Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kidnaps Arohi

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
JD says can we live like a family? Ahan says read these papers. I have filed in court that if anything happens to PAnkti you will be responsible for it. He says how can I do anything? Ahan says I know you got her kidnapped. JD says stop this drama. I don’t know where she is. You tell me where she is.
Pankti says to Udhay how did Ahan get this idea? He says yes we got this idea.

Ahan and Udhay were looking for Pankti. AHan found her. He hugs her. He says where were you lost? i was so scared. She says you two were so busy. I thought I shouldn’t disturb. She said you thought I got kidnapped. He says for papers you have to get lost like you did. You will live at Udhay’s place and we will blame JD. We have to do this for property papers.

Ahan says to JD you will pay for your sins. He laughs and says you are such an idiot. Because of Sheetal I was ignoring all this butt enough. Police even saw she was with you. You tell us where is Pankti. Jd says there is a police complaint against you too. Ahan plays recording of Anita. He said JD forced me write this complaint against you. Ahan says why are you silent now? Scared?

Pankti sits in window. She reads the letter Ahan wrote her.
Ahan says Virkram is a witness when Anita said all this.. JD says now you will say I have stooped low. Listen now everything is fair in love and war. You took my pankti from me so I did all this. He says to Ahan’s mom ask him to stop this drama and give me pankti back. Ahan says everything wont be like what you want. You can’t do anything. If you harm pankti I will ruin your life. I know you got her kidnapped. I am not scared of your drama. Ahan leaves.

Ahan comes to Sheetal and says I am sorry mom. We have to make this sinner pay for his sins. I need your prayers. JD comes to his room. He says if i didn’t kidnap her who did.
He calls Senha and says where is Pankti. You have been looking for her for days now. Someone has kindapped her. Ahan did this to hide her. Ask everyone and look everywhere.

Scene 2
Arohi calls Deep and says how can you care for those devils. Arohi says I want to meet you. He says I wan to meet you too. She says okay I will tell you time and place.
Prithvi says I have to do something. He hides his birth mark that vedika has too.

JD finds a microphone in his books. He says you thought you can take Pankti from me? She is my property and no one can take her from me. He breaks it.

Chawnai says he tried killing you too. Aorhi says I will come in front of him if only he tells his emotions.
Arohi comes to deep and says I am so fat I can’t fit in my clothes. She says are you going somewhere?? He says yes goinng for some work. Take care. he leaves. Tara says this means he doesn’t love Tara. Otherwise he would have told her.

Arohi comes to meet Deep. She says I made this kheer for you. If you want me to delete this video I will. Remember when I made this video for you as Kesari. You remembered Arohi. Deep recalls his moments. Arohi says I was always yours. Be mine too. Deep says I have always done this for my family. Arohi says I know its difficult for you but live for yourself now. Deep syas you are right. We should only think about ourselves. He throttles her and gives her an injection. She faints. Deep says I am sorry. What you want couldn’t happen. Chawani looks in. He says he will kill deep. I have to save her. Chawani calls his friends.

Deep puts Arohi in his carr and leaves. Chawani follows them. Deep brings Arohi to a place. He says hello Arohi. I sent you to jail so you can live there but you dont’ want peace. You came back to life. Arohi says you took everyone from me. I tried hating you. Deep says if you love me then why are you ruinging my family. She says you took my family too but you love me anyway. We are meant to be together. She says I have proof of your love. He says you have gone mad. She says you kept me alive every time. You kept me alive because you know you can’t live without me. he says you have to die now. He points gun at her. Chawani and his friends are outside. Deep says I dont wanna kill you. I have promised roma that I will bring you to her. She says what about the promises you made for her. He slaps her and says enough. You have only one hour after that you have to die. Chawnai says make a plan in this one hour.

Chawani calls deep as tara and says please deep come here I need help. Deep replies I am going to airport to meet mummy ji.

Virat hits punching bag. Prithvi comes and says what happened. Virat says why are you here. He says lets fight together. He punches Prithvi and prithvi defends. They punch each other. Virat hits Prithvi bad.
Arohi says you can’t decide if you want to kill me. i know you love me. Deep says i don’t love you. She says I can’t see you dying and so can’t you. You never had love. they don’t love you. Roma keeps you as a weapon. Deep slaps her and says not a single more word.

Prithvi comes to his room. Virat says lets drink together. Prithvi takes off his bandaid. There is blood. Virat saays are you the same man who has that mark and who is vedika’s father? Prithvi says shame on you for blaming me with all. You have blaming your mom.
Arohi says you slapped me thhen why are you upset? Deep covers her face. He says enough.

Chawani texts I have met an accident. Please come. Deep calls roma and says I am coming with a good news. He says get ready to die Arohi.
Precap-Roma comes to Arohi and says you have to die. She shoots her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. is it tara whom she shoots?? or a dream sequence of deep!

