Mere Sai 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Reunites Eknath’s Family

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Mere Sai 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai confronts Shantaram and Usha that they kicked Eknath out of his own house and he did not utter anything, he even gave them his whole life’s savings, but they insulted him just because they felt a bit uneasy after his return home. Shantaram and Usha apologize Eknath and say even god will not forgive their sins. Sai continues that if parents forgive them, even god will forgive them, parent’s insult is like insulting god. He continues his moral gyaan while Shantaram and Usha cry vigorously. Usha and Shantaram apologize Eknath again and say he does not have to go anywhere from here, it is his house and he should stay here, they will go from here instead. Nirmala says nobody is going from here, they all will live here happily hereon. Eknath says Nirmala is right. They both hug Eknath and Nirmala. Eknath then walks to Kaustuth and thanks him. Kaustuth says he just wants to see baba happy and he knows Baba’s happiness is staying with his family, but even he is baba’s son and baba has to promise to come to his house soon. Eknath promises. Shantaram thanks Kaustuth for his help. Kaustuth says they both are baba’s sons and he just did his duty. Once he leaves, Shantaram promises Sai that he will take care of his parents like they used to in his childhood and returns Eknath’s pension money. Eknath says he has right on it, so he can keep it. Nirmala says they will keep this money for Ananand’s better future. Sai says she is right. Anand thanks Sai for returning his grandparents to him. Sai then gives moral gyaan about value of parents and how to lead a happier life by keeping parents happy, etc.

At Dwarkamayi, Sai hears crow’s kaw kaw and says he knows guests are coming to Shirdi, so he is preparing something today. In some village, Pari’s aunt asks her daughters Prajakta and Geeta to pack their clothes as they are going to their uncle’s house. She asks her son Balram help his sisters. Balram says he does not want to. Sai prepares upma. Pari with her friends walk in and asks what is he doing. He says cooking upma. She says she has a good news, her aunt with cousin sisters and brother Balram is coming, before shifting to Shirdi, they used to stay in same house and enjoy a lot. She starts praising Balram with his hard work and lively nature, jokes and he is the one who taught her all the jokes she cracks. Sai says even he wants to meet Balram after hearing her. She describes Balram’s joke and says she has to return home. Sai asks her to have upma and go. Pari says she would love to, but need to rush home soon.

Pari’s aunt scolds Balram for getting too lazy and not doing any work, if he cannot help siste,r at least he should go and bring a bullock cart. They then travel towards Shirdi, mother tells Balram to behave at uncle’s house and when he gets a job for him, he should work without questioning. Balram gets angry and scolds bullock cart drive to drive carefully. Driver says cart shakes on rocky road. They reach Shirdi. Balram gets down and says he will come later. Mother asks how will he come without knowing uncle’s house address. He says he will ask someone and come. They reach Pari’s house where her parents greets them and ask about Balram. Mother says he has gone to bring sweets as she forgot to get sweets from home. Pari’s parents say they are family, there was no need for formality. Mother prays god that Balram gets something. Balram wanders in Shirdi thinking how to go to his uncle’s house without taking anything and reaches Dwarkamayi.

Precap: Balram asks Sai if he can give some money. Sai says he does not have any money, but Balram can go home by delivering this food pot at someone’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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