Udaan 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor scolds Chakor

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The Episode starts with Vikram recalling Chakor and Suraj’s words. He gets angry. Chakor comes to Anjor’s room. Anjor gets away. Chakor tries to cheer her up by talking in her style. She asks Anjor not to get angry. Anjor says its not anger without any reason, what kind of mum are you, you asked the bad aunty to kill me, you aren’t my mum, you just act to love me. Chakor says I m your mum, who else will care for you. Anjor says if you care for me, why don’t you listen to Rajeshwari and become a caring mum. She says Rajeshwari is bad, you should not oppose her, Vikram also said she is dangerous, I just worry for myself, not others, you should also think for me, you don’t love me, stop this acting now. She leaves. Chakor gets sad.

Chakor tries to tell Anjor that she loves her a lot. Anjor

says let me go, I don’t want to talk. Chakor goes after her. Tejaswini asks Leela to call Suraj. Anjor goes to Vikram and says why didn’t Chakor save my life, I was so scared there, Rajeshwari is very bad, dad saved me, mum has to love me like others. Vikram says my mum loves me a lot, I also love her a lot, I m here for her. Chakor apologizes to Anjor and says I should have not told that to Rajeshwari. Anjor says no need to say sorry, you won’t think about me. Chakor says that woman killed Tuntun, don’t you want her to get justice. Anjor says I don’t want to die like Tuntun, you don’t care for me, you wanted me to die.

Chakor raises hand. Tejaswini shouts to stop her. Suraj comes. Vikram says I didn’t see mum and daughter fighting this way. Suraj sees Chakor and Anjor. He asks what’s this, does this look good. Chakor says I have to talk to Anjor. Suraj says yes, but later. He asks Anjor not to cry. He takes Chakor with her. Chakor cries. Suraj says if you scold her, she will get more away from you. Chakor says Rajeshwari has laid trap for her, Anjor took wrong meaning. Suraj says you love her the most, I know, don’t lose courage. Chakor says I have lived like I lost my daughter always, now Anjor is getting away from me. She cries and says I m scared that someone can take her away from me. Vikram goes to Anjor. Suraj says Anjor is safe with us. Anjor sees Vikram.

Chakor says I will take the case back and not give statement against Rajeshwari. Anjor hugs her. Vikram says the game has started.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where to start about Anjor, talking with a stranger about private matters, being too selfish. She admires Vikram for saving her but doesn’t want Chakor to fight RD, she wants strangers to help her but doesn’t want her mom to help others. The worst part is that this is her own thinking, Vikram didn’t make her think this way.

    I liked the episode it was good.

  2. Chakor is wrong to humor Anjor and say she won’t testify against RD and it’s a bigger mistake to lie to her. Suraj should explain to Anjor that they need to help the police.

    I didn’t like how Teju left Anjor alone, she should have cheered her up, Suraj was busy with Chakor but Anjor had no one with her.

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