Yeh Teri Galiyan 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan is Aru’s son

Yeh Teri Galiyan 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aru hugs her and says he is fine there. I am there. Anita comes in. Aru is dazed. Aru says Anita this is chanda. Shan’s mom. Anita says lets go home to talk. These streets are already dirty. I dont’ wanna discuss more dirt here.
Puchki says if idols can come to our bari why can’t we come here? The manufacturer says where are you from? She says sona kachi. We make idols here and pandit ji you brought this girl here. Pandit ji says but she is a human. He says take this girl out of here. How dare you enter here. Puchki says I wont go. She picks their sand and says I have touched it. Pandit ji stops her. Manufacturer says take her from here.

Chanda stops Anita. Anita says how dare you touch me. First you trapped my husband. I know what woman like you do. You thought my husband would own you? They just use women like you. Don’t show me these fake tears. You tried to trap my husband? She is about to slap Chanda. Thaku ma stops her hand and says stop. She is my daughter. This is my house. Anita says this is a brothel. This isn’t home. You trap men here. She says people come here with their own will. We don’t sell expectations here. We work ere. Anita says there is nothing is here. Thakur says when you know the reality you will forget all this pride. Go and ask your husband. Chanda says thaku ma please let it be. Thaku says we work here. People like your husband come here. If you can’t keep him happy he would come here. Anita says we adopted her son whose husband is missing as well. Thaku ma says ask your husband. If you dare. Your husband came here and hugged her. People like you come here not us. Your 12 years of marriage is a lie. Ask your husband who is Shan’s brother. Whose blood is in his veins. Your husband used to come here every moment. He fell for chanda and spent every night with him.. Shan is his son. He left him here when he knew Chanda was pregnant. Then he came here back to take him. Anita says this can’t happen. Thakur ma says we kept your husband’s son here. He should thank us. This woman didn’t ask for anything. You never gave birth so Aru beg Chanda for Shan. We are not dual face like you people. Get out of here now. Anita leaves in shock.

Shan wins a trophy in school and waits for Anita to come and pick her. He says where is mama?
Anita walks towards the car in shock. She faints. driver says madam are you okay? He says please call doctor.
Precap-Thaku ma gets a heart attack and falls. Shan says mama I won this trophy and hugs her. she shoves him and says stay away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Loved Thakur Maa today.

    Just wish she could give it back to that pseudo educated RM also.

    So Shan is gonna lose Nivedita’s support. Poor guy will get all the wealth but lose every loved one.

  2. Omg ab lagta hai ki takur maa bhi mar jyegi or badi ki puri power beuty k hath me a jyegi or wo puchki ka jina dushwar krk rkh degi, and bechara shan ab navidita k pyar bhi kho dega shyad ab aru shan ko wapas chhodne k faisla lega or tabhi ravindra ko pta chl jyega ki shan aru k beta hai toh wo use apna lenge orr shan ko apne jiasa rude arrogant bna denge.

  3. The update is not complete… it is minus that last interesting scene between Nivedita and Arindam where Nivedita tells him clearly not to touch her now as she despises him for his betrayal….Naz, i really feel bad for Nivedita …no wife should ever face this situation….What a shock it must be for this poor lady..shock after shock…but when truth comes out ,it comes out this way only….without any warning…..Though it is all Arindam’s sin , Nivedita has taken the brunt and to some extent Chanda….in her anger and hurt ,Nivedita could not appreciate the truth but as Thaku MA has rightly said it was not Chanda’s fault that Arindam would visit her every second day even after his marriage, resulting in the pregnancy….Anyways the bitterness of his father’s truth will now seep into Shantanu’s life …and I can imagine how his life will be without a mother’s love…We can not expect Nivedita to love her husband’s illegitimate son and Shan can not meet his mother Chanda as he has already promised to Nivedita that he would never be in touch with his previous life….Even if Nivedita does n’t tell explicitly,the family will come to know somehow or the other….I would like to see how this rejection of Nivedita will shape up Shan ‘s personality as he grows up…May be Arindam will send him abroad to save himself from this unsavoury situation….

  4. Lakshmi… What is happening here? Am I missing something? I know how names are incorrectly given here at times and I get mixed up with characters when him or her or he or she is used and I have to figure out who is whom!! What’s this abou Shan’s brother? Can you tell me exactly what Thakur Ma said to Nivedita ,I’m not understanding this conversation between the two women from this update. Seems like something caused Arindham to go to Chanda in the first place but I can’t figure out why unless it’s just about the fact that nivedita couldn’t become pregnant…so what else compelled him to sire a child with a pr*stitute? As far as I can see, nivedita is a lovely woman and wife, I don’t think that her saas like her much….but she has a good relationship with her husband…. So……. What other secrets do you think is hidden? I feel for Nivedita though….

