Mere Sai 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Tough Decision For Kashinath

Mere Sai 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashinath writhes in pain due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Keshav corned tries to help him. Sai with Tatya returns holding construction material. Kashinath reminisces Sai suggesting to keep himself busy in his favorite task to divert his attention from alcohol. He starts building a toy house. At Kashinath’s house, Bhola’s condition worsens. Renu gives him herbal medicine. Baizamaa consoles worried Renu. At night, Sai organizes bhajan sabha to cheer up Kashinath. Next morning, Renu rushes to Baizamaa and informs her that Bhola’s condition is much worse and he is calling his baba subconsciously. In Dwarkamayi, Kashinath continues building toy home. Sai asks Kashi if he loves soil a lot. Kashinath says soil and Sai both don’t hate him, so he respects them both. A man Annabhau Joshi comes to meet Sai. Sai greets him and asks how is he, he informs Kashinath that Annabhau Joshi is born in Shirdi and has returned to stay here a few days ago. Annabhau asks Kashinath if he is Ballal’s son, he has seen him in childhood building toy forts and houses, he is a very talented artist. Kashinath gets happy hearing his praise.

Sai visits Kashinath’s house and sees Bhola severely ill calling baba/Kashinath. Renu requests Sai to give oodhi. Sai says he will give oodhi which will reduce physical temperature, but what about mental illness, it cannot be cured without proper help and love. He walks away giving oodhi. Ballal’s DIL informs him about Bhola’s condition. Ballal gets worried and says he shouldn’t been tough on his grandson because of a feud with his son Kashinath. DIL says it is Kashinath’s mistake and not his, Kashinath’s alcoholism pushed his family in this condition.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi and informs Kashinath that Bhola’s condition is worse and he needs his father most, so he should go right now. Tatya and Keshav say they will accompany Kashinath. Sai says it is Kashinath’s battle and let him face it alone. Kashinath leaves. Keshav says there is an arrack shop and he may start drinking again. Sai says it is Kashinath’s exam, he has to choose between his family or his habit. Kashinath rushes towards home when Ballal stops him and yells not to meet Bhola as he doesn’t have right on him now, Bhola’s condition is because of Kashinath’s alcoholism, Kashinath should go far away from his family, he will take care of Bhola and Renu. Kashinath shattered walks further and stops seeing arrack shop. Tatya notices that.

Renu cries seeing Bhola’s condition. Baizamaa consoles her. Tatya informs them that he saw Bhola heading towards arrack shop. Renu cries more. Baizamaa says Kashinath will realize his mistake some day, she need not worry. Renu continues that even after so much happened, Kashinath chose alcohol instead of family. Kashinath enters saying he chose his family and worried for Bhola calls him saying he brought milk for him. Bhola opens eyes and sees his father. Sai enters and says Bhola will be fine soon and asks Kashinath to mix oodhi in his brought milk and feed it to Bhola. Kashinath does same. Bhola gets well instantly. Kashinath emotionally thanks Sai for his support. Sai says Bhola needed his father and got well seeing his father back; Bhola knows that his parents are their love are with him, they can do anything for him, anything is possible with love. Kashinath informs how his father insulted him and he headed towards arrack shop to lessen his anger, but stopped imagining Santa and Panta dragging Renu out of house. He prays Sai for help and walks further, but sees Santa and Panta burning his house and rushed towards home instead. He says Sai changed his present by showing his future, he bought milk from the money he wanted to buy alcohol. Sai tells Renu that Kashinath has won the battle and he will not trouble her again.

Precap: Kashinath pleads Kulkarni to give him some time to repay his loan. Kulkarni yells not even a day and he will capture his house, he will be on road because of Sai.

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