    1. It’s sure to be a dream of deep??

    2. Hai Saras.may be its a arohi dream.

  2. i dont have anything 2 say compltly dissapointed wth Deep

    1. Hai lutfa.

      1. Hae Rhivanya

  3. I wish precap Deep ka day dream ho ?????

    1. Hai wish also.

  4. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Nabs,Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry, Lufta, Arohi &Deep

    Today Arohi spoke out everything that we were discussing about Deep,,,, all were true,, He loves Arohi but he gives his priority to loyalty first though they treat him as their servant and nothing more than that,,,, I love the scene when Deep slaps Arohi and sees she got hurt and he feels her pain,,, Man you love her so much then why don’t you wake up and see what’s happening around you,,,, Your mummy ji will kill you too one day
    I hope Arohi manages to escape tomorrow and definitely she will because she is the protogonist ?
    Virat will definitely dig out the truth soon about Prithvi…

    1. Most of the commenters names start with S here. I m back to read comments again. Deep doesn’t trust Tara at all so does Virat. The last scene always creates suspense for nexy episode. Aarohi is doubted at least twice a week since the time she came to Deep’s house as Kesari. But since three months (nearly) they didn’t catch her with a perfect proof. How many days can she stay there? It looks dragging but still there are mysteries behind Ridhi’s disappearance and Roma’s connection with Prithvi. What will they show when only Ardeep stay in London? Just Romance between enemies (at present)! Her plans to kill Deep and Virat always result flop.

    2. Hi Sathya yeah I loved the way deeps face changed when he slapped her but also I was mad at deep for slapping aarohi for roma.. by the way agree with u roma tried to kill deep at first too remember sending virat to kill deep aarohi and nikku..he has been treated worser than a dog and servent even though he is the son in law and deep yet becomes the loyal faithful dog. to be honest loyal more than a dog, dog’s also have something called self respect but deep has nothing of that sort???? why should aarohi bother trying to kill them can’t she handover the proofs and end this stupid revenge track but no cvs have to make this extended

    3. hi Sathya…. i am angry that Deep slapped Arohi at all, lol. the only other person that Deep hits like that is Virat, whose words hurt him a lot too…. but i suppose Arohi was telling a lot of hard truths that he didnt want to hear. i just dont understand how Arohi can ever trust this guy who keeps shooting her and kidnapping her. i am sure Arohi has planned something for her escape

    4. Hai sathya. Agree with you.

  5. I assume Roma will shoot Arohi,, Roma and Deep will return seeing Arohi dead,,, But somehow Arohi will manage to escape and will again return as Tara to the home,,, I think it’s Arohi’s plan to take Deep to London (why london ??) to murder him and she would be failed anyways (as the hero too cannot die so soon ?),,, maybe after that she will send Deep to jail with the photos she taken while Deep burying vedika
    Just guessing and not sure how the story will actually go

    1. I didn’t see arohi really took photo when deep buried vedika ????

    2. May be you are correct.

  6. I don’t know what to say deep really you suck !! DEEP §§§***§§####§!!!! I’m so angry at him what is this dog really he slap arohi ?? i don’t belive that i want to see her revenge i hope she will make him worst than the evil can do.

  7. if deep starts helping arohi leaving his loalty there will be no difference between other serials n this….
    though deep loves arohi soo much he supreses it… n just delivers his duty… vahi to special hai yahan…

    i m yet to watch the episode… will comment again after watching..

    romas charecter is inspired by indrani mukharji??????

    1. hi saras, i agree with what you said. at first i was hoping that Deep was working behind Roma all this time and that will be the big reveal, but sadly no. Deep is a dog to Roma and he is also the hero opposite Arohi. i dont like this much, but that is the story and i have accepted it. at least Deep is not a complete devil like Roma or even Virat. he has a heart, its just that his heart is useless lol….. anyways, the way Arjun acts, i am sure when the change in Deep’s character happens, it will be impactful and tremendous…. nice thinking that Roma’s character is inspired by indrani mukherjee. horrible to think that people like that exist in real life 🙁 🙁

  8. Hello friends.
    Happy Sunday.
    I love today episode.
    Perfectly suitable the title ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN.

  9. Deera hug.ardeep scene.both are start with sweet(kheer) and sweet words. But deep no fall in arohi words.

  10. Is precap true. How deep protect arohi.

  11. Putting Roma, Viraat,Deep, Prithvi in bars can be still done by Aarohi but what about proving her innocence to law
    Has she collected evidences of her innocence

  12. sure the precap to be deeps day dream..they dream too much why can’t they stay in reality..the antagonist sees no nightmares only the protagonist sees nightmares LOL?? like husdband luke wife??loved today’s epi….London has become intakaam ki may. May 7 aalishas birthday date? but why London whom to kill whom deep aarohi or aarohi deep??? there’s going to be no intakaam even the manali track said many things only things which were filled with lies?? unless someone comes and sparks love and clears the confusion amid Ardeep..and mahasangam was no real mahasangam I just watched the start and realized they were just fooling around with us so I changed the channel and started watching pk movie??? there are no Ardeer scenes only deepra scenes which is anyway arsha scenes?? but the pain and hidden emotions in deeps eyes is too emotional..even aarohi notices it but doesn’t pay much heed to it but continues to repeat u love me..poor deep fearing his emotions will cone out shuts aarohis mouth?? the way loved the keer scene it was a starter as a date and ended up as a disaster?? the FBs? but then deep injects her after she faints he expresses his love really he was hurt but no he has to be loyal?they should have shown deep as a dog after all..he could have been a dog in his before janam?? but I’m confused must deep confess his emotions to her after she faints..can’t he just send her far away..after aarohi faints was the scene which shows the ishq and passion?? but aarohi has no idea of it she has to be unconscious by the way chawanni was there couldn’t even he see that scene?