  5. Yes,Naz,Atiba is getting confused with names….A few of us ,including me have requested her not to use Anita for Nivedita…but still the same being continued…In this episode there seems to be a problem with the usage of pronouns as well..our writers should understand the importance of conversations ,as they are the ones that define the characters…Coming back to that specific scene ,whereNavedita comes face to face with her husband’s ugly truth,first she thinks that her husband is only into a relationship with Chanda….As expected Arindam gets shocked and embarrassed as well to see his wife there in Chanda’s room ….he tries to explain and introduces Chanda as Shantanu’s mother…..Keeping up her dignity .Nivedita tells her husband that they should go home and discuss . as she doesn’t wish to diccuss about shameful affairs in this terrible place known for its disrepute and disgrace…Snubbed,Arindam walks out ….When Chanda tries to offer an explanation, and looks at her pleadingly ,Nivedita gestures to not say anything.
    Puchki follows the idol maker to his place to see how the Devi ma’s idols will be shaped out of mud collected from Sonakachi….There she gets into a playful argument with the other workers who say that women can not make the idols of the goddess as per the custom…. When they come to know she s from Sonakachi ,their attitude changes and tell her to leave the sacred place at once as she is from dirt ……Furious,Puchki says if she will have to leave this place ,then she will take along with her the mud collected from her place as well ..she asks them how can the mud from her place be pure and sacred when she ,who stays there ,is considered dirty…One of Dada’s deputies passes insensitive remarks and shoves Puchki to stop her from touching the mud….Enraged,Puchki tries to hit him with a stone but dada stops her….
    Nivedita comes out of the room and stops for a moment in the hall to regain her composure …Chanda , concerned about this development and its repercussions on Shan’s future ,follows Nivedita and tries to say something to pacify her….Already hurt at her husband’s betrayal,Nivedita gets enraged and asks her to not dare touch her and warns her not to call her ‘Sister’…..if her intention is to trap her also into some relationship like she has done with her husband ,then she is mistaken., she knows very well what women like her want….they wreck families and marriages by entrapping men.As Chanda looks on helplessly,Nivedita warns her if she is aiming to take her place in Arindam’s life and Haveli by giving her son for adoption ,then she won’t succeed..,Nivedita goes on to taunt that men don’t marry women like her who are just just fit for one night stands….As Chanda starts crying,Nivedita curtly asks her to not show her,her tears as she ,unlike her customers won’t be carried away.When Chanda takes the name of Arindam,Nivedita shouts at her to not take her husbands’s name as she,from a disgraceful place ,is unfit for that….She asks Chanda why could ‘t she catch hold of someone else other than her husband ….Saying that she feels like giving her a tight slap,Nivedita raises her hand ,but Thaku MA ,holds her hand and stops her…
    As Nivedita looks at her inquiringly ,Thaku MA introduces herself and asks Nivedita how dare she is to stand in her house and insult one of the inmates,Chanda ,who is her daughter .Nivedita becoming sarcastic informs her that places like this are not called homes…a place ,to be called a home essentially needs a wife ,husband ,their children and other family members…..this place is not a home but just a ‘Khota’…and she can be none other than ‘Thaku MA ‘ who runs this place because it is evident from the way she is conducting herself and the way she dressed up …this can not be called a home where men are seduced and entrapped …Strongly retaliating ,Thaku MA informs her that no woman seduces a man here as they come and go on their own as there is no need for them to pretend love and no need to care for relationships.when Thaku MA reiterates that they stay there and do business by trading their bodies ,not souls,Nivedita coolly asks her how can she call a place home where there is no marriage bond,no love of a wife and husband and no sindhoor…Unable to bear her taunts,Thaku MA cautions her not to be so proud of her marriage status ,the so called husband’s love ,her sindhoor and society …because if she comes to know about the truth ,she will be shaken to her soul.Asking Nivedita to get out ,Thaku MA says she is taking pity on her pregnant status and keeping quiet….still if she would like to know the truth ,she should go and ask her husband ,not Chanda.
    Chanda tries to take Thaku MA inside,but Nivedita ,still furious ,vents out her anger and frustration at Chanda ….she remarks that she can not believe a woman like Chanda , could trap her husband and succeed in sending her son to Mazumdars family.. Thaku MA tells Chanda not to stop her now as she has decided to deal with this rich woman …She counters Nivedita by saying that the women of Sonakachi never cross their threshold ….even today ,it is not Chanda but she who has come to their place…and taunts Nivedita why she is finding fault with Chanda when men like her husband come to Sonakachi in hordes seeking joys which their wives are unable to give them….Nivedita looks surprised and asks her if she finds Chanda such a noble woman,then why did she go so close to her husband in the room and why did she give birth to a child whose father and family are not known and why is she taking advantage of the guy who has given everything to her son ,including his name..Thaku MA laughs at her and asks her to go and ask her husband who has taken advantage of whom…It was Arindam who had embraced Chanda in the full view of the ‘Khota’….Chanda tries to stop her but there is no stopping Thaku MA……she tells a stunned Nivedita that respectable mem like her husband come there in the dead of night to satisfy their lust and the society in turn gives various dirty tags to women of Sonakachi…Making fun of her and her 12 years of married life,Thaku MA challenges her to confront her husband about Shantanu’s father and whose dirty blood is flowing in his veins…..Stunned,Nivedita asks her what does she mean….Thaku MA tells her bluntly that inspite of his marriage ,Arindam used to come to Chanda every second day ,,finally when she became pregnant ,he stopped coming and ran away from his responsibility but came back years later to take Shantanu as his adopted son…..As Thaku MA declares that Shan is her husband’s own blood,Nivedita stands as if thunderstruck.. Reminding Nivedita that she has been married for 12 years and Shantanu is 1o years old ,Thaku MA asks her to do the calculation herself and evaluate her husband’s loyalty….Reminding her of the saying that everyone has to pay for his / her sins here only ,in this world….,Thaku MA explains how god had punished him for abandoning his baby by not giving him a child all these years out of wedlock and how Sonakachi had looked after her husband’s son all these years for which she should be grateful..
    As Chanda collapses to the ground in despair,Thaku MA ,still not satisfied ,tells Nivedita that Chanda did not ask for anything,….neither for love nor for money….it was Arindam who came begging for Shantanu as he is childless and Chanda didn’t even hesitate to give her son…..Asking Nivedita to get out ,Thaku MA maes it clear that what ever sonakachi is ,they ate not hypocrites like the outside society where her husband belongs to .Calling one of the girls ,Thaku MA tells her to see Nivedita to the door…
    Nivedita Walks out and past the car….Thakuma’s words still ringing in her ears,she collapses and becomes unconscious….
    Naz,even the last two scenes are not there in the update…like Beauty taunting Chanda and calling Shantanu a bastard and Chanda ,unable to tolerate the insult ,attacks her with a knife ….Thaku MA intervenes and stops her ….and Nivedita ,after gaining consciousness tells Arindam that she does n’t want to see his face anymore…

