busy on facebook. Vihaan opens the door. Jai asks why didn’t you open the door.

Rajat says we stay here as PG, you could have come. Jai says I have shifted here for my privacy. They ask about his century date, what happened. Aadhya says he followed me to washroom, cheap guy. Jai says she was calling me cheap, she acted decent, she was saying I m her third date of the day. Aadhya says he tried to kiss me, characterless, I slapped him. Rajat asks did she slap you. They laugh for his first slap.

Aadhya comes home. She finds someone scolding her dad Shubhankar. The men give him time and ask for their money. Aadhya says I will repay all the money, don’t worry. The men leave. Aadhya asks her dad. Her mum asks how will you repay the loan. He says its my problem, I will handle. She asks how will you manage it, whom will you mortgage now, yourself or us. He gets angry and goes. Aadhya goes after him. Jai parties with his friends and asks them not to spoil the fun by their sad faces. They take selfies and post on social media. Jai says my life is sorted.

Aadhya says I have ordered your fav Chole bature. He says you feel bad about me right. She says leave it, you have food first. He says we never know when happiness comes and goes, but problems come forever. She feeds him food. He cries. She pacifies him. She says promise me, you will never touch wine. He promises her. She smiles. Jai drinks with his friends. A girl comes to him and asks him for a dance. She says I find you very cute. He says thanks, why not, we have a connection, come. He dances with her. The guy comes and asks how dare you touch my baby.

Jai says girls run after me, she came to me, I have no interest in her. The girl says he is lying, he got me on the dance floor. Rajat and Vihaan warn the guy. The guy pushes them. Jai says you did a big mistake to raise hand on my friends. He punches the guy. The guy says I will kill you. His goons come. Jai counts them down and runs away with his friends. The goons follow. Jai misleads them and drives off. Jai says this happened because of that girl, Miss Slap is unlucky.

Aadhya and her dad come to the medical store. She says I will get medicines for you, stay here. She goes. He sees wine shop. Rajat says I want to have scotch. Jai says I know a place. Shubhankar buys wine. Before he pays, Jai comes and pays for the wine bottle. Shubhankar gives him money and argues. Jai throws his money back and leaves in his jeep. Shubhankar runs after him. Aadhya comes in front of Jai’s jeep. He applies brakes and turns the jeep on seeing her. Jai asks how dare you. She holds his collar and asks how dare you misbehave with my dad, he is of your dad’s age, you are so cheap. Rajat says Jai’s slap video got viral. Vihaan and Rajat show the video to Jai. Jai holds Aadhya’s hands angrily. Rajat asks him to come. Shubhankar says leave her hands. Shubhankar takes the wine bottle from him. Jai leaves with his friends. Aadhya cries.

Aadhya says he isn’t decent, so I slapped him. Jai gets insulted. His boss says we have organized a live event, you will be hosting it. Jai proposes Aadhya at the mall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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