Mere Sai 28th April 2018 Written *Maha* Episode Update: Sai Rescues Devotee And His Belief

Mere Sai 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chand Bhai and Sakharam come to Shirdi to meet Sai. Sakharam asks how you will identity your baba. Chand Bhai says my baba will be found. He hears villagers talking about Dilawar and thinks they are talking about Sai. He asks them about Dwarka Maai. Bheeva tells him the way. Chand Bhai says I will make you meet my Baba. They come to Dwarka Maai. Dilawar thinks who are they? Dilawar tries to see his face and thinks I couldn’t see him clearly, if he is my Baba. Sakharam asks him to help him and says I need your help. Dilawar asks him to go far. Sakharam tells that her ox is lost and says Chand Bhai told that you will help me find it. Dilawar says ok and asks him to pluck his hairs and go home doing this, and then you will get your ox. Chand Bhai says it is a cheap idea and asks what is the relation of hairs and ox. Dilawar says you shall be punished and then only you will get your OX. He asks them to go. Sakharam says we should have brought sweets for him. Chand Bhai says he is not my baba, I can feel him and still recalls him calling me. Sai calls him Chand and says will you go without meeting me. Chand Bhai tries to look at Sai and gets his vision clear. He says I was hopeful to meet you. He gets happy and tells Sakharam that this is my baba. Villagers greet Sai. Chand Bhai asks if this is your name. Sai says people calls me by this name. Chand Bhai says I will call you baba and asks didn’t you forget me. Sai says how can I forget you and says you have brought me to Shirdi.

They sit under the tree. Sakharam tells Sai that Sarja left somewhere, and says he was like my family member. Sai says when you left home for 2 days, Sarja was worried and went insearch of you, but lost the way. He says Sarja worries for you as he don’t know you have returned home. Sakharam asks are you sure. Chand Bhai says you must have behaved like this with it. Sakharam feels guilty and says where I will search it. Chand Bhai asks him to call Sarja and says Bijli (horse) returned because of you. Sai says Sarja will return even if Sakharam calls it, but the voice shall come from his heart. Sakharam calls Sarja. Sarja hears him. Sakharam hears his bell sound. Sai says you both have deep attachment with each other. Sakharam asks Sarja to come there. Sarja (Ox) comes there near Sakharam. Mere Sai plays……Sakharam hugs Sarja, apologizes and cries. Chand Bhai smiles. Sai also smiles. Sakharam thanks Sai and says I will go and inform my family that Sarja is found. He asks Chand Bhai to come. Chand Bhai says I want to stay with Baba for some days. Sakharam says how you will see, your sight is weak. Chand Bhai says my baba is with me. Sakharam touches Sai’s feet and leaves. Sai and Chand Bhai come to Dwarka Maai talking about finding Sarja. Dilawar says so you got the ox and asks do you want to apologize to me.

Chand Bhai says it was a bad trick and says my baba helped Sakharam found his ox. Dilawar laughs and says he can’t help himself, then how can he help you. Chand Bhai says he is an angel and changes even wind. Dilawar laughs and says you know few people, but many people from far comes to meet me and seek help. Chand Bhai says they didn’t know about baba, and says it was good that Sakharam didn’t agree to your saying. He says you are clever and a bad guy. Dilawar holds stick to beat him, but Sai comes infront of Chand Bhai. Dilawar says so you will save him now. Sai says no and tells Chand that they shall never insult anyone, and shall behaves nicely with other. He asks him to tell his point within limitations. He apologizes to Dilawar. Chand Bhai says I will apologize and apologizes to him. Dilawar gets angry and says you don’t have the status to apologize to me. Sai teaching: he asks people to accept their mistake and apologize. Dilawar’s man gives him something and says I will not keep quiet and will punish Chand. Dilawar says you will not do anything, and tells that if you want to do something then break Chand’s trust on Sai. His man asks how? Dilawar tells something.

Chand Bhai and Sai are sitting on a side. Chand searches something. Dilawar’s man asks what is he searching. Chand says he needs utensils to serve Sai, but there is no utensil here. Dilawar’s man says I know Kumar’s house, you can buy some utensils for him. He takes him outside. Chand and the man are walking and come near the cliff. Chand says I got my bijli because of Baba. Man says he might have stolen your horse and then pretend to find it. Chand says you wouldn’t have talked like that, if you had known my baba. Man stops him and says this is dhongi’s work. Chand says my life got better after baba came in my life and until he is in my life, nothing will happen to me. Man says nobody helps others, even family members wont. Chand says my baba will help me. Man asks if your baba will help you if you jump in the cliff. Chand says my baba will come. Man laughs. Chand says I will jump. Man tries to stop him and says you will die. Chand says you have raised a question on my belief, and I will not stop now. He walks towards cliff talking Sai’s name. Man tries to stop Chand and says you will die.

Chand says today I will test my belief. He drops his stick and walks behind, and falls in the valley. Man tries to stop him and sees him falling down. He feels guilty. Sai opens his eyes. Chand Bhai takes Sai’s name while falling down. Sai forwards his hand sitting in Dwarka Maai and catches Chand Bai in his hand. He brings Chand Bhai up. Chand Bai’s vision is back also completely. Chand Bai sees Sai’s impression on the cloud.

Man comes back to Dilawar and says Sai’s bhakt Chand Patel jumped in the valley, and says no doubt that he is dead. Dilawar laughs aloud. He says whatever happened with that fool was suitable, he had to die and came to know about this real fakeer’s truth. He laughs, but stops laughing Chand Bhai coming there. He scolds his man for lying to him. Man nods no. Chand Bhai comes there. Man says I saw him jumped in the valley and says don’t know how he is saved. Chand Bhai says my baba has saved me. Dilawar says he didn’t move from my sight and you said that he saved you. Do you want to fool me. He picks a stick to beat Chand Bhai. Chand Bhai holds the stick and throws it far. He comes to Sai and tells him you have saved my life, made my vision cleared and also made my belief true. He says I will make you have sweets with my hands. Om Sai plays…

Sai eats sweets with his hand. Man tells Dilawar that he fell down in the valley and got saved and became fine. Dilawar thinks he is fakeer by just looks and is not less. Chand Bhai tells Sai that I am leaving from Dwarka Maai that you are always with me. Sai asks him not to give proof to your belief and says whatever you have done is not Bhakti. He says you can’t risk your life, whoever loves me shall be fine, have patience, helpful etc. Chand apologizes and says I will not do such mistakes again, you will always be my guru. Om Sai plays…..

Blacksmith comes to Sai and tells about his son’s problem. Sai treats him with Vibhuti. Dilawar asks him to have medicine given by him. Sai smiles.

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