The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 3

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She walks into Bulbul’s room. “Tell me one thing Bulbul….. When will you stop pasting his photos on your walls?”

Bulbul “I love him Didi. He is handsome and one of the hot unmarried men in the tinsel town.”

“So?” She asked which made Bulbul gasped.

Bulbul “You won’t understand all this. Until I meet him in person, I won’t take off this photos.”

“What? Does that mean you will continue this for life long ah?”

Bulbul “Don’t be negative. Mark my words, I will meet him and make him understand that I was born for him.”

“Only God will have to save you from him. You and your banterings will make him run away from you. I am sure about that Bulbul.” She replied with her arms folded.

Bulbul walked away and Pragya looked at the time.

“Why did he asked me to come to his house? Now it’s 3 pm. He asked me to come at 5 pm. If I tell this to Bulbul, she will surely stop me from going there. What am I suppose to do now?” She worried looking at the time.

She decides to lie to Bulbul and visit Abhi. She is still unsure of why Abhi is behaving in this way towards her.

She managed to lie to Bulbul that she is having some work and left her house.

She came 10 minutes earlier and looking at the decorations of the house, she looked around in confusion.

“Am I at the right address? This looks like some function is gonna happen.” She wondered as she step further inside the house.

Abhi saw her and flashed his wide smile.

“Why is she smiling crazily like this?” She wondered and walks towards him.

It was absolute silent with the whole house decorated with bright colored flowers.

Abhi “Welcome, Ms Pragya! Glad to meet you here.”

“Okay but why did you call me?” She asked looking confused.

Abhi “For some matters to come to an end from my side and some matters to begin from your side.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand Mr Abhi.” She replied.

Abhi grinned and asked her to follow him.

“I have some appointment later. I need to leave soon. So…..” She hesitated.

Abhi “I know you need to report to your sister. Trust me I won’t have you here for too long. It’s just for sometime you have to be here. Nothing else Ms Pragya.”

She looks back at him blankly and nods her head as a yes to stay back.

She followed him and reached a function hall that was very pleasantly decorated with flowers and dim lighting. She also saw a stage set up there.

” What’s all this?” She asked and he said “Please take a sit and enjoy the show.”

“Show??” She asked back giving a perplexed look.

Abhi “The show can begin now!” He tells loudly and smiles at her.

She couldn’t understand anything he is doing.

Within a few minutes, she saw puppets on the stage.

An excited Pragya asked “Puppet show???”

Abhi “Yes Ms Pragya. I want you to watch it and tell me something later.”

She was too excited to hear all that. She liked puppet shows from young and was now all ready to watch it.

Pragya smiled widely and when the show beginned with the puppets dancing to an old hindi song, it was irresistible for her to sing the song. The song name is Jahan Main Jatti Hoon. This is the video link:

Abhi smiles all the while seeing her excitement and how much she loves to watch puppet show.

At the end of the show, she looked at Abhi and smiled even more.

Abhi “Now let me ask you something.”

Pragya now wondered why he had all the while been standing and watching the show. The place was spacious enough and chairs are also in place for him to sit as well. As she was thinking that, he then sat opposite to her. This made her slightly uncomfortable as his intense gaze is always something that made her bothered.

Abhi “You enjoyed the puppet show well right?”

She nods her head in response and looks at him.

Abhi “Alright now tell me who are you to me?”

Pragya “Stranger.”

Abhi “Yes right. Then why are you after me?”

Pragya “You are an interesting individual so….” She hesitates to tell further.

Abhi “Thank you for finding me interesting. But why am I interesting only to you?”

Pragya “Who said so? Even my sister finds you interesting.”

Abhi “But she never come after me na. You are the one who is after me and trying to find about me.”

“This is going on wrong track Pragya. What if he says I like you in a few seconds.” She tells to herself.

Abhi “I don’t like you!” He says in a serious tone.

She let a sigh of relief hearing it which made Abhi raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“That’s all right? It’s okay. I won’t follow you anymore. I won’t disturb you!” She quickly says and tries to stand up when he pulls her down back to sit.

“What are you doing Mr Abhi?” She asked sounding furious of his action. 

Abhi “It’s not done yet.”

“I don’t understand what else is there to talk now. I now know that you don’t like me as I had followed you. Yes I know it’s not right to follow a person and interfere in their privacy. I am extremely sorry for that.” She replied firmly.

Abhi “Did I ask for an apology now? No right?”

She was now getting irritated as he is not coming straight to the point.

Seeing her irritation, he said “I said I don’t like you. Yes I don’t like you for not doing what you like to your full potential. Why are you always hesitant in doing what you like?”

Pragya “Huh? What are you saying now?”

Abhi “Listen carefully. You are following me with hesitance. I know you like your job and like to find interesting news. I know I am not of a great piece of news but somewhere in your heart I made an impression of being interesting. Eventually, that impression had made you feel I am an interesting person.”

“It’s true of what he is saying. I am always hesitant to follow him and whenever I follow him, I tried to be very careful about it.” She thought.

Abhi “I would like to give you an offer now.”

“Offer? For what?” She asked in complete confusion.

Abhi “Well, either you have to follow me wholeheartedly if not I will teach you how to follow me!”

Pragya “What kind of an offer is this? What’s the rationale behind your offer? It doesn’t make sense at all.”

Abhi “Why are you raising your voice like me now?”

