Pyaar Ke Papad 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika get attacked

Pyaar Ke Papad 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya planning to take Shivika’s jewellery and sell it. Shivika comes and asks what’s happening. Jaya and Maya get worried and lie to her. Shivika says I didn’t plan anything. Jaya asks Shivika to come with them. Shivika asks them to go, what to make in lunch. Jaya says make anything you want. Jaya says we have to take Shivika in confidence first. Omkar comes to Shivika and talks. Gupta sees them in the kitchen and asks them to make pakodis with love. Chachi scolds Gupta for asking for pakodis and breaking Shivika and Omkar’s romance. She asks him to let them go for the movie. Gupta says I didn’t know about it. Shivika says we can watch the movie later, I will make pakodi. Chachi says I will make pakodis, GST told me about your plan, next time tell me, I will manage everything. Omkar thanks Chachi and hugs.

Jaya and Maya come to the jewellery store. Jaya asks the jeweller to make fake jewellery of all the designs. The man agrees. Jaya fools him. She asks Maya to keep fake jewellery and sell the real one. Maya praises her smartness. The man says you will get the jewellery in one week.

Shivika says the counter is closed, we will go home. Omkar says we can go for shopping. A man comes to sell his tickets since his GF didn’t come. Omkar buys the tickets from him. The man sees the cash in his wallet. Omkar says your dream to watch the movie will get completed. The man calls his friend and says I got someone. Jagat and Mangal worry seeing the news of robbers. Mangal asks Nandu why is he scared. He says Omkar has gone for watching movie, don’t disturb him, Omkar can take care of himself. He asks Nandu not to show such video to Jagat, he gets scared. Omkar and Shivika watch the movie and leave. Omkar says we will hold hands and go home. She says you made it late. He says I m not so coward.

They have a moment. Goons surround them. Omkar and Shivika worry. Shivika says we can run away. Goons catch them and threaten. She gives away her jewellery. The goon asks her to keep the mangalsutra, and not carry much cash with them always. Omkar beats the goon. A goon keeps knife at her neck. Shivika worries. Goons tie up Omkar and Shivika. Omkar says I told you we will go by main road, now be here. She asks why did you act heroic. He says we can call for help. They shout for help. Dogs bark. She laughs. Shivika tries to open the ropes. Omkar sees a shadow and says someone is coming. She gets scared. Constable comes to them. Shivika says the robbers have tied us here. Constable asks how did this happen, where did they go. He runs to catch the robbers. Omkar asks him to free them first. He smiles seeing her. Someone sees them….

Shivika says Gupta shouldn’t know this. Jaya informs Alankar and invites him. Alankar smiles. GST asks Omkar about the red saree woman. Alankar dances wearing the red saree. Omkar says you will be exposed Alankar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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