SAYYAM BIRLA : Final year MBBS student who is completeing his houseSurgeons. He is brilliant student thus aggressive which led him to a bad image in Jouniros..

KRISHNA MATHUR : A first year MBBS student who just joined the MEDICAL COLLEGE, PUNE.. She is bubbly happy go lucky girl.. who loves her father morethan anything… as he took good care of her.. evenafter her mother died.. when she was born..

YUVRAJ & SUHANI BIRLA : Loving parents of Yuvaan ; Yuvani( the twins) and Saiyyam. Supports each of their children in all their decisions and evrything..

RAKESH MATHUR : A strict plus loving father. who has immense believe that his daughter won’t keep any secrets from him.. and also a control freak who always puts his decisions into his daughter

YUVAN & BABY BIRLA : Yuvan elder brother of sayyam and yuvani’s twin brother. He is very protective thus always hides all sayyam’s actions and saves him all the time.Yuvan is a businessman . Baby sayyam’s bhabhi and yuvan’s wife. Loves yuvan a lot.. She is also there to protect sayyam all the time.Baby is a fashion designer

ANANYA KAPOOR : Another first year student.

YUVANI & VIKRAM RATHORE : Yuvani elder sister of Sayyam and twin to yuvan is married to Vikram , baby’s cousin.. They are setteled in US. Its been 2 years since they got married. Yuvani and vikram are Doctors by profession

Guys.. Its my new Ff.. eventhough it has the same characters.. i would like to inform that the plot is extremly different

Hope you kriyam lovers will like my Ff.. If yes please let me know.. by commenting.. and if no comment that also ???

  1. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot 4 starting a kriyam ff.i had requested u b4.surprised to see baby as a nice lady n yuvani having a husband.surprised to see the actor u chose 4 yuvani.

    y r u not updating ur other ffs?plz reply.

  2. Awesome dear
    Loved this concept
    Update soon

    But why r u not updating ur other ff

  3. Thanks a lot . A kriyam FF after a long time , I am really happy to see plz continue dear PLZZ post next part spoon.

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