Mere Sai 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Makes Ganpat Rao His Slave

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Mere Sai 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri asks Sai when elders cannot understand her plea, how will kids like Pari and Malhar understand. Sai Smiles and takes her along. In drama tent, Kulkarni orders Ganpat Rao to get up from seat. Ganpat Rao boasts he is artist and does not obey anyone. Kulkarni orders Anta who forcefully pushes Ganpat Rao away and manhandles him. Kulkarrni sits on king’s seat and says one does not become king if he acts in drama, king is the one who has power he warns to continue obeying him, else he will be thrown in jail as per these British govt sealed papers. He walks away laughing. Ganpat Rao stands fuming helplessly. After sometime, Anta Panta return and inform Ganpat Rao that Kulkarni called him. Ganpat Rao says he will come after drama. Anta warns he will be thrown in jail if he disobeys Kulkarni.

Ganpat Rao accompanies them and waits for Kulkarni. Kulkarni enjoys food slowly. His wife asks why he is taking so much time today. He says he wants to enjoy food. Ganpat Rao says he is getting late for drama and will come later. Anta stops him and says they both are Kulkarni’s servants and cannot disobey him. Audiences enter drama tent to watch drama. Champa asks Gopi where is Ganpat Rao.

Sai takes Jhipri and other children to echo garden and asks them to speak. Their voice echoes. They all excitedly shout each other’s name. Sai asks Jhipri to speak what she was feeling in front of Bhanu. She shouts anger. Sai says one should speak to everyone with love and make other love them with their deeds.

Ganpat Rao continues fuming that he has to go and perform drama, when will Kulkarni come. Kulkarni walks in thinking he will not let Ganpat Rao finish his drama today. He asks Ganpat Rao when will he repay him. Ganpat Rao asks if he called him to just ask this, until he lets him perform, how will he earn and repay him.

Audiences get out of control and start breaking furniture when Ganpat Rao does not start drama. Gopi goes behind stage and asks Champa not to go out as audiences have gone out of control. Champa prays Sai. Sai reaches there and controls audience. A man shouts they came here from a long distance spending so much money, but Ganpat Rao is a fraud and is hiding somewhere. Sai asks man if he is a sweet shop owner. Man is surprised and asks how does he know. Sai says when he cancelled big order during last moment, was not the reason genuine, similarly Ganpat Rao must be stuck somewhere, else he would have performed on time. Audience apologize Sai and walk away. Champa comes out and thanks Sai. Sai walks out of tent. Ganpat Rao returns and sees audience leaving. Sai asks if he needs any help. Ganpat Rao yells he himself is a beggar and cannot help himself and wants to help Ganpat Rao and walks into tent.

Precap: Kulkarni orders Ganpat Rao to sing lullaby. Ganpat Rao resists. Kulkarni says he can even make him dance and orders to sing. Ganpat Rao’s son hears bansuri/flute sound and says it is like lullaby. Sai plays bansuri.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Kulkarni is getting on my nerves. He’s not funny anymore!! Why does he do these things and he gets away with it? Ganpat Rao has certainly got himself in a pickle, his arrogance is causing him multiple problems and the one person who can help him he does not trust him. Let’s see how this turns out.

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