Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 64

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Preeta opens her eyes slowly only to find her Karan sitting next to her dozed off against the pillar of bed. She leans to kiss his forehead and starts to leave without disturbing him
“Wait wait baby doll” Karan holds her back
Preeta : oh god why do you pretend to sleep
Karan : so I can know what you are upto every time trying to take advantage of me
Preeta : did you forget who I am, the Karan Luthra’s fiancé (wraps her hands on him)
Karan ; you are seriously gone case like always go in some problem
Preeta : but you have to save me every time
Both shares their nok jhok for a while
Tanya wakes up from heavy head. She looks at Rishab sleeping on sofa peacefully and tries to leave without making noise.
Rishab : where are you going (holds her hand)
Tanya : at home (gets uncomfortable)
Rishab : ever since you came back, I didn’t ask anything except your happiness why do you always play with death
Tanya : even god knows he cannot me away from you, how can somebody leave their own life (caress his hair on side), be careful for next three days Mr luthra
“Okay till then me and this room will wait for its brightness” Rishab face buries in her hair
Tanya leaves the room smilingly giving wink
Rishab : crazy girl but she is cute
Sahil drops Ruchika at Luthra house. The couple have silence moment rather than usual bickering in every meeting
Ruchika : thank you take care
Sahil : bye
Ruchika feels pain while walking due to injury. Sahil gets out of the car lifting her in arms noticed by Kritika from her room.
Roo ; its okay put me down (tells him softly)
Sahil : really? if you walk like this then you will reach inside in morning, I am sure you don’t want that right
Roo holds his collar tightly lost in his charm. Kritika make sure nobody is around the hallway to see them
Kritika ; hello what are you both doing
Sahil : actually (looks at Roo staring him)
Kritika pinches Roo to bring her back on senses
Roo : oh sorry, were you saying something
Kritika : madam his back might be paining please get down now
Sahil puts her down properly
Roo : didi I am going in my room, bye Sahil (leaves in huff)
Kritika ; I could never understand her mood swings how will her boyfriend handle her
Sahil : you know your sister little bit cracked so make sure you choose proper guy
Kritika : she is just kid and thanks for bringing her here, by the way you probably dont know me right
Sahil ; no I could not meet you last time when I came here for prayer
Kritika : I was in Canada, I am Kritika and my sister might have not told about me
Sahil : wait RJ Kritika, I have heard all your shows (recalls Roo’s fight for radio) ah now I see that day why she was fighting with me
Kritika : for what?
Sahil : nothing in car she was just irritated that you were playing my favorite song on your station not hers
Kritika : oh my god dont’ mind
Sahil : not at all I should leave its quite late and nice meeting you my favorite RJ
Kritika ; bye
Roo hears both of their conversation from kitchen igniting small jealousy
Kritika ; hello madam where are you lost? oh you were listening to our conversation
Roo looks at her with revengeful eyes
Kritika ; why are you looking at me like this?
Roo goes in her room to save her rage for next day
Kritika : oh god ji her anger means another havoc please save me
Later at night Sahil and Roo have sleepless nights with whole day incidence. She looks at her injured leg and how Sahil saved her risking his own life.
Roshni : Sahil these days you are not even talking to me properly
Sahil : mom why are you saying that
Roshni ; I am worried, for how you will stay like this if you ask me I really liked that girl
Sahil : I don’t want to talk about it anymore, it was my duty to save her, good night (leaves)
Roshni : when will you understand the meaning of life Sahil
Next day families again get in full swing for the marriages of all couple. Luthra house morning starts with Ruchika’s danger avtar for her sister
Kritika ; Roo what are you doing
“Because of your so called RJ, that Sahil didn’t let me hear my song on top of that telling me that learn something from RJ Kritka (mimics him)” Roo runs after her with stick in hands
Kritika : please forgive you know I am not aware of your favorites
Roo ; thats so unfair being my sister you know whole world’s choice but not mine
Dhruv comes there too seeing their banter
Kritika : please save me from this storm (hides behind him)
Roo : hey Mister step away from my way or else today you also will become victim
Dhruv ; please spare me I am n
ot even married yet (moves away)
“Dhruv you didn’t do this right now you won’t even get married” Kritika takes Karan’s bat
Dhruv : you both sister are torturing this poor guy I will curse you
Roo ; I have old scores to settle with you, rally race, scaring my sister (hits on his shoulder lightly)
Dhruv ; are you crazy? its hurting
Roo ; this is just trailer, Preeta bhabhi thank god you are here, you also hear what this two have done behind us (tells her everything)
Preeta takes stick from Kritika’s hand
The chaos increases with Tanya’s voice
Tanya : help somebody, Rishab, Shrishti
“Help yesterday we both were getting tortured and you were chilling” Karan and Sameer chases her with tennis ball
Tanya : I said sorry for that now will you this poor girls’ life
Sameer : bhai don’t be tricked with her innocent face
Karan ; duffer you are her brother and telling me that don’t be influenced by her (mimics)
Tanya takes his bat to threaten them
Karan : thats not toy put it back right now or else I will hit you with this ball
Tanya ; now if you have guts hit me with that and I will make sure its a sixer
Preeta and Roo chases Dhruv and Kritika for their deeds in Canada
Dhruv : Preeta you are my sweet syrup please spare me
Preeta : aha sweet? when did that go when both of you didn’t tell me anything
Dhruv : come on yaar first you lost your memory and then you remembered everything we came back
Roo : bhabhi don’t get tricked with his excuses and this my so called didi made me lose in front of that singer
Rakhi and Mahesh are overwhelmed to see their house chirping again.
Rishab : what is going on here? Roo stop it, Preetaji at least you understand
“Sorry Rishabji” Preeta gives up seeing him
Tanya : help please (goes to Rishab)
Karan : bhai you move away because of her you and mom told us so much, dad made me his enemy I won’t spare this girl
Rishab : what are you doing? she is not well and both of you are behind poor girl
Sameer : poor? sorry bhai but from no angle she looks sick
Tanya : Sammy you are my sweet brother please at least understand me
Karan ; don’t you dare instigate him
“Fine then i will break your bones” Tanya hits him with his own ball on leg
Karan : bhai (pushes Rishab on side) today either her or me
Rishab : okay quiet everybody this is house not any zoo be mature
Things calm down after Rishab’s scolding
Karan ; now you see Sammy how I settle scores with her
Sammy ; bhai I have an idea (whispers to him in ears)
Karan : wow what an idea, not bad you also got brains staying with me
Sammy ; this time even I will play prank but where will be get the girl from
Karan ; you don’t take tension are there not enough girls in Mumbai
Preeta, Roo, Kritika and Shrishti goes for shopping in mall.
Roo ; didi I have to for practice, there is only few weeks left before show and you all have to come okay
Shrishti ; of course, done
Preeta ; can we come to your rehearsal, I mean we have nothing to do right
Roo : thats perfect idea lets go where is Tanya bhabhi
Preeta ; she went to office for some work
Roo : never mind come on
The girls go to Roo’s college to see her rehearsal for dance.
Pooja ; Roo ready
Roo starts with her dancing steps recalling Sahil’s words to get the emotions. The girls get quite impressed but choreographer tells her to work on expression
Roo : everybody is saying this to me but how can I bring those emotions
Kritika : don’t feel bad you still have few more weeks to work on
Preeta : why don’t you ask Tanya? she is amazing dancer
Roo : oh god how did I forget that, I will tell her and she will have to help me now
Shrishti ; your work will be done
Karan and Sameer sends a girl to flirt with Rishab in office
“Yes do you need anything” Rishab asks girl
Siya ; I need ride to go back home my brother was supposed to come but he didn’t came and I don’t have money for cab
Rishab ; where do you live
Sammy : bhai will this girl work
Karan : you dont’ take tension just tell me when will that tsunami come
Sammy ; I heard her saying around 10
Karan : perfect only 2 minutes
Sammy : bhai she is here look
Both boys hide behind the pillar to avoid from her eyes. Karan gives thumbs up
Rishab : dont worry I will drop you come
Siya sees Tanya coming and intentionally pretends to trip. Rishab holds her from falling on floor. Tanya widens her mouth seeing both of them. Her jealousy goes to another extend and separates both of them
Tanya : what is going on here?
Rishab ; you here? nothing she did not have a ride to go home
Tanya ; so, are you a cab driver to give lift and you he is my fiancé stay away
Rishab ; what are you doing?
Tanya ; keep quiet I know this type of girls and madam taxis are not in strike, and next time make sure you hide purse properly (sees wallet in her pocket)
Rishab is surprised to see that
Tanya : if your drama is over there are working people here out
Siya leaves from there
Rishab : sorry I didn’t know but today I understood nobody can defeat this brain
Tanya : don’t even try to
Karan and Sameer gives money to Siya sharing laugh at Tanya’s reaction
Sameer : our small revenge is done come bhai lets celebrate
Unaware to them Tanya hears their plan crossing her arms with smirk.
Kritika tells Dhruv about her class union party in college (same as Roo)
Dhruv ; what will I do there?
Kritika : all my classmates are coming they would also know my choice
Dhruv : I hope you are not battering me to make your reputation
Kritika : come on I was just joking if you don’t want to come then say no
Dhruv : do I have guts to say no (holds her closer to him) just tell me when
Kritika : tomorrow night
Dhruv : i will be ready

