Kaleerein 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunny Brutally Injures Vivan and Meera

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Sunny kidnaps Meera and takes her to a godown, ties her and sets fire around her saying this is Lakshman rekha and nobody can cross it to save her. Meera shouts Vivan will save her. Vivan enters. Sunny sets fireo on his way. He crosses fire and reaches Meera and saves her. Sunny locks them and walks away. Vivan breaks door open. Sunny says he will not let their love win and throws gas cylinder in. Cylinder blasts. Meera and Vivan shout.

Meera’s family rush severely injured Meera and Vivan to hospital. Dolly and Amar fume if Sunny is found, they will kill him. Sunny walks in disguised as nurse in front of them, they don’t identify him at all. Dolly goes to temple to pray for Meera and Vivan’s life. A fortune teller lady says there is only dark in front and Dolly will return to her seeking help.

Doctor treat Vivan and Meera. Meera is blindfolded due to her eye injuries. Vivan goes into coma. Meera wakes up shouting Vivaan….and asks to take her to Vian. Sunny walks into Vivan’s room and removes his oxygen mask. Vivan gasps for air. Meera walks in blindfolded and searches Vivan. Sunny mimics her silently. Meera finds Vivan and senses him not breathing. She shouts and calls doctors. Doctors enter and seeing Vivan pulseless. They give him defibrillator shocks and try to resuscitate him. He breathes…

Precap: Doctor asks who must have done this. Meera says a rakshas whom she has to end and asks to open her blind fold. Once blindfold is opened, she should why they have switched off lighs, she cannot see.

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  1. Yesterday,when the family was required ,no one was seen in the house …after the damage is done ,they are in the hospital to cry …And the mother of all wonders is Sunny escapes unhurt who was in the same room…and well enough to come back disguised as a disgusting nurse to kill Vivaan in the ICU and Meera with eyes bandaged had to search for Vivaan’s room to save him but she couldn’t….As per the docror’s declaration ,Vivaan is already dead….Better they end the serial here only and save both the leads and the viewers fron further torture… According to spoilers Vivaan will rise from dead by some miracle ….for what….again to run behind a set of criminals ,,this time all alone as Meera won’t be in a position to do so….My god! Better Arjit and Aditi follow the example of Pranav and Jyoti of ADDKN and leave this hopeless show …..

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