Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini insults Veena

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prerna asking Veena not to worry. Veena asks will you listen to me what i say, step back from this marriage, I know lucky person would get a husband like Anurag, but unlucky person get a Saas like Mohini, you can’t stay happy there, stay away from this marriage. Prerna says I m here for you. Veena says this is my intuition, don’t do this marriage, Mohini will never accept you. Prerna says we will go home and talk, I will bring Mohini here. Veena says she won’t agree. Prerna says I promise to get her here and free you from this jail. She goes. Veena cries.

Mr. Bajaj says when you are playing with an opponent, see the way of his work, what does he fear to lose, identity and target his weakness, you will be the winner, Mr. Roy wasn’t playing to win, he was playing to not lose, when we understand this, its becomes easy for us, we understand to scare him, on who isn’t afraid wins. The lady says this seminar is kept to teach business ethics. He says an attitude and instinct is needed to run a business, look into the opponent’s eyes and see the fear, then attack them with all your might and finish them. The lady turns away when he stares at her. He says knowing how and when to use your strength is called business, you might have learnt it, you should have the killer instinct, set the trap and wait, when the right time comes, go for the kill. The students clap for him.

The lady shouts what’s this thought, you are spoiling the students. He leaves. He gets a call and says I know how to ruin Basu publications, gather everyone in the board room. Nivedita says you started hiding things from me, you know how much I love the business. Anurag says I didn’t wish to trouble you. She says you don’t deserve to be part of this business, I also have a right. He asks her to manage it now. She says after ruining everything. Anupam says Prerna has come. She says stop Anurag, I want to know everything about that man. Mr. Bajaj gets a file about Anurag’s details and weaknesses. Mr. Bajaj smiles and says now its time to go for the kill. Prerna says I would have not come if you answered the call. He says I was talking to Nivedita about business. She says you didn’t tell me that you had sent police to my house to arrest Veena. He asks what.

Mohini says I felt I did mistake to doubt Veena, but police told me that they found the necklace with Veena, is this true. Prerna says yes. Mohini and Nivedita ask Prerna about the necklace. Prerna says I don’t know how the necklace came, Veena is arrested for the crime she didn’t commit. Anurag says relax, we had no such intention, we know Veena is innocent, we informed the police to claim the insurance. Prerna says they suggested me to come here and convince Mohini to withdraw the case. She asks Mohini can you withdraw this case. Mohini says sorry, I want to know how did the necklace reach your house if Veena didn’t take it, I shouldn’t interrupt the police investigation. Anurag says what are you saying, Prerna would have helped you, we have to help Veena today, we got the necklace, I will find the real culprit. Mohini says you don’t get involved in this, I will come for Veena’s sake. They leave.

They come to police station. Mohini says you are in love and won’t know anything, let police do the work. Anurag says we have to help Veena. She asks why should we say this, I even knew Navin for years. He asks what. She says we can’t know a person by his face, we couldn’t know Navin and Komolika. Anurag says you are comparing Veena with them, I know her since childhood, do you love me. She says ask yourself. He says then please withdraw the complaint for my happiness, please. Prerna comes and asks is everything fine. Mohini says yes, come.

Suman says that necklace was really beautiful, I can’t dare to steal it. Sumitra asks if Veena didn’t steal the necklace, someone must have swapped the necklace, but who. Suman says Nivedita. Sumitra asks what will they get by putting Veena in jail, Veena didn’t do this. Nivedita says I felt mum is wrong, this time I m with mum, mum was right about Veena, I shouted on mum, I m feeling bad, she is my mum, I was thinking about Veena, I can’t believe Veena can do this, I need to talk to Rahil. She goes. Anupam worries.

Mohini signs the papers. Veena is freed. Prerna hugs her. Mohini asks Veena to come with her. They go for a talk. Mohini says I have done this for Anurag’s happiness, he requested me, my son is a gem of a person, he deserves the best in his life, Prerna isn’t worthy of him, even then I m accepting her. Veena asks her not to lie. She says I know you planned and accused me for theft. Mohini asks why would I do this and then withdrawn my complaint. Veena says for your son’s happiness. Mohini insults her. She says you stole the necklace because of the challenge. Veena says I didn’t steal it. Mohini says you have been labelled as a thief, I have withdrawn the case, how will you change the society’s hatred, society thinks you have stolen the necklace, they will consider you a thief. She goes. Veena cries.

Everyone gets Veena home. Anurag says sorry I came late, here is your phone, take care. Prerna says mum is very quiet, like something is bothering her. He says slf respect is very imp for her, sorry, give her some time, relax, what are you thinking now. Prerna recalls Veena’s words and says nothing. He kisses on her forehead. She smiles.

The man says I m the CCTV operator who has seen you changing the necklace. Mohini is shocked. Prerna hears them. Mr. Bajaj says I can ruin your husband using this file. Komolika smiles. Anurag meets him. Mr. Bajaj says not Ronit, but his sister, your wife Komolika….. Mohini says you will never become the bahu of this house, Anurag will need to choose one of us. Prerna and Anurag get close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was disheartening episode
    Egoistic Mohini is so cheap
    She is playing her children feeling soon she will realize what she had done in favor of money and status??
    After Mr Bajaj will snatch everything
    When she becomes a pauper
    Nivedita was easily manipulated by egoistic Mohini
    Precap :desperately waiting
    Prerna and egoispactic Mohini scene
    Thanks Amena for fast update

  2. Helen Funmilayo

    Please, I seriously need an answer to my question. Because my daughter kept on asking me the same question. Please where is Prena’s and her sister’s pregnancy? Did it fly away? For how many months now. You people used to be our best in our house, but now, Mishti and Abir has taken our hearts, and the balance is between you and Kulfi. Pls let us continue with the love.

  3. Star plus has become the worst channel….
    Not even one show is bearable….same old typical stuff everywhere…kidnapping..goons..unnecessary drama…no storyline…bss jo jo tricks trp gain kr skti hain..use krte jao…leads ko kidnap kra do..phirr wo hero heroine bn jaynge…ya kisi aur ko kidnap kra do…tb bhi leads unhe save kr k mahaan bn jaynge….leads hmesha…mahaan.. forgiving…most intelligent honge..nd baki log idiots.
    I watched a starplus roast video..they said:
    Apt tag line for star plus: ladkiyan nayi…conecpts wahi??

  4. Prerna ka miscarriage ho gya kya??

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      I read somewhere online that prema was pregnant for mr bhagi ?

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