    1. My goodness… What a fabulous explanation. Lakshmi, this is really a disheartening situation to be in, these women living in brothels like SONA KACHI are really unfortunate to have lives like Chanda, how many more as like her too, good at heart but simply unlucky and unfortunate. I was able to walk through every line you wrote and I could feel the emotions of Chanda, Nivedita and Thakur Ma …i shed a tear or two for Chanda and Nivedita’s pain and suffering. Thakur ma earned some respect from me for standing up for Chanda and she’s absolutely right when she says that men comes there in the dead of night to satisfy their lusts and these women aren’t to blame for their husbands infidelities and truth be told, men on the whole are like animals, seldom do we assume a man can ever be satisfied with his wife’s embrace ONLY, he has to stick himself somewhere, anywhere….where he can get his pleasure and the reasons for the existence of these brothels are a forgone conclusion…..its the women whose lives are affected by this practice of their husbands finding comfort in another woman’s arms is what is a very painful thing to know, see or live with. Women of brothels don’t have rights according to society but Thakur ma has defended their profession but the secret is out now and Shan would now be living a life devoid of maternal love although I think that Arindham loves him and would try his best to provide his son with whatever is required for him to never go back to SONA KACHI. If I was in a position of Chanda, I think I would want to die, I’m sure that the years spent with Arindham made her love him but she knows her boundaries and that she can’t ever dream of a life with him and the only reminder of him is her son Shan and she won’t ever see him again is a hard thing to bear… I feel for these characters ???…thanks a zillion for the clarification ?

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