Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori asks Tiwari to go to Vibhus house and warns Vibhu that if anything happens to him she won’t spare him and would never see his face. Teeka and Malkan watching all this, Teeka says I found idea to get 1 lakh from Vibhu. Vibhu teaching Tiwari and Saxena how to make paper planes, Vibhu gets irritated,by them, David walks in and says here’s second copy of Will papers just sign them, Vibhu gets very happy, Tiwari and Saxena troubling each other, David says these two don’t look good before they creat any nuisance just sign the papers, Vibhu signs the papers and property transferred to him, David says tell me how you feel being 20 Cr property owner, Vibhu says very happy. David says I will go freshen up and then we will have drinks.

Vibhu gets call and he says behave to Tiwari and Saxena and goes to answer the call, Vibhu says on call mrs mishra, mr mishra is in important business meeting, Anu says are you again bargaining with vegetable vendor, Vibhu says I’m 20 Cr owner, Anu says are you drunk, Vibhu tells he he signed the will papers, Anu says how can we be so lucky, I’m so happy, Anu asks I hear someone who it is, Vibhu tells about Tiwaris accident and says I will go look after him.

Vibhu goes inside and asks where are the papers, Tiwari points at Saxena and says he made plane and flew them, David says god, Vibhu says uncle last time, one more print, David says the lawyer is on run, now later, Tiwari and Saxena force Vibhu to play hide and seek, Vibhu asks Saxena to go out and hide and ask Tiwari to go hide in bathroom, Tiwari denies, Vibhu forces him in.

Angoori in temple,crying prays to help her, and cure her husband. Tiwari in bathroom crying, and curses Vibhu, says god will punish you, Angoori aunty is so nice but you are bad man. Teeka Malkan get to the window and says to Tiwari, you hate Vibhu uncle right, we hate him too,and convince him that they are his friends, Teeka says we will teach him lesson, will you come with us, Tiwari says yes.

Vibhu says to David to ask his wife to release his money, David narrates a story to him on how unlucky he is, David says to Vibhu you are unlucky like me, Angoori walks in and asks where is Tiwari, Vibhu says I will get him, Angoori tells David that she isn’t doing well, Vibhu sees Tiwari isn’t in bathroom.

Teeka and Malkan give Tiwari pizza, Teeka says this ztiwati has turned kid but still has same quality, Malkan says forget it, Teeka says let’s call Vibhu and ask him for money, Tiwari demands juice, Teeka says keep quite and sit down, and scolds him.

Preview : Angoori asks Vibhu where is Tiwari, Vibhu says I told you he is in mishra house playing with dolls. Malkan makes Vibhu ransoms call and demands for 1 lakh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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