Pragya “I have to as your words seems like, you are liking me and you want me to follow you!”

Abhi in a husky tone, “Well, if you say so then it could be that way….”

Pragya “I am leaving. And haan I won’t follow you anymore. There are more important issues to be covered in this society besides you.”

She says fiercely and leaves from there.

Abhi tells himself  “Not bad Abhi, that’s fast and you made her decide not to follow you anymore. This is why you are an interesting individual who instill what you want into others’ minds.”

Pragya who was now heading to her house was mentally scolding Abhi for behaving in this way.

” I know he is an angry young man. But today he was different and I didn’t like it. How can he behave this way to me? Was he liking me for following him? What the hell! I wanted to ask him so many things. Who is that Geeta? Why was he angry at me when it’s not my fault that day! Now he make me feel so much irritated with his gentle tone of words to the extent that all I wanted to do was leave from there.” She said to herself and decides not to follow him anymore.

Once she reaches home, Bulbul looks at her suspiciously.

Pragya quickly tries to go to her room but she was blocked by Bulbul.

Bulbul” Looking at your face, I can tell you went to see him!”

Pragya made a O shaped mouth in shock of how easily her sister guessed where she had went.

Bulbul “How many times I told you not to meet him and now tell me everything that happened over there.”

She ordered her sister and Pragya had no choice other than telling everything that happened. Bulbul looks seriously at her sister. 

“What am I supposed to do now? She will surely scold me now.” Pragya thought by giving a sheepish smile to her sister. 

Bulbul “You have not eaten right? Go and have your dinner first.”

Pragya nods her head and left to have her dinner. 

After Dinner, 

Bulbul “I have to tell you something important Didi. You won’t belive me but I have to tell you this.”

Pragya “What is it?” 

Bulbul “Before he ask you to come and meet him, he first asked my permission.”

Pragya shrieked “What??? He asked your permission? Why did you never tell me before?”

Bulbul “Chill! I never tell you before as I thought of giving you a thrill of meeting him. Anyways you like to follow him na….”

Pragya “Like seriously Bulbul! I don’t like to follow him. He was just an interesting subject for me to write on. That’s all!” 

Bulbul “That’s all? Then why are you so much worried about him talking to you in a different way?” 

Pragya “I am not worried. And you better don’t talk to that man. He is completely crazy and he doesn’t deserve to be a person to be publicised.”

Bulbul “Teek hai. I believe you and is that all?” 

Pragya took a deep breath and nods her head as yes. 

Bulbul smirks and says “He was right. You are very funny in your anger.”

Pragya “Did he say that? Why should he say like that? My anger is more dangerous than his. You know right Bulbul?” 

Bulbul turns away and smiles more. She is unable to hide her smile.  

Pragya “Wait a moment. What else did he say? Now I feel like both of you had a long conversation.”

Bulbul “Nothing like that. Don’t over imagine Didi.”

Pragya “Then look at me and tell. Why are you facing the window there?” 

Bulbul faces her and say “Don’t over imagine. He was only telling that you will get angry at the end of the day and will look funny in your anger as you don’t know how to be angry.”

Pragya “Who is he to tell that I look funny in my anger? I will call him now and show my anger.”

She stomps to her room and takes her mobile phone to call him. 

Bulbul says “Didi, he won’t pick up calls now!” 

Pragya “Why? Does he keep his phone inside his anger ah?” 

Bulbul “No Didi. He doesn’t like using phone in the nights. And you are the one who told me that. Remember?” 

Pragya “Haan….but how do you remember it?” 

Bulbul “Because I am not angry now to forget about it. Don’t you remember what you said before that anger makes you forget the small things you remember of.”

Pragya “Yes….” 

Bulbul smiles and said “Maybe this is the time for you not to follow him anymore. I know how much of effort you had put in to collect information about him. Don’t think it will go in waste as all this is all a learning experience Didi.” 

Pragya remained silent and Bulbul gave a hug saying “You are the best Didi and you know that too!”

Pragya breaking the hug said “Thanks and I have made my mind now to focus on a different issue. Perhaps on something more useful to the society rather than on a single person.”

Bulbul “That’s like my girl! Now no one will interfere or stop you from becoming the best.”

Pragya smiles and says she is feeling sleepy already. 

Bulbul then sees her going to room to sleep. 

Inside Pragya’s room, 

Pragya looking at the mirror thinks the first time she saw Abhi and how she was interested in knowing about him. She smiles thinking of the times she secretly follows him by covering herself in burka. 

“It’s not easy to not follow him. Everytime I followed him, I was finding something new about him. Some new aspect to his character was revealed to me. I admired each and every character of his. I don’t find any flaws in him so far. This is not common in all men. Usually men have flaws and then women are the ones who make them flawless. In his case, his flawlessness is something needs to be admired of. I would love to admire that all my life. How can I not follow him now and stop myself from admiring him?” She asks herself. 

And then she reminds of today of his changed behaviour. This was unusual. The way he behaved and the way Bulbul tried to convince her to not follow him all seems to be superficial. 

“I know Bulbul is always against my motive on following him but why do I felt today she was different. What did he really spoke to Bulbul. Is there something more than what she told me? I know it’s hard to get the truth out from her. What shall I do now to know the truth?” She thinks and walks to and fro in her room.

What will Pragya do now? To know that, Please wait for next weekend. Thank you so much for the support and I am very grateful to all of you who spent your valuable time in reading this. 

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