Mere Sai 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao Insults Sai

Mere Sai 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpat Rao’s friend Pant pleads Kulkarni to forgive Ganpat as artists are engraped in their own world and don’t know who Kulkarni sarkar is, they have peformed in many villages and even in front of Britishers and they all praise Kulkarni, so they came here hearing his name. Kulkarni says he will let them do their shows until Ganpat Rao apologizes. Pant thinks because of Ganpat Rao they will lose lots of money and pleads Kulkarni to fine howmuch every money he wants. Kulkarni thinks why he should bear losses for mad Ganpat Rao and asks 500 rs. Pant is shocked and walks out accepting.

Ganpat Rao taunts Sai that wanderers like him just know to wander and don’t know to take up responsibilities. Pant takes him aside and says because of his foolishness, Kulkarni has fined them

500 rs if they want to perform here. Ganpat says he will take money from Baba Saheb Kelkar who had promised to help him when needed. Pant asks how will he repay 500 rs. Ganpat asks to keep ticket as 1 Rs. Pant says people don’t pay that much even in cities. Ganpat says people will throng to see his acting from this and nearby villages. Sai smiles hearing that.

Ganpat’s drama artist makes announcements in whole village. Anta verbally abuses him for praising other artist in front of Kulkarni. Jhipri tells Champa that she will buy tickets for all her friends and goes to buy tickets, gives 2 annas and asks ticket vendor to give 7 tickets and return change. Ticket vendor laughs that per ticket is 1 Rs. Jiphri returns to Sai with pots and lamps and asks him to check which one are raw. On the other side, Ganpat decorates drama theater. Kelkar enters. Ganpat happily greets him and says when he lended money, he had decide to peform opening pooja via Kelkar. Kelkar says inn Shristi, Sai should perform opening pooja and takes him to Sai. Sai checks pots and then says he can check even human and checks Jhipri, champa, Tatya and others and jokes some are ripe and some raw. Kelkar enters with Ganpat and others. Sai greets him and says he is ripe, checks others and says they are ripe, then checks Ganpat and says he is raw. Ganpat angrily shouts how dare he is to insult him in front of everyone..

Precap: Ganpat tells Kelkar that he told Sai is a big saint, but he is seeing a potter. Kelkar says everyone takes Sai’s help one day or other, even he will need Sai’s help.

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