Mere Sai 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Usha Insults And Forces Eknath and Nirmala To Leave Shirdi

Mere Sai 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Usha sees Ananand’s friend and asks if school is let off and where is Ananand. Friend says Ananand went to Dwarkamayi as usual. At Dwarkamayi, Nirmala feeds feast to Ananand. Eknath says he is very happy today. Usha walks in and yells he is happy by snatching her son, they overfeed him here and he is not having her prepared food, she was unnecessarily worried for him; she continues alleging that they are enjoying feast while their children are suffering, because of them her friends also insulted him. She then yells at Sai how can he support wrong people and insult her in front of her friends by not accepting her charity. Eknath warns her dare not to speak ill about Sai as she does not know what Sai did. Usha yells whatever it is, why don’t Eknath and Nirmala leave Shirdi and let them in peace. Eknath says he always fulfilled their wishes and will also fulfill this wish and go from here. Usha drags Ananand from there forcefully. Kaustuth stands aside and fumes in anger watching Usha insulting baba. Sai suggests Eknath not to leave Shirdi just because Usha asked him.

Kaustuth walks to Eknath and says he will not let him stay here, what if one son is incompetent, his another son is competent. Eknath says he is happy here. Kaustuth says if he really considers him as his son, he should accompany him as he always needs his guidance. Ekanth agrees. Sai suggests him to never leave his good deeds and path of truth wherever he goes. Usha drags Ananand home while he insists to let him go to Aaji and Azoba. She tries to slap him. Shantaram stops her and asks what happened. She explains twisted story depicting Eknath and Nirmala as wicked and trying to snatch their son, etc. Anand says Aaji and Azoba always insisted to return home after feeding him, they never taught him to go against his parents. Usha yells not to protect his Aaji and Azoba and continues provoking Shantaram against his parents. She then locks Anand in a room while she kicks door and pleads to let him meet his Aaji and Azoba. Passing by neighbors hear that and discuss what kind of parents these are, earlier they troubled their parents and now their son. Usha yells that because of baba and aayi, they have to hear from neighbors, it is better they leave Shirdi. Shantaram who always blindly obeys his wife says she is right. Anand prays god to send back his Aaji and Azoba.

Eknath packs his belongings, and Kaustuth keeps them in his cart. Jhipri sees Eknath near cart and asks where are they going. Kaustuth says seeing their bahu insulting them, even she would have let them go. He gets them in cart and leaves. Jhipri asks Sai if he will not correct Shantaram and Usha’s mistakes. Sai senses something and taking ash from from ash pit leaves Dwarkamayi. At Shantaram’s house Usha does not hear Anand’s voice and says he must have slept, let her go and pamper him. She walks into room and sees his shivering with high fever. Shantaram walks in and asks her to apply cold cloth on Anand’s forehead. Said knocks door and asks if Ananand is fine. Usha arrogantly says he is. Sai gives ash to her. She says she does not need it and he can give it to someone needy. Sai forcefully gives ash to Shantaram and says he will wait here till Anand wakes up and sits in meditation on lawn. Usha continues yelling that Sai is purposefully doing this. Shantaram says they should seek Sai’s help. Usha yells no and they will take Anand to vaidya Kulkarni sarkar.

Precap: Nirmala says she feels uneasiness and feels Anand is unwell. Eknath says she is right and asks to take back cart. Sai drives cart back towards Shirdi.

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