Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer bhadra kills prajapati daksh.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nandi getting angry and he turns into the cow and gets angry as he moos. Everyone get up. Mahadev opens his eyes and he says nandi! Stop. Nandi then calms down.
There devodas says how could prajapati daksh insult mahadev like this? Kartikeya thinks this is what we have come here to explain to you maharaj, you will understand because you have separated mahadev and mata. Gunesh says mata sarla, prajapati daksh had started to think himself as god and greater than everyone, he insulted mahadev but did not know what was coming his way.
There mahadev says nandi, calm down. Suddenly all ghosts come to kill prajapti daksh. Mahadev says calm down everyone. The ghosts go and nandi calms down and takes his original form. Mahadev says nandi, you are param gyani and very

learned, how could you get so angry? Nandi says mahadev, daksh insulted you such that I couldn’t control my anger and he also cursed you. mahadev says nandi! How did you forget that I can never be cursed? Because I am everything, I am the gyan and ved and all curses and blessings flow through me, everything is because of me and inside of me. Nandi says forgive me mahadev, please forgive me. Daksh thinks, how egoistic this aghori mahadev is, what does he think of himself? mahadev goes with his gan and nandi.
Gunesh says mahadev is para brahma but prajapati daksh did not accept that because he was very egoistic. Raja devodas says did daksh understand then? Kartikeya says no maharaj, daksh was so egoistic that he still did not understand even after mahadev told who he was. Gunesh continues and says after that prajapti daksh kept a maha yagya.
In flashback, prajapati daksh keeps a maha yagya and invites everyone except mahadev and devi sati. But devi sati still goes to the yagya as she thinks its her fathers and why would he have a problem with her coming to the yagya? Devi sati goes and says father, did you forget to tell me and mahadev about your yagya? Prajapti daksh gets angry and says how dare you say that sati? I did not invite you and that aghori mahadev on purpose, the one who loves to live in graveyards and amongst ghosts cannot sit here with me in this yagya, I would never invite that dirty mahadev to my yagya. Sati is hurt by the insults of her swami.
There gunesh says mata sarla, nandi ji had cursed prajapati daksh that his head would be cut and he would get a head of a goat! So to complete this curse, it was the leela of mata adishakti, she in her form of sati went to the yagya.
In the yagya, sati is sad and she sits down and says yog agni, come and burn my body with your flames. The yog agni burns sati’s body and she chars to ash as she dies.
There mahadev sees this and is angry, he takes his rudra form and sends veer bhadra and maha kali to punish daksh and everyone who support him. veer bhadra and mahakali go and kill daksh’s supporters, all gods step aside for daksh to be punished. Daksh is scared. Veer bhadra holds daksh and cuts his head, he throws it in the fire of the yagya. Mahadev appears in anger and he sees the charred body of devi sati, he picks it and screams loudly sati! Veer bhadra and mahakali walkin anger, mahakali’s anger calms down but veer bhadra is still angry.
There mahadev starts doing tandav with the body of sati, such that the world starts destroying. Veer bhadra and mahakali reach the banks of Godavari river, veer bhadra tries to calm down his anger but he starts doing tandav as well. Mahakali says I have to calm down veer bhadra.
Mahakali does her leela and she enters the waters of godavarai and pours it on veer bhadra’s body, she later calms down the anger of veer bhadra and then veer bhadra and mahakali marry each other, they then become one!
Raja devodas says, how was mahadev’s anger calmed down? Gunesh says mahadev kept doing tandav but all gods went to lord Vishnu for help. There lord Vishnu goes with his sudarshan chakra and he destroys the body of devi sati into 21 pieces which fall all over india making different tirth sthals. Mahadev then put the head of a goat on prajapati daksh’s body.
Gunesh says this way even mahadev’s anger calmed down, from this it can be learned that mahadev and devi sati cannot be separated! If this happens, mahadev’s anger can reach its rudra form.

Precap: gunesh tells next story of mata shailputri! He then says raja devodas, you have to sacrifice your throne for the one true king who rules here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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