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  1. Preeran and Rishnya??
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    Jealous Roo?
    Roo and kritika bonding??
    OMG the fight Roo after kritika-rookrit after dhruv{scapegoat}-preeta-roo after Ruvika-karan-sameer after tanya and vice-versa-rishabh scolding them??????????????????????????How hilarious!
    Scene of the day-this fight^
    Karan and sameer’s small revenge will turn heavy for them as tanya has sen them??
    Tanya’s plan will be a treat
    Good to see roo mixing and bonding with everyone.
    Kritika’s college reunion . Does that mean Kritika-dhruv-ruchika-sahil in same college
    What about Ruhil’s rejected proposal
    First I want some more these fun Lind of chapters before the marriage track celeb di . Please .
    Please update soon with such beautiful moments
    Keep smiling?? and rocking??

  2. Brilliant
    Preetan and Rishnya ???
    Roohil ??
    Sahil lifting Roo??
    Jealous Roo?
    Roo and kritika’s bonding??
    Poor Dhruv??
    Everyone fighting- preeta, roo, kritika, dhruv???.
    Karan and sameer revenging Tanya ??
    Sameer’s plan of revenge??
    Rishab scolding?????
    It couldnot get more hilarious
    Excited to see Tanya’s plan of revenge ??. They are gonna pay big for their their small revenge
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

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