Santoshi Maa 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is again saved by mata santoshi’s meditation.

Santoshi Maa 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with santoshi mata is decorating rangoli while dev rishi arrives complaining about indresh’s family how they are forcing swati to sing prayers which is wrong but mata asks dev rishi the rangoli’s diagram is ready but what colors to put don’t know & dev rishi tells mata it’s upto swati now to give your diagram the idea about it.
Indresh is convincing swati for him to sing & she gets ready pleading santoshi mata for forgiveness to sing her prayers in this condition & she starts singing mata’s prayers while getting itching but trying to control & indresh’s parents are wondering how come nothing is happening to her so signaling indresh if he has put the powder properly & he again goes to put on her more slightly showing as he has come to cover her saree & she gets more itching resulting guests feeling ashamed of her as one of guests wife too gets itching & santoshi mata is watching all this. Swati leaves from there due to itching as guests also leave abusing her because of her one of them too got itching disease.
Indresh’s father tells indresh to bring swati & he tells them to be ready as nidhi too arrives telling him I too am here.
Swati is speaking with her mother complaining of her itching & as she tells her somebody must have put itching powder in her clothes then she understands it’s indresh itself when he had hugged her & her mother gives her solution while she is depressed about indresh. Swati’s mother is discussing this with her father but he calms her saying one day swati will definitely get fruits of her torture as this is her test she is going through. Santoshi mata is decorating rangoli with colors.
Swati tries to go out but all come & surround her for not allowing her to go out to apply mud but she is pleading & indresh tells her to sign & go wherever you wish to go but she is pleading & indresh’s aunty too tells all of them to not to do such evil but they do not listen to her while dev rishi is pleading santoshi mata to help swati from this problems & mata signals her to go in such meditation where you won’t feel any pain of this world & she meditates for santoshi mata holding herself itching while indresh’s sister says now she is trying some more tricks I guess. All are discussing was powder pure or fake as she is not feeling any pains now but swati is meditating for mata while all are wondering & aunty comes forward saying to leaves her alone now as it shows she is a pure devotee os santoshi mata & she takes her out to apply mud & dev rishi is praising santoshi mata & she tells him it’s her achievement which she has done with calm mind & the colors flow from rangoli while aunty is applying mud on swati to make her calm. Indresh’s uncle tells them I’ll show my wife now but his brother tells him not to as we have achieved our goal & nidhi says only we have to wait for tomorrow now.
Indresh’s father calls swati as judge & a lawyer has arrived at his place & as she comes, he introduces judge to swati & tells her to sign the papers in front of him but she refuses & indresh’s father explains judge what she was doing yesterday showing clipping also which has made our family feel ashamed thinking how disgusting this woman is to act in such a way in front of all our guests. Swati is saying I won’t sign the papers & also pleading judge saying that it was not done deliberately but somebody has played pranks on me by putting itching powder on my clothes by which all this has happened & judge asks who has done this & as she is about to take indresh’s name, she stops thinking otherwise while polomi comes to instigate her & leaves he powers on indresh & indresh asks swati why you stopped & tell the name as judge also tells her if you do not take the person’s name than court might give verdict against you but she doesn’t instead says I do not know who did but only I know somebody has done which is wrong & I too feel ashamed this shouldn’t had happened & judge understands it.
Polomi is feeling if judge leaves then all evil plans will go waste so need to do something & she goes to indresh’s house again while judge tells her in-laws that as per her talks she wants to stay with all of you & polomi is trying to instigate swati to not to be adamant but a lawyer comes telling all of them that swati won’t sign papers as all are shocked to see who it is?

Precap : The lady lawyer says how can swati sign the papers & if she is to sign then you have to give her Rs. 1 cr. as compensation then only talks will proceed. Mata santoshi tells polomi that we are not allowed to interfere in human’s lives but always to save my devotees I have to come in front of you. All receive messages on their cell phones wondering who has sent this as it’s being sent from an unknown no.?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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