Mere Sai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bayaza And All Villagers Travel In Search Of Sai

Mere Sai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bayaza sees Sai in dream and tells Appa that she has seen the place which she never saw. Appa asks her to tell about the place. Bayaza describes about the place. Appa says I know that place and also know the way. Bayaza asks him to take her. Appa says sure and asks if Sai is just your son. He tells Villagers that he saw that place while going to Suhasini’s house. Bayaza swears not to eat until Sai feeds her food, she will not have good. Guru ji says I will also come with you. Madhav says I will also come. Other villagers say that they will also come.

Tukaram takes coal in his cart. He asks Sai if God will give us what he wants. Sai says one will get what he deserve. Tukaram tells that he remarried, but he didn’t get any child. Sai asks Tukaram about his second marriage. Tukaram says he is still childless. Sai says may be God has given you what you want, but you didn’t know. Tukaram says Dilawar is good than you.

Mhalsapati says I am sure that we will find Sai there. Sulbha and her daughter pack their bag to go insearch of Sai. Her daughter tells that she will also come. Many villagers gather to go insearch of Sai. Sai om plays…. Guru ji says I am blessed to stay here. Anta and Banta see villagers go. Banta says we shall follow them. Jai jai ram plays. They go inside the jungle. Appa asks her to handle herself and asks her to eat something.

Bayaza says I will eat with my son’s hand. Sai offers food to Dilawar. Dilawar asks him to eat the food. Anta and Banta ask Appa that they shall wait there. Appa says temple which she described is not here. Dilawar asks Tukaram to walk on hot coal. Tukaram’s friend suggested that they shall call his wife so that she shall know about his sacrifice. Dilawar says right. Sulbha finds the way familiar and recalls her marriage with Tukaram. She thinks she can’t go further. Everyone think that they have lost the way. Sulbha thinks she can’t let everyone lose hope. She tells Appa about Village name and says she will take everyone there. They come to the village. Bayaza sees temple and says this is the same place which I saw in dream. She says my Sai is here. Sai hears Bayaza’s voice and says Bayaza’s maa.

Mhalsapati ji tells that they want a gyani man to argue with Dilawar and gets Sai. Jhipri suggests Guru ji’s name. Dilawar asks Guru ji to become his shishya if he fails.

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