Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha takes bhadrakali form.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha taking his divya krishna avatar. kirti bids farewell to radha in her sleep and she goes. At night, kanha in his Krishna avatar goes to kirti. Kirti does pranam prabhu and says I am grateful for your darshan purn avatar Krishna. Krishna smiles and he takes away the life of kirti. Kirti’s body lies on a rock and Krishna blesses kirti. Kirti goes back in her original devi form and thanks kanha for giving her salvation. Kirti goes to gau lok, where she belongs as she is free from her curse.

Radha comes and she sees kirti dead. Radha gets angry and says whoever has taken my mother’s life, I request you to give my mother’s life back otherwise this universe shall be destroyed and you will be responsible for it and in a world where I don’t have my mother and her love, I shall destroy it. the world torments and radha says why doesn’t anyone answer? It means everyone knows who has killed mother. Radha gets angry and she takes bhadrakali form.

Narad muni says prabhu, what shouldn’t have happened is happening. Radha’s anger has taken bhadrakali form.

Radha takes her weapon and walks through the forests in anger. As she walks, everything tremors and radha starts destruction. the gods say we should go and pray to mata shakti’s avatar and calm down radha, then the world will be saved. The gods appear in front of radha and say mata… radha attacks fire on the gods. The gods go back to swarg lok in time. radha walks in anger and starts destroying and comes to the villages. The people run in fear.

Shani dev says no one can stop mata kali except from my prabhu paramavatar shri Krishna.

There kanha goes and stops radha and says bhadrakali stop this destruction. kali says no it will not stop, my mother was taken away from me, this wont stop. Kanha says he bhadrakali what happened was written in destiny and no one could stop it. bhadrakali says I don’t know anything about that, I just know I want the love of my mother back and unless I get it everything shall be destroyed and no one shall be safe, not even you paramavatar shri Krishna. radha starts her destruction again. kanha takes his divya avatar of Krishna and he stops radha, he explains to her the necessity of the death of her mother kirti as she would be free from the curse and it had to happen. When kirti’s dwapar yug self, understood that her death was required even kirti bid radha farewell at night and her residence is gau lok, where she has gone back as the curse has been broken now. radha is calmed down by kanha and she takes back her human form. Radha goes home sad.

The guru’s of kanha tell him that he has to now gain the sudarshan chakra by himself and for that he shall meditate on the gomantak mountain to get the sudarshan chakra. Kanha understands and he meditates on the gomantak mountain. Lord Vishnu summons Prabhu Parshuram and tells him to take the sudarshan chakra and give it to kanha. After kanha’s meditation is over, parshuram goes and gives kanha the sudarshan chakra. Kanha thanks parshuram and his avatar is complete with the presence of sudarshan chakra.

The guru’s kanha tell him that now he has gained everything and his teaching has been complete. He has become purn avatar Paramavatar Shri Krishna and he shall go back to vrindavan. Kanha understands and he leaves ujjaini with balram.

Precap: All people welcome kanha and balram with love. Kanha meets yashoda and hugs her. Kansa becomes a fire demon.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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