Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer to participate in Freshers’ contest

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seniors laughing on Naina. Sameer shouts asking them to stop nit. He gives money to Naina. Naina gives money to Seniors. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer reacted that day. Senior guy asks why did he give money to her. Sameer says I think it is enough for you all. Seniors announce freshers’ party. Naina says Sameer and I will become Mr. and Ms. Fresher. She comes to Sameer and says I know why you are avoiding me and says she heard everything. She tells him that she will not let him ruin their today because of his stupid thinking. She says it was our dream to study together and asks him to forget about lucky and unlucky. She says nothing can happen to me if you are with me. Sameer gets up and his pant gets torn. Naina tells him that nothing will happen to her and tells that they will become Mr and Ms. Fresher. Sameer goes.

Munna and Pandit have pakodas. Poonam praises them. Sameer says his friends are his jaan. Poonam asks how did your pant tear? Sameer says I will not wear that pant again. Mami comes and says Sameer will not wear torn pant and tells that he is very rich. She says she will order 10-12 pants from Benzer, Bombay’s shop. She asks Poonam to give pant to Servant.

Naina asks Swati and Preeti to think what to do to convince Sameer. Preeti says she likes Karthik and calls him SRK. Swati indirectly tells that she likes Munna and asks Naina to think about each other’s partners. Munna and Pandit try to convince Sameer to take part in the contest, but he refuses. Naina, Preeti and Swati talk about Sameer. Munna and Pandit tell Sameer that they will leave as Naina is his everything. Sameer says Naina is my everything, but you both are important to me. He says I will take part in the competition just for you both, and for your happiness. Munna and Pandit hug him.

Bela combs Naina’s hairs. Preeti tells her about fashion in her college. Anand says our daughters are growing. Pooja comes there. They all get happy. Pooja says Varun dropped her and will pick her back in 1-2 days. Bela says Naina and Preeti will become Maasi. Preeti says if baby is girl then we will name her Madhuri else Sameer. Anand asks Pooja to sit and goes inside.

Mami tries to make her daughter have sweets. Poonam brings sweets. Mami scolds her and tells that she brings many sweets for her sisters when they come. Sameer comes there. Mami tells that he will become Mama soon. Sameer hugs his cousin. Munna and Pandit tell that they are going to college. Sameer says he will also go. Poonam asks Bittu, how she came suddenly. Mami says she came to meet her mother and asks if she shall take appointment before coming. Preeti and others practice dancing. Naina plays other song and imagines Sameer. Kamya changes the song. Bhajan plays…Hema says she brought wrong CD. She gives right cassette. Kamya and Hema dance. Preeti says she heard that Karthik is a good dancer. Naina says I will convince Sameer. Munna and Pandit tell that Sameer is here. Naina looks at Sameer. Tera naam rakhdiya plays…….

Naina asks Sameer to tell her with smile that he wants to dance with her if he wants his shoes back. She runs. Sameer runs behind her, collides with Karthik and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Enough of Sameers nakhre yaar….. Poor girl is trying so hard to convince him.

  2. this episode was okay as well. hoping that sameer and naina unite soon. sammer is too much for showing that much attitude.

  3. In spoilers, I read that naina will put a plan to convince Sameer. Mundit says to Sameer that naina got lost. Everyone are searching her. Sameer becomes tensed and searches her everywhere. Naina will be hiding in a temple. Finally when she comes, Sameer will just go and hug her. Then she tells him that if he is near her no problem could occur to me. Finally samaina reunion.

  4. Coming to todays episode, it was okay type. Finally Sameer at least spoke for naina. Sameer and naina are going to become maasi and mama.

  5. Aaj meri behen ki 10th result aane wala hai. So pray guys.

    1. Yeah sure sai…….

  6. Fidato

    Hmmm…At least they meet each other….Not like Delhi track…… But why did….He still believe that superstition…. Mains you should hard work on this…. I hope today everything fall in its place….

  7. Episode was okay. Loved how Sameer stood up for Naina.
    As per sources Samaina will reunite and will be seen practising together for the freshers competition.. excited to see that

  8. Episode was good compared to previous episode.. Pooja Didi is Back, But I think she have some prblm as well as Sameer’s cousin..
    Waiting for Upcomings- Samaina’s Reunion..

    1. Yes I too thought there’s something fishy in Pooja di arrival hope it should not create problems in samaina story

  9. Lokesh

    Hide and seek is going on, but I m enjoying thanx Hasan, all the best to Tamil boards student for result.

  10. Thanks Hasan for the prompt and regular uploads without fail. It’s commendable.
    Thanks AB, San, Sai, Sid for prompting me for my comments. Your loving requests touched my heart. So here I am once again with my comments. Again, my comments are purely personal views and no reflection on anyone /anything. Sai- best wishes for your sister’s exams results. Nice to see Lokesh back to comment.
    • Makers must have realised what a ‘booboo’ they made of the show by introduction of the Delhi track that they had to ‘woo’ back its viewers via Maha episode. 🙂
    • Thankful, that makers have realised it and mending their screenwriting and direction.
    • Show seems to have taken a path towards betterment (I hope)
    My views
    • Randeep has improved in his acting at least superficially from his previous “uncaring and frivolous’atttitude towards Ashi.
    • Ashi’s acting has been superb as usual with her expressions, tone, pitch, and voice modulations as required.
    • Munna and Pandit, are great as always. Kudos to them. They definitely bring the show to life.’
    • Freshers track: OK so far. Samaina’s patch up may bring some ‘magic’ back. So far in this track, liked Sameer’s last-minute pitching in to save Naina. That’s it. Feel bad for Naina, the amount of effort she is putting to get Sameer on track and ready to face all trial and tribulations including humiliation for her love. (Real life, currently, it’s hard to find true love)
    • Agree with Sid and San – Pooja and Sameer’s cousin are back (surely bringing in some issues). What about if both these girls are somehow related and the problems percolate down in their families and may affect Samaina? Just a thought.
    Guys please go on to Ashi’s insta and fan facebook page and click like or heart. The number will allow her ranking in India Forums to go higher. She was on No 10 earlier and had fallen to 42 and slowly gained to 19? Now. I have done it. Would appreciate if each on this forum can do that to improve her ranking. This young girl is putting her heart and soul into this show. Randeep is going higher with his videos and likes rapidly. So lets back Ashi and get both of them higher to encourage them as we all love this show, at least people on this forum.
    Keen to read your comments and if you have done your bit to encourage the show to boost its TRP and Ashi.

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