    1. Wow ……really.May 7 alisha’s birthday….Even my birthday too May 7…I am so happy…

  13. hi everyone…. i didnt see the first part since i start watching from 7:30 only, dont know why they have to mash up scenes when tu ashiqui and immj stories do not interact at all, what kind of mahasangam is this? and guys, did you see tu ashiqui update? the updater did a good job and didnt include any immj scenes there, so its only TA story. wish it would be same here….
    coming to today’s epi, it was ok. i didnt expect Deep to support Arohi so i wasnt much upset. it was funny when he tied her mouth to shut her up since her words were too much the truth and Deep couldnt bear to listen to them…. i am hundred percent sure the precap is false. chawanni was going to msg Deep about Tara’s accident and Deep will leave so that chawanni can help Arohi escape…..
    i am surprised that Virat is working his brains so much lol. at first i thought he had some sample (hair maybe) of Vedika and he will get DNA matching of Prithvi’s blood with that….. that didnt happen but he is atleast questioning Prithvi and am sure soon he will find out. I just wish that before Virat kills Prithvi, Prithvi finds out that Vedika is dead and reveals some secrets of Roma. then it will be perfect

    1. Hai dhara.agree with you.what are you said.

  14. Helloo everyone…..
    Well l miss today’s episode. …But according to the update it was good episode
    woww……..this deep is to good to hide his emotions ……loved virat today. ….still
    doubting roma……
    I have one question. ..why arohi came in front of deep? ??????
    Actually ……..Sorry guys l missed lot of episodes……So lot of questions

    1. Hai r u? this website give a clear update.

  15. Im confused y cant immj air on all 7 days like that belan wali bahu? about the precap
    1 it has to be a dream
    2 if its not a dream how will deep save aarohi
    3who will save aarohi
    4 if its chawanni how will he save aarohi
    5 will deep save aarohi
    6 how does the track comes to london
    7 what about nikku
    8 is ridhi in london??
    9 deep called roma if she arrives what will he do
    10 will deep tke aarohi to london
    Im nearly dead after the chase to search of answers..why cant immj show the ahow without so many mystery confusion i understand its a thriller and im thrilled with these thrillers but y should it be soo confusin they never answer tge questions soo many questions are still incomplete

    1. Latest buzz is that Aarohi will instigate Deep against Roma and Virat in London. She will reveal herself as Aarohi and cheat him just like he did. Most of the gossips are filled with this info.

      1. i hope this is true

      2. ??? hope it’s true and deep to reform

    2. Hai nabs.lot of questions my mind also.

  16. btw i liked the dialogues where Deep asks Arohi: ‘if you love me so much then why you are destroying my family?’
    to which Arohi replies: ‘you too loved me but destroyed my family. i am doing the same to you what you did to me, but that doesnt change the fact that i love you…’
    twisted, but maybe be Deep will start to believe that Arohi really loves him still

  17. One day I was asked if deep knows arohi alive what will he do kill,love,torture arohi.
    Aey ladka sab kuch kar raha hai.still I can’t understand him.

  18. I like this dialog:
    Arohi said:”Apni biwi batha nahi rahi hai uske sowthan say milne ja raha ho”
    Deep said:”May tumhaari bhaari kaisa sooch saktha hoon tum to meri sooch may nahi thi”

  19. Ardeep

    I think bullet will hit arohi and she will acting to be dead and when Roma and deep will leave from there she will take the bullet out and go home to celebrate with them and virat will reveal the truth of Roma and Prithvi

  20. thx rhivanya… for the kinks…

    i know what would happen…. this chawanni n party will do something like calling police or so n divert deeps attention n free arohi…

    1. Chawani help arohi.but precap.

  21. Deep slap Aarohi for roma seriously .Ardeep scene was awesome specially deep eyes he say aarohi that he kill her but his eyes says everything. Alisha you are so beautiful whatever you wearing looking princess

    1. Hai zain.yes Alisha looking so beautiful. I also want deep open the eyes.

  22. In starting i really like deep character when they reveal deep as a villain i really like his character when they come in Mumbai deep become mummy ji loyal dog being arjun fan i didn’t like it i want him to play powerful role

    1. Hai sathya.Tara is’s a happy news for me.she back in London Track mean very very very happy news for me.

    2. not sure how authentic is the news…i think tara turns revengefull towards deep as he shot her… very nice if that happens…

    Ardeep dance in London shoot.both are so cute.

    1. Hi Rhivanya your way to ahead than me i wanted to give the link but u were faster than me even the deleted scene great job????

  24. so cuteeeeee i hope he know this is arohi not tara

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