Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti hands her flowers bouquet to Pari

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. Mishti stood at Veer’s place. She insults that Veer is a disgraceful person, he is taking revenge from her using her sister. Naina says she warned Veer to stay away from this girl. Veer asks if Mishti wasn’t ashamed when she ran an affair with his best friend. Pari already loved Rohan, and had all the right to know what was going on between Mishti and Rohan. He is surprise Mishti couldn’t see the love in Pari’s eyes, even when he could see that. Mishti says it’s none of his business what she does or not; Veer must stay in his own limits. Naina tells Mishti to stay in her limits, she shouldn’t have involved their family if she finally had to love Rohan. Mishti says she is already silent, it’s Veer who is speaking. Naina is a woman herself, and still lets her son insult a girl. She warns Veer to stay away from her family, else it would be worst for him. He tries to speak, but Mishti reminds him of her slap. She is amazed of his audacity, if he thought they would bring a difference between Mishti and Pari; unfortunately he was wrong and only knew half of truth. He didn’t keep the respect of the matter that they had been together for a year. Mishti walks away.
The next morning, Mishti lay in her bed awake and watches Pari asleep. Her alarm bell rings. Soon there was a door bell. Mishti goes to answer at the door. There was a parcel for Mishti, a bouquet of red flowers. Mishti reads the note attached “Mishti you are prettier than these flowers, the heartbeat of this heart, my prayers, my ritual, my craziness; I am because of you only”. Mishti thinks about her love for Rohan. She gets Rohan’s call but doesn’t attend. Rohan dials her number once again. Mishti takes the call. Rohan asks its been 172800 seconds since he saw her in past two days, he is head over heels in love with her. He doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He is impatient, coming back tonight and will speak to Radhika. Mishti cries silently. Rohan asks what’s wrong. Mishti says they will speak once he is back. Mishti thinks their dreams can never be fulfilled, they can never be one at least in this life. Pari comes from behind and complements the flowers. Mishti says the delivery boy brought them but there is no name written on it. She decides to keep them outside the door. Radhika says what if Rohan has sent them. Pari stares at Dadi. Radhika says she couldn’t hide it from her sister. Mishti hands the bouquet to Pari with a wide smile. Pari happily goes to the room. Mishti cries in the hall.

In the room, Pari decorates the flowers on her bed side table. Mishti wipes her tears and goes to the room. Pari was smiling while on her bed. She asks Mishti if the flowers look good here and swirls around with Mishti. She was elated and couldn’t wait for Rohan to return. Pari wonders how and what she would say to Rohan once he is back. She thought she knew Rohan well, he was a good person, with a cheerful nature and encourages everyone. She never knew he was so shy. She brings the ‘I love you’ card to Mishti that Mishti had left in Rohan’s room. Mishti tells Pari that Love is very precious, she must nurture her love with great care. Not everyone is lucky to have love in life, and Pari is lucky to have love in her fate. Pari hugs Mishti after which Mishti leaves the room.

Veer was getting ready in his room. Naina passes from outside his room. Veer goes to his parent’s room and spots Naina give a huge amount of money to his father. Naina tells him to hand over the money and get themselves freed. Veer wonders if the money is related to that phone call. He follows his father.

Pari was getting ready and asks Mishti if she doesn’t have to go. Mishti says she get wet yesterday and has a little head ache. Pari touches her forehead and notices she didn’t have a fever. She discuss with Mishti about her tight schedule and heads to leave, then walks towards the bouquet and plucks a red rose from it with a smile. Mishti asks Pari if Arnav is going with her. Pari says Arnav has to learn all the work with her. She stuffs the flower in her bag. Pari apologizes Mishti for last night. Mishti says the matter is closed now. Pari reminds Mishti about her classmate Gattu whom she always fought. She tells Mishti that Gattu was transferred here and might come to meet them, she asks Mishti to attend that Gattu well. Mishti asks about Gattu’s real name but Pari says she didn’t ask his real name. After Pari had left, Mishti cries watching the flower bouquet.

PRECAP: Veer reaches the godown and figures out that his parents got Mishti kidnapped. Some policemen hold him at gun point, saying he is under arrest. Veer comes to Mishti and apologizes for what his family did to her, she can give her statement against his family; they should definitely get punished.

Update Credit to: Sona

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